18 thoughts on “Sign ‘o’ The Times

  1. Perhaps they should put that sign next to a Walmart…Plenty of wildlife in there. Although, most of them have McD’s inside anyway…coincidence?

  2. Tour Guide: Now if you’ll follow me, here we have what is known by scientific standards as the BigMacius Withashakeius. No pictures, please! They tend to be very skittish around feeding time.

    Crowd: Ooooh!

  3. What you need to do is put up one of those wooden benches and a telescope. Then you could collect both the change from the telescope and any rewards for sex offenders who are ditching their registration!

    Also, your lovely new design makes it much easier (i.e. possible) to comment from my phone! Hurray!

  4. What a beautiful new design! This should mean a new pair of shoes; right? Blahniks? Jimmy Chews? Something. It’s gorgeous and so easy on the eyes. You’re becoming one sophisticated lady, even if you don’t want to be. Come visit when you can.

  5. Oh mannnn! All the good comments are taken! I snoozed…I losed! I just want to know what the light up sign says…that is all TOO much for me to read on a driveby!

  6. Oh, I dunno. The McDonalds has a Playplace. Sounds like “wildlife” viewing to me. Always thought it was when my rugrats used them; that hasn’t changed.

    On the other hand, McDonalds would probably be insulted by being considered a “Government Center”. Say what you will about their food, but the company is a model of peak efficiency. Governmental agencies can only dream of being half as efficient (says the Gov’t contractor).

  7. Well, the McD near me may follow suit soon…the beastly howls I emitted upon finding DEHYDRATED ONIONS AND PICKLES on my cheeseburger (after specifically requesting NONE OF THOSE) may necessitate wildlife warnings…

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