So my pharmacist kinda hates me.

I really don’t know what I did, what with my exceptionally sparkling personality and rapier wit but I just can’t seem to get the woman to like me. Which is unfortunate since I have fifty-gajillion prescriptions to pick up each week.

But because I have an issue with people not liking me for no reason whatsoever, it actually bothers me. Let’s rehash, for those of you just tuning in.

Take One.

Back story: my daughter had just been born with a previously undiagnosed neural tube defect called an encephalocele, which mean that part of her brain hanging out of her head. There were three weeks in between the diagnosis and the neurosurgery that would fix this. Those three weeks were hell. I was on some anti-anxiety medication for the first and only time in my life (I’m not actually very anxious). This was me trying to call in a refill.

Me (voice shaking): “Hi, uh, this is Becky Sherrick Harks, and I need a refill on my Ativan. Er, the genetic stuff. Whatever it’s called.”

Her: “No.”

Me: “Whhhat?”

Her: “You can’t have it.”

Me: (bursts into tears) “I need it.”

Her: “Your insurance won’t authorize it.”

Me (crying): “What?”

Her: “It’s the way the doctor wrote the prescription. You can’t have it.”

Me (misunderstanding and crying): “I can pay out of pocket. Whatever I need to do. I can’t do this.”

Her: “No. See your doctor wrote the prescription to say “three times a day.” And at that rate, you can’t have a refill until Wednesday. Three days from now. (satisfied) You. Can’t. Have. It.”

Me: “Oooh.”

Her (smugly): “See? You can’t have it.”

Me (openly weeping): “I really need it.”

Her: “Call your doctor then.”

(hangs up)

Now, the first time I wrote about this, I think I called it “The Reason Women Drive Their Babies Off Bridges,” because there was a saga with my asshole OB, too. The whole situation was a mess. I was deeply in the throes of PPD and could have used an advocate. The pharmacist was doing her job, I get it (my dad is a pharmacist, too), but being a huge bitch wasn’t part of it.

I’ll never forgive that coldness.

Take Two

The next time I dealt with it was a couple of months later, when I started to get chronic daily, soul-sucking migraines. It’s a long sorted story, but essentially, I started off taking Vicodin and tapering up my Topamax dosage until I didn’t need the Vicodin any longer, because, well, of course. But for awhile, I had to take Vicodin every day to function. I don’t anymore. Thank Baby Jesus.

Me: “Last name is Harks.”

Her: (glares)

Me: (stares)

Her: (glares)

Me: (stares)

Her: (glares)

Me: (stares)

Her: (glares)

Her: “Fine.”

(um, was I going to be all, “since you glared at me and clearly disapprove, I’m just going to go ahead and say, “fuck it,” and go away?” I think not)

She finally hands me the Vicodin and Topamax prescriptions while giving me the hairy eyeball. I stare back, meeting her glare, pay and leave.

Rinse, repeat, ad motherfucking NAUSEUM.

It got to the point where The Daver wouldn’t pick up any prescription that involved narcotics because he got tired of her glaring at him.

I’ve never been happier to not need narcotics before.

(oh, and right before my surgery – thanks to my neck and shoulder issues that required some pain pills the month before – she convinced my surgeon that I was a drug seeker, so he told me to take Tylenol. Yeah. Thanks. Bitch. Because really, that’s not your fucking business.)

Take Three.

Over the weekend, The Daver coughed so hard that he dislocated his shoulder. While I found this to be a little hilarious because I’m the person who broke a door carrying a Diet Coke, I also found this worrisome. He’d been coughing for a couple weeks and clearly this was a problem.

At midnight, after he started wheezing and having a hard time breathing, he went to Urgent Care. Bronchitis. Got steroids, antibiotics and a breathing treatment.

Sadly, The Daver hasn’t gotten better, so off he trundled to the doctor yesterday, who gave him another course of antibiotics and more steroids. I was underwhelmed because Daver on steroids = HULK SMASH DAVER. But whatever.

Us, picking up his prescriptions:

Him: “I have two prescriptions for Harks.”

Her: “I canceled them. They were duplicates.”

Him: “What?!?”

Her: “Yeah, they were exactly the same as the last thing you got.”

Him: “No, they weren’t. They’re from a DIFFERENT doctor on a DIFFERENT date.”

Her: “I canceled them.”

Him: “I need those prescriptions.”

Her (smugly): “Well, I called your doctor and he agreed to cancel them. They were duplicates*.”

(sidebar, that’s what she did when my surgeon called in some pain pills for me. She called him and had him cancel them because I already had pain pills for my shoulders, rather than hold the prescription for me to be filled at a later date.)

Him: “But…um…huh? I needed those prescriptions.”

Her (smugly): “Well, you can’t have them. Call your doctor if you have any problems.”

*that’s a lie.

Of course, I called the doctor and got the prescriptions reinstated at another pharmacy because, obviously, but holy ballsack.

I get that she wants to be all assertive and make sure that The System isn’t being abused, but I don’t think that The Daver’s about to sell his antibiotics on the black market. I mean, I guess he could be running an undercover-drug ring, but I somehow doubt it. He lacks the Drug Dealer Gene.

There’s always hope for Amelia, though. Hopefully, Playmobil makes a Drug Dealer Advent Calendar next year for her.

139 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, You’re STILL An Asshole!

  1. Dear god, please use another pharmacy. Or at least post all of this woman’s personal information so the blogging world can wreak havoc upon her obviously-shitty-self-loathing life πŸ™‚

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. What the holy fuck is WRONG with this woman? Jeezum crow. It DEFINITELY is time to find a new pharmacy. Does she NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE??? OMG…we got your back Yo. LMAO!

      1. I know, right? He had his receptionist call me to tell me a.) he wasn’t refilling it, and b.) I needed to see a neurologist if I wanted to continue it. Unprofessional bastard.

      2. I know, right? He had his receptionist call me to tell me a.) he wasn’t refilling it, and b.) I needed to see a neurologist if I wanted to continue it. Unprofessional bastard.

  3. ZOMG. I have the opposite problem…it is our doctor who went banana pancake apeshit on us the other month and refused to fill a couple prescriptions, including Topamax for me. I mean, WTH, you can’t stop that stuff cold turkey…but that is what I ended up doing. Unbelievable.

    That pharmacist would have caused me to have to up my Xanax. Swear to God.

  4. Jeeze. I don’t know if I would have hung around that pharmacy as long as you did. I worked as a pharmacy technician for 2.5 years and we were always trying to get costumers to tranfer their prescriptions to us. More business. I don’t think that lady liked that the pharmacy was making money. Or maybe she was jealous because you were taking all the meds she usually pockets at the end of the night to get through her long and lonely days.

  5. Can you report this horrible bitch? There has to be a way to do this – that’s not her business, her job, or anything she should be messing with. What a horrible person. Does she know your life? Nope. I don’t think she should have air in all of her tires because well three of the four are duplicates.

  6. Ugh. My husband is a pharmacist and it’s crazy that she would treat a patient that way. What a bitch. Definitely take your business elsewhere!

  7. Add me to the chorus of “Switch Pharmacies!” and “Report Her!”. Sigh.
    Hey, are there Meijer stores in Illinois? Here in Ohio, they have a thing where you can get a free $10 or $20 for each switched prescription. I think Target does it too. However, make sure you report her. Emphasize how much business that pharmacy will be losing. No business likes to hear they’ll be losing money due to poor customer service.

  8. Make a trip out to the Miller Park Zoological Society (Bloomington) and buy her some reindeer poop jewelry. She deserves a little shit for the holidays!

  9. Nah, she would just be a bitch wherever she worked. Don’t reward that with repeat business.
    Check out my blog post, “You Right There?”. That’s a phrase used increasingly in NZ, instead of “Can I help you?”, and it bugs me. Every. Time.

  10. Holy crap what a psycho bitch! She obviously has megalomaniac tendancies, and enjoys bullying people. I really hope you do report her to her supervisor, I imagine there are still a lot of people suffering under the yoke of her condemnation still. She needs to go get a job in some factory assembly line where she won’t interact with people.

    Glad you’ve moved to a different pharmacy, hope Victor is feeling better ASAP!

  11. We have one of those types at one of our pharmacies. I just made a scene because when I need serious meds I really don’t care what anyone thinks about me. “And you got your medical degree specializing in my illness where? Well, since you feel you know best perhaps I should drop my pants & spread my legs so you can see the afflicted area for yourself & make your own call. Since you don’t get paid for medical advice it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than visiting my OB. Wish I had known this earlier.”

    And then my husband asked I never go into that pharmacy again.

    Find someone to report her to. There is doing your job well, and there is being a raging smug bitch.

  12. ya need to quit that pharmacy there’s no way that helpful at all she shouldn’t be sticking her nose your business i know my mom takes tons of medicine and when pharmacists have done that to us i switch pharmacies even though its a huge headache

      1. It was time to switch after the first incident. Seriously. Even if she was in the right, you don’t treat your customers like that.

        Also, you totally should’ve taco-punched her.

  13. For people like this I like to use phrases like “Maybe if you weren’t a bitch your husband wouldn’t cheat on you.” In fact my wife had a boss once that was a real doozy and it turned out that she was having fertility issues. I told my wife that maybe if she weren’t a bitch God would let her have children.

    PS I’m kind of a dick.

      1. Gerald, go fuck yourself. That is a horrible thing to say. Just because someone is rude to you does NOT mean she deserves infertility.

      2. Gerald, go fuck yourself. That is a horrible thing to say. Just because someone is rude to you does NOT mean she deserves infertility.

        1. Hey Ladies….why don’t you chill out a bit…He was making a JOKE. AND IT WAS FUNNY. He wasn’t talking to u personally. Get over yourself, really.

      3. He made a joke…and it wasn’t very funny. You haven’t been reading this blog very long, have you? Why don’t you take your ass over to Aunt Becky’s other blog, Band Back Together and read some heartbreaking stories on infertility and miscarriage?

        1. Yeah, I’ve actually been a big fan of Aunt Becky’s blogs for a while now…Just because someone is having problems getting pregnant, or keeping their baby doesn’t give them the right to be a bitch to everyone else…He was clearly just pointing that out in a joking manner.

    1. Not that it matters but you know she could have been “a real doozy” because she was having fertility issues and was taking hormones in her attempt to conceive. I don’t know this from personal experience but I hear those can make even normally calm people bat shit crazy.

        1. While I agree that he probably wasn’t serious, there are just some jokes you never make. Anything to do with infertility or miscarriage falls under that.

        2. While I agree that he probably wasn’t serious, there are just some jokes you never make. Anything to do with infertility or miscarriage falls under that.


      I didn’t cause anyone to be infertile, I didn’t wish it on anyone, and I also didn’t wish anyone a miscarriage. And yes, maybe it was the hormones. Truth is, I don’t care. Because didn’t I just read a bunch of anecdotal evidence suggesting personal issues shouldn’t cause people to be a complete bitch?

      Don’t go laying your head trips on me.

        1. So I should have told this lady “It’s ok, make my wife’s life miserable for as long as you like, after all, you’re having personal issues.”

          You don’t know the whole story, just what I told you, which is almost nothing. Yet you side with this woman that did the same thing as the above pharmacist, because what? She has boobs? You all have kids? My wife has boobs to, and her life was hell because of this woman. But you go ahead and be smug and pass judgment on me if it makes you feel better about yourself.

        1. It’s not okay, and I’m not siding with her. All I was saying was that regardless of how someone treats you, it’s pretty shitty to make comments like that.

        2. It’s not okay, and I’m not siding with her. All I was saying was that regardless of how someone treats you, it’s pretty shitty to make comments like that.

  14. absolutely ridiculous. report this to a higher power. then fire the bitch and get ye to another pharmacy. (I can’t believe I just used a bad word in a blog comment.)

  15. BAHA! I would have serious. LOUD. words with that heifer. She’d really think I was a crack monkey with all my pain meds and surgeries for pcos and endometriosis. I hate nosey idiots. I can’t believe you ever went back the first time. Is it ‘her’ pharmacy? Could you write a politely nasty letter to the owner?

  16. I work in a pharmacy as a tech and we would NEVER treat someone that way. Hell, if we suspected that there was an issue we would talk to the patient first. (Such as a duplicate script)

    Though, for cases like the ativan, your doctor probably *would* have had to call your insurance and gotten an override…Basically a big pain in the ass for everyone, but sadly because some people do abuse those medications, the people that need them get screwed. Hopefully though your doctor is good enough that you could give him a call and they’d do it right away.

    Speaking on narcotics… Yeah, I can maybe understand getting concerned, but honestly, it’s not really her business, and I mean, you had freaking surgery.

    (Sometimes, at my pharmacy, if we know a patient well enough, we forward them a few pills when they’re insurance is being shitty abut something. Oh, and if the insurance won’t pay for it for a couple days, we usually just let them have it at the copay then bill the insurance later. Because we can manage to be nice to people and not treat everyone like a drug seeking loser.)

    …Sorry for the length. People being shitty in the pharmacy industry really gets to me, as I plan on becoming a pharmacist once I’m done with school.

  17. Okay, this is funny. Sorry that she puts you though so much. Hopefully your new pharmacist treats you better, and by treats you better I mean, gives you free narcotics to try out for fun. H a hah a

  18. I had one of those once. She would make it as difficult as possible to get my birth control pills. If I was a day early in requesting them, or god forbid, trying to get them a week before the date because I was going on vacation, it was just no and a stupid shrug. And sometimes there was no reason, I was due to get them but I couldn’t. I didn’t catch on at first and thought it was just incompetence. After a while, I realized that she had an agenda. It was a moral thing for her. Totally infuriating at the time.

      1. There was a pharmacist at our CVS who had “moral” issues with BC pills & would do the same thing. She’s been gone for years. These are “service” people & have NO RIGHT to instill their views on anyone. They are there to do the job & that is it!

  19. Who the hell died and made her Queen of the motherfucking world? Hello? The war on drugs? Does not start at Walgreens. Period.

    For Christmas? Get yourself a new pharmacy. And maybe wish the plague on her.

      1. I wish Dysentery on her cause I obviously play a little to much Oregon Trail but it’s OK I’m alright with that. But that to made me laugh pretty damn hard. The War On Drugs Does Not Start At Walgreens! But if this Lady had her way it would. And it would begin with the Antibiotics because do you know the street value on those???

  20. Hello, and meet the state of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation: or

    What is this wonderful place you ask? Why, it’s the state board for professional pharmacy licenses. But better still, try this one:

    That’s the direct link to filing a complaint.

    I understand that this woman’s prerogative is to ensure that people are not drug seeking. Got it. But your pharmaceutical records do have some coverage under HIPAA law. Further, this woman is going above the limitations of her job duties and breaching territory that should be covered by your doctor. She thinks your drug-seeking? Fine, call your doctor. And when you doctor disagrees then that is the end of it.

    In the short term, absolutely find a new pharmacy. But also, file a complaint. What if she is doing this to other families or women with PPD who aren’t as strong or as supported as you were?

    1. It’s just simply not enough drugs to even consider being a drug seeker. But honestly, if that’s what her issue is, fine. I’m certain there are protocols in place for that….I don’t think that she’s following them.

      I’ll ask my dad.

      Also: new pharmacy is on the agenda.

  21. WOW – She’s over stepping and she’s judging you, which I don’t think is in the Pharmaceutical curriculum or handbook. What an asshole.
    Happy Holidays!

  22. Add me as a second for the birth control ban. I took them for endometriosis, not baby prevention. My doc tried to save me a few bucks on the pricey “seasonal” brand by prescribing my normal pills to be taken in the same manner. (Also, switching BC pills has been known to turn me into a raving lunatic.) You’d think there was a huge black market for the Pill in my little burg, given the way I was treated. For a generic that, without insurance, cost $10 a month. Really?!

    Boo on your doctor for listening to the psycho pharmacist. Mine wrote her a chastising note. Never had another problem with her.

  23. Add me as a second for the birth control ban. I took them for endometriosis, not baby prevention. My doc tried to save me a few bucks on the pricey “seasonal” brand by prescribing my normal pills to be taken in the same manner. (Also, switching BC pills has been known to turn me into a raving lunatic.) You’d think there was a huge black market for the Pill in my little burg, given the way I was treated. For a generic that, without insurance, cost $10 a month. Really?!

    Boo on your doctor for listening to the psycho pharmacist. Mine wrote her a chastising note. Never had another problem with her.

    1. Had the same thing happen to me. I’m on them for PMDD continuously, and my doc prescried the generic. Then my prescription plan changed what “Tier” they were on without telling me and the pharmacy tried to block me from getting 2 packs every 6 weeks. Luckily, they’re generic enough that I can get them at Walmart on their $9 plan and they don’t mess with my schedule at all, but it’s still annoying. You don’t get a progesterone buzz people!

  24. What a motherfucking cunt!!! The Army of Pranksters needs to march down to that pharmacy and give her a piece of our collective angry minds! And maybe a crotch punch or two. Change pharmacies immediately! Who knows what she’ll do when your other kids need prescriptions in the future.

  25. I take Neupogen. Here in Canada it costs a bajillion dollars per shot (that’s about $250 of your American dollars). I don’t mind because my insurance pays for it. So really, it costs me about $5 for needles. But every. single. time. I go to get a refill -we’re talking monthly, here- the pharmacist lectures me on how expensive they are and am I sure I really want to get that many vials at once. She knows me! She has my file right there! They have to order it in special for me! I’M THE NEUPOGIN LADY AND I’VE DON’T PAY FOR IT!!!! Skip your lecture, bitch and hand over the drugs already.

    And I won’t even get into the disdainful looks she gives me when I refill my birth control…

      1. Oh don’t be sorry. You’re not my pharmacist. Or are you…? Hmmmm.

        I think my Weirdo Magnet is miscalibrated. I should really have that checked out. (*adds to never ending To-Do list* ……… Not to be confused with the Ta-Da list. Everyone should have a Ta-Da list.) Woah! I’m digressing.

        Anyway, you know what really drives the Evil Pharmacist types crazy? Kindness. Just kill ’em with kindness.

      2. Oh don’t be sorry. You’re not my pharmacist. Or are you…? Hmmmm.

        I think my Weirdo Magnet is miscalibrated. I should really have that checked out. (*adds to never ending To-Do list* ……… Not to be confused with the Ta-Da list. Everyone should have a Ta-Da list.) Woah! I’m digressing.

        Anyway, you know what really drives the Evil Pharmacist types crazy? Kindness. Just kill ’em with kindness.

  26. Sorry your pharmacist sucks ass. I love my pharmacy. When I called them on the phone crying since my stupid insurance wasn’t paying for my anti-crazy drugs they sold me one pill at a time until the insurance got fixed. Which by the way was $7 a day. And that was just one of the three medications I take.

    I would really like to kick the drug companies in the taco. What millionaires do they think are taking these drugs?

  27. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t thought to be in poor taste to jump across a counter and karate chop someone, especially when said someone is on a strange and dangerous power trip. I’m glad to hearthat there is another pharmacy you can use!

  28. OMG you have the Pharmacist Nazi. And seriously I kinda wanna round house kick this bitch and I don’t even think I can lift my leg that high. She is Hitler of your Pharmacy You Get No Pills!! I’d be finding a new pharmacy one a little less Nazish (it’s my word).

    I had a deal like this back in Oct. we went to the hospital pharmacy instead of my good old Sam’s Club where everyone knows my name and don’t care that I take a million drugs some of them with street value. Anywho it was for a Z pack and he refused to give it to me cause it would cause a super bug. I mean REFUSED would not give it to me. Cause I alone was going to cause a super bug with my chronic bronchitis and destroy the world. Maybe him and her should hook up imagine that pharmacy no one would get even a Tylenol.

  29. Hi Becky, I also get pain meds for my 2 bulging discs in my spine…I HATE the looks I get from the pharmacists every month when it’s time for my refill….Last time I was there I overheard the pharmacist talking with another..she said “wow, I can’t believe she (me) gets so many..I can barely take a half of one!” Really biatch? If you’ve been talking them for a while, your body gets USED to them…also, what are u a Doctor as well???!!! Gahhh, I freakin hate that they stick their nose in their customer’s business!

  30. HOLY shit what a fucken asshole!! Makes you want to grab all the prescription bottles behind the counter and throw’em at her. should totally change pharmacy’s :/

  31. I have dealt with self righteous pharmacists & other people like her – but she is one of Satan’s Minions!
    How dare she call YOUR Dr. and cancel YOUR rx’s!
    I’m with everyone else that said report the bitch and change pharmacies!
    I will have to come back later and read the other stories. Must get to that thing called “my real life”!
    I may need another blood pressure pill after this. lol

    Happy Holidays!

  32. Wow. I’m just wondering, why does one become a pharmacist if one doesn’t think that medications are necessary? And if a doctor writes a prescription, on what fucking planet does the damn pharmacist get a say in whether or not the patient is allowed to have it? That’s like a waitress changing your order at a restaurant because she doesn’t think you should have those fries. WTF?!?!?! It puts the pills in the bottle or it gets a nasty case of crotch itch for Christmas!

  33. Wow… good call on getting a new pharmacy. Geeze louise. I’ve had awesome pharmacists, but I know that some can be power-hungry jerkwads. My husband worked with one while he was a pharmacy tech in college. They were in a pharmacy in a VERY poor part of town, and this pharmacist refused to give Plan B pills. He would tell everyone that they were “out,” even though they had them in stock at all times. So, essentially, he was being self-righteous about a pill that works EXACTLY LIKE THE BIRTH CONTROL PILL and likely forcing some of these poor women into seeking abortions. I still rage when I think about that idiot.

  34. Oh yes, letter to corporate explaining the situations from the beginning. And copy to her too so she knows you wrote them. Maybe after she sees the situation above she’ll feel a little bad. I would have switched long ago, you have way more patience than I would have.

  35. It’s not their business. As a nurse, I’m tired of pain management being such a big deal. Pain is supposed to be the new Fifth Vital Sign and so many old school MD’s treat it like everyone who is IN pain is faking it. It’s bullshit. Complete bullshit.

    ANYONE in the medical profession knows that after you take a drug for awhile, you build up tolerance and need more. A pharmacist shouldn’t be such a dick about it. Period.

    And don’t EVEN get me started on the school of thought that “children don’t have pain.” Because there are a lot of docs that think that way. Um. What? RIGHT.

      1. My GP is wonderful with pain management…but it’s so sad that others are such dicks about it.

        Pain is supposed to be the new fifth vital sign. Seriously. That’s the new way medicine is intended to be practiced. It’s not, of course.

        1. Seriously, I think my head will explode when I think of my ex in ICU with bacterial meningitis, and they wanted to give him TYLENOL for a spinal headache! They insisted on tapering him of iv pain meds before transferring him to the floor. Pain doc came by after he was transferred, looked at his chart, said, “That wasn’t such a high dose. Put it back on.”

  36. This lady sounds like she thinks her job is to NOT give out drugs. Perhaps she misunderstands her duties. Yikes. I hate stuff like this. I can very calmly handle someone like screaming obscenities at me and cutting me off in traffic and giving me unwanted child-rearing advice. But people like your pharmacist send me over the motherfucking edge. Did Dave get his medicine?

  37. This makes me want to punch her in the fucking throat! Which I think is something that you once said or at least it sounds like something you would say… but that’s besides the point. My ex has extremely bad allergies and asthma and he would use Sudafed all the time to help him not suffer so much. I was constantly going into Rite-Aid and buying boxes and not once did any of the pharmacists (there were only 3 so they all knew me) glare at me or treat me like a drug dealer. The thing is, Sudafed is used to make freaking meth, if I’m not mistaken. If I’m always buying a drug that’s used to make an illegal drug and don’t get the stank eye, how the hell is it ok for you to be glared at for something that IS legal? Find a new place asap and report her drug nazi ass.

  38. Ahahahahahahahaha! I have more pharmacy stories than I know what to do with! Perhaps I should include some of them in my blog…

    I recently had a pharmcist think I was going to sell my kid’s Amoxicillan when I came back for my 3rd refill because I lost the first two bottles…

    Thank you for making me laugh today. I needed it. Fuck pharmacy, doctors and Christmas!


  39. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I really don’t like this woman. I take pain meds and anti-anxiety meds and all that shit. Luckily I’ve never had trouble with the pharmacist. And one of the tech gals is so sweet. I don’t even have to tell her my name and she just smiles and says hi and asks how I’m doing. Your pharmacist needs some nice lessons from her. Or perhaps she needs some fucking Vicodin to calm her down a tad. Can I come hurt her for you? PLEAAAAAASE????

  40. dude. what a complete douchecanoe of a woman! what a raging bitch!

    there is a level of doing your job and then there’s just being a smug, judgey bitch and assuming everyone is a drug addict. why did she become a pharmacist? clearly just to deny everyone drugs instead of actually filling prescriptions.

    on the other hand, my old pharmy was a complete pushover and I’m pretty sure all the sellers and addicts in my town went to him because he said yes to anyone (including my drug addict mother). maybe these two should switch places. or have a child who will be the perfect balance of pharmacy behavior.

  41. I was a pharmacy manager for 4 years in a depressed little town with a drug problem and a doctor who over-prescribed (seriously. he’s now in jail.)I worked for an independent, and it was our policy to obey the law, not to judge the customer. We had one pharmacist who occasionally would refuse to fill for someone who was a known addict, and he was dealt with harshly by the owners. It’s not the pharmacist’s job to judge, it’s their job to fill the damn script. Unfortunately, case law has largely upheld their right to refuse filling to anyone for “moral” reasons.

    The pharmacist can’t lose a license for filling for a known seeker/addict (not that you are one): only the doctor can get in trouble. HIPPA allows you a record of your fills, and even in some cases a photocopy of the original script (read your pharmacy’s policy), although they are allowed to charge a “reasonable” fee for providing it more than once a year.

    As for the early fill thing, insurance companies can be a real bitch about even one day early, vacations, etc. But pharmacies should ALWAYS be happy to let you pay cash. They make about 3X as much profit on a cash fill than on an insurance fill.

  42. Wow! I can’t believe she gets away with it. I would complain. There is no reason why anyone should make you feel bad about the medicine you need. I bet she’s one of those pharmacists that won’t fill a script for the morning after pill because it’s against her beliefs.

  43. That is so wrong on so many levels. Shame on her, shame on your MD for listening to her, and shame on the pharmacy for continuing to employ someone who is so clearly violating HIPAA regulations. WHEN you report the bitch, I hope she gets slapped with a hefty fine for every violation. Then maybe she’ll learn to keep her whore mouth shut.

  44. You should report her to everyone. You should also give your doctor a reaming for cancelling your prescriptions. And then you should change pharmacies too. And possibly doctors.

    But, in the future, if you get an asshole pharmacist, you should make a HUGE scene. Starting with…calling your doctor and saying very loudly “this pharmacist won’t fill my prescription, even though it is clearly legitimate. Can you call it in to Rival Pharmacy please?”

    And I agree – the best quote ever “The War On Drugs Does Not Start At Walgreens” (although the war on Meth might actually have started at Walgreens…or maybe Walmart)

  45. I get panic attacks. And when I say panic attacks, I mean fainting, sweating, shaking, all of the above. I fainted once at work and woke up at the hospital, where the idiot doctor said that I had an Ischemic Stroke. I have no blood clots, I have no aneurysm. (I had that checked because my Dad died of one (1st Dad, I find calling my 2nd one offensive)). When I got to a real doctor, turns out I have like out of control anxiety disorder. So I was scripted xanax to use during the day so I can get through work, and Klonopin for getting to sleep and being able to get out of bed without being terrified. I would be a complete and total agoraphobic if it werent for my scripts. My pharmacist said that he wouldnt fill them because they were for the same thing, even though the instructions for taking were totally different. I am NOT a drug seeker. I need them to function. Has HE ever fainted in a meeting? Fortunately when he called my doctor I GUESS my doctor told him the dealio because I havent had a problem since. But I was totally offended. And of course had a panic attack while in the pharmacy when that all went down. Sure, the drugs I take are addicting, but they work. They make me function. I need to work, I need to be able to get out of bed.

  46. Holy Cow, this woman is totally invading your privacy and i would either turn her in to the manager of the pharmacy, or call the mother f*ing news on her ass. A pharmacist has no right to change or cancel subscriptions, they are not a doctor.. she sounds like a totally dillweek bitchhole

  47. I’m not sure what it’s like where you are, but up here (and in the ‘burbs to boot) I can’t spit without hitting a new pharmacy. Take your drug-seeking (snerk) ass elsewhere!
    Up here I’ve seen them raise concerns with the *patients* about drug interactions (if the patient asks) but to call the doc and get a script cancelled? I don’t think so.

  48. Ok, I’ve had an experience at my own local pharmacy that made me question my choice of pharmacy.

    “I need to pick up a prescription for Mares. M-A-R-E-S, as in ‘Sam.’

    “Maresam? Is that your name? Ok, I’ll be right back….”


    *comes back*

    “We don’t have anything under that name.”

    “That’s because it’s not my name: M as in Mary, A as in Adam, R and in Robert, E as in Eric, S as in Sam.”

    “Right, there’s not prescription waiting for Maresam.”

    Shoot me.

  49. That last situation is where I ask to use HER phone to call my doctor or whip out my cell in front of her…cause REALLY LADY?! That’s just bullshit.

  50. After my son got 29 stitches in his shin…I went to pick up the vat of orange flavored keflex and picked up my psych meds at same time. Little miss new thing behind the counter said…”he wants you to take BOTH of these??? I pulled her over to the side and said…”I have been stuck at home with a kid for 3 weeks and my mother died a week ago…DO NOT FUCK with my meds!”….

  51. After my son got 29 stitches in his shin…I went to pick up the vat of orange flavored keflex and picked up my psych meds at same time. Little miss new thing behind the counter said…”he wants you to take BOTH of these??? I pulled her over to the side and said…”I have been stuck at home with a kid for 3 weeks and my mother died a week ago…DO NOT FUCK with my meds!”….

  52. Bet someone has already said this, but you NEED to talk to her supervisor or file a complaint. That is no way to treat anyone, especially someone who needs a prescription. There are some people out there not gutsy enough to stand up for themselves, or will believe what she says in fear and not do anything and go without their prescription. Yes, abuse happens, but people correctly use these pills far greater times and it is simply unacceptable for her to treat people this way.

  53. Not to go all “first-year-law-student-i-think-i-know-everything” (cuz I am and sometimes think I do)on you but um…what she is doing isn’t really legal. If she thinks you have a drug problem she is supposed to report it NOT fuck with your medication. Especially if that deals with narcotics cuz hi newsflash pharmacy bitch…but people DO go through withdrawls and it IS dangerous. I say report HER! Better yet…give all of us your pharmacy’s name, she annoys me and I dont even know her. Just to fuck with her you should go in acting all strung out and scream “I NEED MY PILLS”…in case you’re bored one day…

  54. This makes me feel incredibly stabby. I get incredibly dark when I think about the mixture of capitalism and medical care. My own personal fave was when I was miscarrying the (extremely young, like. . .five weeks) twin to my son and the nurse who demanded I have a catheter for an ultrasound (so that my bladder would be full, because apparently drinking water is too old-fashioned) asked me, “So you would be upset if this ends up being a miscarriage? You know, they happen all the time.” Oh. Well. Not in my uterus they don’t.

    Getcher drugs elsewhere. Or else keep going back just to fuck with her.

  55. ZOMG yo! I would like to punch that pharm in the taco FOR you. I HATE that! I get that they have to watch out for abusers, and frankly, it’s why I’ve had to STOP making meth jokes when I ask for the sudafed; however, they need to also realize that there ARE people who genuinely NEED and do NOT abuse pain meds. If I couldn’t get the vicodin/Maxalt for my migraines this past summer, I’d probably be awaiting trial AND have made the evening news. Hope you found a better place to get your meds!

  56. I would file a complaint against this woman immediately! I’d include dates and details of every interaction, just so it’s in her file. That’s just downright abuse of power. And I’m so glad you finally went to another pharmacy! No one should have to deal with that.

  57. LMAO … that while aggravating is fucking funny! I had to have back surgery several years back & before hand I had to take vicodin & soma for a while …. my doctor sucked balls & kept giving me pills instead of fixing me …. I finally had the surgery & didnt’ have to deal with the glares & unapproving looks. I always wanted to say ‘I’d trade you my fucking back pain for every single pill I have every taken in a heart beat bitch! You get up & take care of 5 kids with this pain & no way to get any relief!’

  58. HOLY CRAPSACK. I had no idea pharmacists could wield that much power.

    You and The Daver should go back in next week, wait patiently in line until it’s your turn, and then right when she starts to glare at you, have a full-blown seizure that involves shaking, drooling on your shirt, and open urination. Daver can then jam his wallet into your mouth for you to bite on, and then tell the pharmacist that everything that’s happening to you right now is her fault.

    Just an idea.

  59. WTF!!!??? I guess the “war on drugs does start at walgreens!” (that is a gem of a quote) The whole medical profession is fucked up. I have a close friend in the ‘final’ stages of MS. (he can still feed himself, but that is about all…). He has horrendous pain and horrible spasms that wrack his poor little body. The doctors here in this small town in oregon (medical marijuana is legal) would NOT sign for him to get a medical card. The pot helps with the spasms (more than narcotics) and his appetite. The docs are very willing to give him hard narcotics and infusion drugs that almost killed him, but pot…? no way….”it’s addictive” wtf sense does that make….? he’s dying and in pain.

  60. Please for the love of all things holy and good in this world find another pharmacist!!! And then? In about 4-6 months, so slash that bitch’s tires. Make sure hte Walgreens camera can’t see you.

  61. Now I do not know what to say about the CVS cervical snot that has decided to ruin your life with her paranoid police tactics. But I will say this, I have never had trouble filling prescriptions in Los Angeles and doesn’t that explain all the rehab happenings on the west coast. You should return to the scene of the crime with a basket full of dollar items, a bag bursting with pennies and slowly and methodically place each item on her fuck you scanner and see if she likes it.

    Merry Christmas!


  62. Hi Aunt Becky,

    Yeah, I kinda know what you mean.

    I’ll admit, talking to the public, at work, can be a huge hassle, but my theory is: if someone is thinking of a new job, they shouldn’t take a job where he/she can’t talk to random/tired/confused people without becoming a beastly, receptionist Pr*ck about it!
    If people ain’t someone’s thing, well, landscaping/snow removal or accounting isn’t so bad.
    Just my view, I’ve had some recent run-ins with some hard a**, a**hole doctor’s receptionist + fast food clerks that I’d like to heave a rock at! Some of those are jerky people!!!!

    Stupid “joys of modern living”. πŸ™‚

    Good Day, Rob

  63. Switch pharmacies would be my thought, too! My grandma had to switch doctors because of stuff like this. She is 93, has osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, a type of gastric defect that gives her severe stomach pains almost every time she eats, had breast cancer some years ago, & an amazingly high tolerance for meds. The doctor we go to & her cronies (all foreign docs) decided they wanted her, AT 93 YEARS OLD, off all narcotic pains meds & to go to REHAB because she is apparently addicted to drugs!LOL! This went on for at least a year & she finally started seeing my sister’s doctor at another clinic. So, I totally understand your dilemma. Good luck Aunt Becky! With people (& I use the term lightly) like that, it’s a wonder more people don’t try to knock off pharmacies!

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