Am currently potentially dying right now. Have been suffering headaches for weeks now, but it’s especially bad today. Extra Strength Tylenol farts in my general direction.

Any advice?

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  1. How far along are you? I had terrible headaches around the fourth/fifth months of pregnancy and I think it was due to the rising of the blood volume in my body. Did you know that your blood volume almost doubles during these months of pregnancy?
    And there was nothing that helped, either. Just time. It passed. I hope yours will too because it’s miserable. Just horrible headaches.

  2. Coffee was the only thing that helped mine while pregnant. Tylenol was useless to me. Ask your doc about the caffeine, but it saved me. I also got some distraction with a cold headache band and by putting an inverted wire coathanger on my head – the pressure helps.

  3. Caffeine should be okay. When I was pregnant my doc said up to one can of coke a day is okay and although caffeine alone didn’t always help me I know of a lot of people who were able to get rid of their headaches that way. I hope you feel better soon! I always say I can pretty much handle any pain except for headaches so good luck!

  4. Drink plenty of water, and try to get enough protein. When I used to get bad headaches, I would drink a protein shake and it would usually get rid of it.

  5. Caffeine and massage. I know you think I’m just a freak about the massage but if you find the right person, (meaning a well trained, licensed therapist), I’m telling you…RELIEF!

    I hope you feel better…so sorry.

  6. When I get migraines, I put a pillow over the side it hurts on, and put my arm on top for pressure. Even though it doesn’t make it go away, it does help. I don’t know what else to tell you, since you can’t take real drugs. I hope you feel better soon.

  7. My precious little peris prescribed (hee, hee) me fiorocet when I was having them nightmarishly severe. I don’t know how you feel about drugs and pregnancy, but the Beans turned out fine — relatively speaking, of course. Feel better.

  8. Those headaches suck, and I never found a great way to get rid of them.

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of Steph’s brother’s death. How utterly horrid, I can’t imagine their parents’ pain. Thinking of you all.

  9. Caffeine solved a lot of issues, but the main thing I could not live without was a large Gatorade, every night before bed – yes, I know, it’s not like you don’t already have to pee every 10 minutes, but it solved everything from calf pain to severe headaches.

    Sorry for the pain!!!

  10. Ask the doctor about Excedrin Migraine.
    It has caffeine in it and seems to work.
    Cold compress over the eyes and room darkening blinds.

    At this point in pregnancy – a little cup of coffee won’t hurt. Or a coke.

    I am not a doctor, but watch them ont.v.

  11. I have nothing by sympathy as I didn’t have headaches with my pregnancy – only severe heartburn. And excessive weight gain, but that’s completely off topic.

    Please talk to your doctor, immediately. This isn’t something that you should have to suffer through, if there is something that can be done about it!

  12. Echo the caffeine, also a cold pack on the back of your neck/lower head might help. I have to take 2 tylenols and 2 aspirins when I get the monthly hormone headaches…ick.

  13. starbucks! Anything from there, and you’re good to go. Esp the chocolate variety.

    Not really, but it sounds good. I am so sorry, chocolate chip cookies should totally, really help. And a hug.

    ((hug)) there you go.

    Hope you feel better soon. Pics, pics, where are my pics?

  14. If you can get in your hand on some high quality essential oils a lotion for the back of your neck might help. I haven’t tried essential oil treatment for headaches but I know people who have had a lot of success with it. I’ve been doing blends that help me sleep and before I was pregnant I used a blend for menstrual cramping that worked shockingly well.

    This might be too high on your crunchymeter haha but if you want more info you can hit me up on email. I’m just a beginner but I have a good teacher.

  15. Also I second the cold/dark/caffeine although if I drink anything w/ caffeine after noon I cant’ sleep at all, ever.

    Who picked how to spell caffeine? It’s asinine.

  16. Medicinal marijuana? Oh wait… that’s for eye surgery.

    Uhm, my wife and sister swear by the caffeinated + carbonated (the bubbles dissolve the pills) for pain meds. Sorry, that’s all I got.

  17. I was gonna say the same thing about caffeine. So long as your doc approves it, I say got for Excedrin Migraine – it’s the only thing that works for me. Also, Excedrin makes a quick release tablet that dissolves under/on your tongue and therefore hits your blood stream rapid fire!! They taste minty and aren’t overly chaulky like rolaids.

  18. I *think* you can take Advil/ibuprofen at this stage (check with your doc)… it’s always my first go-to drug for the “my grains”! Wash it down with something caffienated (sp?) and then lie down in a dark room with a cold pack over your eyes.

    Also, try drinking more water… getting dehydrated can trigger the monster ones…

    Barring that, talk to your doc about something stronger… now that you are out of the first trimester, you have a LOT more options (and my midwife told me that the stress of you being in pain is far worse for the babe than the occasional dose of most good meds… I take imitrex but it’s pretty nasty stuff)

  19. Ick- the headaches sound yucky. I hope that they go away soon 🙂 Caffeine always works for me – but I don’t get really bad headaches like a lot of people do. Hopefully they can give you something that helps if they don’t go away soon. Thank you so much for you good thoughts and kind words – you are too sweet!

  20. I am not a doctor but have spent 11 years listening to them. I like to think I have learned a little bit of something.

    Next time you get a headache check your blood pressure. Keep a log of your blood pressure with and without headaches. If you are noticing your BP is higher during headaches, it might not hurt to bring it up with your OB.

    As far as treament goes, everyone else has pretty much said it. Tylenol and caffeine, cold compress, dark room. I had terrible headaches with P. Nothing helped. Actually, one thing cured them…delivering a baby.

  21. Suuuucky. I wish I had some advice but when I was pregnant, that was about the only time that I did NOT have headaches. So… I don’t know. My SIL (I asked her, haha) said that caffeine worked for her too. And naps. 🙂

  22. Hold the phones!!!

    I’m on my tenth consecutive month of chronic migraines. Here are your options:

    1. Tylenol with Codeine (I was prescribed this when I was pregnant with stabbing migraines) It’s safe to use when pregnant, but makes you super groggy.

    2. Fioricet. This is also safe to take during pregnancy. It has Tylenol, caffeine and a shot of something else (can’t remember what it’s called). My allergist took it during her pregnancy and I take it for my migraines. There’s only about 40mg of caffeine. Call your doctor for a prescription.

    3. A week long vacation from the family. Anytime I can get away, even for a weekend to eat, sleep, read a stack of books and shop, seems to help.

    4. Vodka. The old school solution to migraines. You can drink vodka when pregnant, right?

    I feel for you. I’m going to go vomit now because my current migraine hasn’t let up since I woke up.

  23. I had migraines during pregnancy too, and was really hesitant to take the prescription my OB called in, since it had a tranquilizer in it. I put really hot compresses across my face followed by an ice pack, alternating a few times. Seemed to help a little.
    Benadryl also helped, since I’m told it’s safe during pregnancy. Not sure if it actually relieves pain, but it knocks you out so you’re unaware of it. Good luck!!!

  24. You know those “Head On” commercials that are REALLY annoying? Their migraine stick REALLY works. It’s homeopathic and has a little bit of a mediciney fragrance (but it goes away) but they work SO well and so fast. It’s unbelievable. I use that when I don’t feel like taking the Excedrin Migraine. Just my 2 cents.

  25. Massage. Dr Pepper. Pedicure. In that order.

    I had horrible headaches my 5th and 6th month. (with each Diva) For some reason it worked. And my toes were pretty. At least at that point I could still see them.

  26. A bit slow… been away! But while I hope your grain has long since gone away, one thing I didn’t see mentioned was a Hyland homeopathic migraine remedy – it didn’t merely make it go away, it fucking resurrected me. With no grain hang over. But I wasn’t pg at the time. Another thing a male friend swears by is the homedics cool face mask thing with magnets. Even when it’s not cool, the magnets actually seem to help him. But damnit, I keep forgetting to buy myself one, so I can’t reccomend it myself. And, of course, caffeine.

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