Pranksters, you have watched my daughter grow tall and strong. You have cheered her on, loved her from afar (and from – in rare cases – close by), and helped her by helping me. You are the Prankster Army of aunts and uncles she so deserves and one day, I hope that you all can meet my Princess of the Bells in person.

I wanted her to tell you something that she’s been waiting a long time to say:

197 thoughts on “More (than) Words

  1. That made my day. Seriously. Dying of cuteness over here.

    Also? I hope Amelia learns enough words quickly enough to tell that “therapist” “educator” off. And soon.

  2. Sweetest little ‘hi’ I’ve ever heard. And was that a ‘girl’ too? Oh now I’m all squishy inside.
    Hi Amelia, I’m the one waving like a maniac at my computer.

  3. OMG That brought tears to my eyes. YAY Amelia Princess of the Bells. Not only are you gorgeous, you are so smart. HI!!! And you said girl too!! I am sooooo happy for you!!! I can’t wait to hear all the words you have to come. And I am so proud to be your honorary Aunt. I am now crying tears of joy for you and mommy.

    1. Still brings tears to my eyes. You are one amazing little girl Amelia. You didn’t need that therapist asshole bitch. You prevail. You kick ass and take names. I am so proud of you. And your mama is so right you are one pretty girl especially with that chapstick it brings out even more of your beauty.

  4. Amelia — keep rockin’ those words. Next one should be a nice, cute, princess-appropriate…”fuck”.

    Aunt Bex — stomp on that bitch of a therapist, will you? And give her a ‘double deuce’ from me while you’re at it. Amelia’s like bacon – full of the awesome.

  5. We have now watched this four times… will be five soon! Amelia has a new bff.. her name is Livy, she is 18mos and is in love with this video! So sweet!

    Yeah MiMi! You rock!

      1. if we weren’t six hours away, we would soooooo playdate! Playdates with most kid/mom combos make me need to vomit, or want to drink heavily, but I think this one would be full of the awesome!

        We are back, watching it again. So if you see that this has like a bazillion hits on youtube, it was us.

  6. Oh, Mimi is ssoooo precious! So glad she is finding her words. It is wonderful that she is prevailing regardless of the crappy therapist that was supposed to be helping her.

  7. And there u go making me cry. She is precious. Her words are perfect!!! BTW my son, 2, loved the vid. “momma she pretty. Hi!!”

  8. And there u go making me cry. She is precious. Her words are perfect!!! BTW my son, 2, loved the vid. “momma she pretty. Hi!!”

  9. YAY! I totally got all teary-eyed for her beautiful new word.

    Hi is my Gus’ favorite word (next to Da-yee) so we hear it a LOT, it is an EXCELLENT word.

  10. Can you post some video of her talking like a pirate? Preferably with sword?

    Ooohhhhh! She can be a vlogger!!! In sparkly shoes.

    You are both pretty damn inspiring!

    Love to you both 🙂

  11. I love her. She is sooooooo cute! LOVE the chapstick on the nose too. She’s naughty, just like my daughter. You are in for it, I can tell by that sparkle in her eye.

  12. *lump in throat*
    Adorable, smart, and chapstick savvy.
    Why don’t you set up skype conversations with the whole world!!!

  13. YAY AMELIA!!!!!!!! Now we will practice “bite me!” to say to therapist number 2. Or perhaps “Hi whore.” You should be able to progress to either of those easily because you are so freakin’ smart!!!! ;o)
    So happy for you Bec!

  14. Oh My God. That made me cry, for serious! My 4 yr old son, Miller, whom we call Mimi too, said, “That little girl is so cute!” And then I told him that her name is Amelia, but they call her Mimi, and he got all wide eyed and said, “Like ME??!! Can I play with her???” She’s absolutely adorable, and I so wish we were on our way to play! Can’t wait to hear more and more from that beautiful, smart girl!!

  15. Okay sooooooo here’s a couple things.

    2.) Damn you and your whore youtube for making me bawl like a little girl.
    3.) Her words are GLORIOUS Aunt Becky! Simply glorious. She’ll be an opera singer before you even know it her voice is so sweet.
    4.) When do we get to teach her to say ‘shut your whore mouth’? Because I wanna see THAT youtube video.

  16. I LOVE IT!! She is SUCH a doll! I think my son Caleb (18 months old) is in love with this video. He made me play it like 3 times and is still screeching for more. lol. Mimi’s got a fan! 🙂

  17. It is probably totally wrong that I stood up and screamed “F$%K YEAH, AMELIA!” at the top of my lungs while I watched this. But that is what I did.

    Also your glasses are freakin’ awesome.

    And did I mention “eff yeah Amelia!”? 🙂

  18. Hi Amelia!! Smart, sweet, precious little girl. I’m definitely on Team Amelia now and that damn speech therapist #2 needs to have her head smacked. Sweetest “hi” ever and seriously..chapstick can go where ever it needs to go. Noses get chapped too!!!

  19. OMG! That is so precious! I’m sitting at work wiping the tears away. You made me cry yesterday, too, by describing her words as fireflies that she needed to catch. Beautiful.

  20. OMG! That is so precious! I’m sitting at work wiping the tears away. You made me cry yesterday, too, by describing her words as fireflies that she needed to catch. Beautiful.

  21. Yay Amelia!!! This made my day!!!! :o)You rock, princess… I have cried as many tears of joy over your accomplishments as I have with my own child. And here I am… crying again! In spite of that fucking moronic sloth of a speech therapist, you have caught some of those words! I am so proud!!! Keep kicking ass, taking names, and proving them all wrong. You are the smartest, prettiest princess of the bells I have ever seen… and your mom rocks, too. Love you both <3 (and the sausages, as well)

  22. Tears are on my face, but my son (who’s 4) came running over to see Mimi and waved and frantically tried to talk back to her. When the video finished and I explained to him that it was a movie of a very special little lady. He responded with “Can she come over our house please?” I said, “maybe”. He said we should call her right now because he really wanted to play with her. Mind you, this boy has a sister Amelia’s age and he wants almost nothing to do with her. He mostly considers himself an only child. But even he loves Amelia!!!!!! Muah, princess. You rock!!! Thank you for playing with us for a bit. Your Internetz Aunties love the crap outta you!!!

  23. YAAAAAAY MIMI!!! I am SO happy for you 🙂

    Also the moment YOUR voice came out of my laptop’s speakers, my dog started howling (which she has only done once or twice before in her life). I’m not sure what this means.

  24. OMG!! To remember her story and now to see and hear her!! She is a miracle and oh, sooo pretty! I wish you both all the success you so undoubtedly deserve!

  25. OK. Same here. I saw the responses about the kids and pets.
    The minute I turned on the video on my laptop, my cat Tigger jumped up on the table and stared at the screen. Now, I have a 3 1/2 year old grandaughter and a 6 month old grandaughter and he doesn’t like either – he runs from them. And when the video ended he stood there and stared at the screen, and stared, stared…for over 5 minutes. Then he turned to me and started meowing, over and over, tail swishing. I don’t know what it is with Amelia, but it’s magical.
    That’s all I can say – magical.

  26. Gorgeous girl! She is doing awesome. What a proud momma you are! And seriously Aunt Becky, you have the most amazing eyes. Big pools of gorgeous-ness!

  27. i had what could be some scary news within the past hour and totally needed that, even though i didn’t know i needed it. thank you, aunt motherfucking becky and thank you amelia 😀 her next word should be ‘fuck’. or you could get her to start working on ‘shut your whore mouth’.

  28. *wipes eyes* IT’S THE ALLERGIES, DAMMIT! *sniffs*

    Amelia, you are one amazing little girl. Keep rocking those words, baby doll! Much love to you and your amazing mommy.

  29. I hate the deep selfishness of people and particularly this person who does the opposite of what she is supposed to do. Amelia is a beautiful child and she is blessed to have you for a mother.

  30. That was so awesomeness. I got a little teary eyed and that usually only happens when I’m ready to kill someone or that coffee commercial where the sister tells her brother he’s her present comes on.
    I’m also loving the sparkle glasses.

  31. She is so frickin’ cute. You should enter her in a cute contest, because she’d totally win. Oh wait… those are called pageants and they’re super creepy, aren’t they? Damn…

  32. I know I’m like the 12349327478 billionth person to comment and you probably won’t read this far (bleeding eyeballs anyone? LOL) but I’m adding my GO MIMI! to the crowd. My oldest thought for a second that we were Skypeing and said hello back. 😀

  33. Omg. My husband thinks I’m a dork, but I got all snuffly and AAAAWWWW watching that! I am so happy for you guys! Keep up the great work Amelia! And Aunt Becky… I raise a glass (of vodka of course) to one awesome mom. Stay amazing, woman. Amelia has so much to gain from you!

  34. Love love love!! My 2-year-old happened to be in the room when I played the video, and he began to introduce himself, say “hi” and wave back at you both. And then he wanted it played again. And again. And again. Clearly we need to get these two together. (The fact that we are a kajillion miles apart is irrelevant.)

  35. I watched this video last night after an admittedly crappy day, and had to come back and watch it again today. She is such a sweetheart, and I just love the way she says, “Hiii!” This does good things for my soul. Congrats, Amelia 🙂

  36. Amazingly beautiful!! i watched this yesterday (without sound—my computer ‘lost’ its audio…?) and it made me cry, just seeing your lovely princess. Today, i was able to hear her beautiful perfect little voice….and i’m still bawling.

  37. What can I possibly say that hasn’t been said? Your baby is so smart and beautiful and she’s kicking ass to find her words. What a gorgeous girl! Thank you for sharing, Aunt Becky….

  38. “Hi!” to you, too, Amelia! It’s lovely to see your beautiful face and hear your sweet voice. Your Mommy is so proud of you, and so are your virtual Aunts and Uncles that write to you on the computer screen. Words are wonderful things, and as you learn to say more of them, you can tell us stories — we’d ALL love that!

    Have a happy day, Angel *

    With Lots of Hugs & Kisses,

    – RS –

  39. Yay!!!!!! I am so excited for you and for Amelia! (And yeah, maybe there were some tears welling up. I can’t help it; I’ve been rooting for her since I started reading your blog.)

  40. Dear Mimi, your Aunt Gypsy was oh so tired from work, and so she came here to see your pretty face and hear your *hi* and *thankyou* (again) and it made her feel A LOT better. you are awesome, and so is your mommy!

    Aunt Gypsy 🙂

  41. I just fell in love with The Amelia. I watched the video like 9 times and cried. You radiate in this clip; such a proud Mama. Love surrounds you both! Cheers to many more milestones ahead!

  42. You must be so proud, AB… I’m applying chapstick on my nose in honor of your daughters massive achievement and her foray back into the world of words. Much love to you both xx

  43. Aw, man….OK, generally I’m the hard-hearted one with no maternal instinct and not much use for children, other than to be grateful for women that had babies that have grown up to be eligible men that usually force me to suffer from unrequited love/lust.

    But damn, Mimi just turned me into a mooshy little puddle.

  44. I’m so late commenting on this because my work computers speakers are a bit lame, but this is awesome! I teared up (or maybe I did more than that…) but I’m so happy for her and for you and your family!

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