Because I gain a metric fuck-ton of weight when I’m gestating crotch parasites, I am also stuck removing it once I am done expelling the parasite from my body. Shockingly, the weight doesn’t just “fall off” of all of us. Especially those of us with GLANDULAR PROBLEMS.

*kicks thyroid*

Anyway, so I’m on a diet*. Why? Because I really don’t want to be fat.

One of the things that I had to give up was the delicious sugared syrup in my coffee. It’s not that I couldn’t use it because I COULD, but I’m trying to use less carbs and I know that you can use the stuff with Splenda, but honestly I think Splenda tastes like licking the devil’s butthole (and I am being GENEROUS here) so I just go without.

Until I came up with a BRILLIANT solution!

Extracts! I could use VANILLA fucking EXTRACT! There was nothing not awesome about that solution!

Until the cap got all stuck on and shit and I was denied the delicious vanilla flavor I had grown to love. So then I turned to it’s more delectable cousin: ALMOND extract.

Now, I love an almond latte like it’s my job, so this was an ideal solution for me, except in those rare moments when I’d wonder if I was being poisoned (I have a vivid imagination, y’all) until I remembered that I was in charge of the almond flavor addition to my coffee.

The other day, I was drinking my almond flavored coffee and I noticed that it had a bit of, well, BITE to it. Almost an alcohol flavored bite. It was weird, because I certainly didn’t add any alcohol to my coffee, but there it was. I could taste the booze, just underneath it all.

Hm, I thought to myself. That’s curious.

Then I promptly got distracted by staring at my cat’s butthole (there are SPIES in there, Pranksters!!) and forgot about it.

Yesterday, I finally read the bottle of fancy-pants almond extract. There it was, in bold letters: 35% ALCOHOL. DO NOT LEAVE AROUND CHILDREN.

Turns out that all of this time, I’ve been wondering why the hell I’ve been so fucking TIRED in the mornings, it’s because I’ve been getting sauced by accident. What the fuck kind of fool gets inadvertently drunk off ALMOND EXTRACT?

So I’m off the sauce this morning, and I’m going to guess that coffee will be a hell of a lot more effective in waking my ass up this way.

Also: I will probably have less of a hangover by lunchtime.

*Weight Watchers**

**Yes, it works.

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done lately (besides read my blog)?

126 thoughts on “Maybe I Read “Flowers In The Attic” Too Many Times As A Kid

  1. Oh man, this is good to know! Brings a whole new dimension of fun to those boring Monday morning meetings.

    And – 35% alcohol????. Never mind the children, I wouldn’t even leave that shit around horses.

  2. LONG time believer in WW. Love it. Don’t love the meetings but whatever. I’m now addicted to Lean Cuisines….seseme chicken and veggie eggrolls=”tastes like filet mignon and lobster with butter when you’ve starved yourself for a week” kind of yummy.
    The dumbest thing I’ve done?…..LATELY (thanks for the clarification because I’m the mother of duhuhuhumb shit)? I didn’t hide my peach sweet tea vodka (shut up) from my husband and now I am without for an indefinite amount of time. We live in a dry county. *SOB*

    1. Would that peach sweet tea vodka happen to be Sweet Carolina brand? That shit is one of the only reasons I believe there may in fact be a God.

      1. I’ve never had that brand. I get the Firefly. DON’T get the Jeremiah Weed brand. Apparently, it’s NO good;)

  3. dumbest thing? I got a new puppy (not the dumb part yet) and when he decided to take his inaugural shit in the living room today I yelled no and picked him up thinking I could rush him out before it hit the VERY white carpet….

    it hit my very white shirt first

  4. I saved a cat. Who’s annoying, irritates the dog and is trying to eat my parakeet.

    Thanks for the tip on the flavoring, πŸ™‚

  5. You are awesome, and I love you for making me laugh. Also, I’m with the last commenter. Extract isn’t sweet, so how is it helpful? I happen to like Splenda though, so I’m good… though I will say that the sugar free raspberry syrup we bought is the most disgusting thing I have ever EVER tried and is still sitting unused on our counter because of the disgusting.

    WW really does work. I’ve lost 24 pounds this year!

    1. No. I disagree, Heather. Sugar-free raspberry is LOADS better than the sugar-free Irish Cream. Have you tried that? It’s seriously the most disgusting thing you’ll ever put in your mouth.

      It’s like Nyquil Coffee Creamer.


  6. Ok, I love this. Because it’s nice to know I’m not the only person who would accidentally get themselves sauced. Cheers!

  7. My friends and I came up with a perfect lose-weight-by-drinking solution: Drink. Drink some more. Drink until you think you’re gonna puke. Drink ONE more, then you’re going to puke up EVERYTHING you ate in the last 3 days. And, you’re stomach will go on a revolt and won’t WANT you to eat anything for another 2 days. That’s the easy way. The hard way is to learn how to eat correctly and exercise. That works too!
    Good luck!

  8. I won’t worry until you start swigging the cough syrup (like a friend of mine who keeps a large bottle of the prescription stuff in the cup holder of her car).

    They do sell some nice almond flavoring (which I believe is alcohol free) at the store, precisely for the purpose you just describe. However, it may have sugar.

    You think it’s hard to lose the baby weight at 29? Amateur! Try 39.

  9. I totally agree on the Splenda thing. I just do without if fake sweetner is my only option.

    I think though I may have to start using it. In everything. The horrible bitter after taste will prevent me from eating more than one bite of anything & then I will lose weight.

      1. Have you tried Stevia? It’s Splenda’s cousin, and it doesn’t taste all ew. Even if you’re stuck on Topamax, which makes EVERYTHING tast like ass.

      2. Have you tried Stevia? It’s Splenda’s cousin, and it doesn’t taste all ew. Even if you’re stuck on Topamax, which makes EVERYTHING tast like ass.

    1. The Splenda only has that after taste until you’ve gotten over the hump. Once you’ve been without sugar for a while it is like the nectar of the gods.

  10. i have always thought there was something weird about my pugs butthole (it’s always LOOKING AT ME) and now i get it.

    i guess my other dog, a french bulldog, who’s tiny tail covers her BH is the one who should be trusted.

  11. holy shitballs!!! 35% alcohol???!!! Where the hell are you buying your extracts??? I want some of those.. the only alcohol in any extracts I can find is so negligible they don’t even give a percentage value.

    Good luck with the weight loss- I can certainly feel your pain!!

  12. Yeah but those extracts aren’t sweet, right? So there wasn’t even a SWEET almond flavor, you drunken wierdo! πŸ™‚

    I have done and will do too many stupid things in a day to even begin to make a list.

  13. Splenda gives me headaches.

    I would never have thought that those extracts contained alcohol, but then they started selling the fancy ones – you know, pure Tahitian vanilla bean steeped for exactly one century in French brandy made by celibate monks on the right side of the Pyrenees. Then I learned that vanilla is extracted by alcohol. Which, unless, like above, you’re ingesting it until you vomit, adds lots of calories (added bonus: alcohol converts to sugars in your digestive system!).

    Forget it. Unless you really like the flavor of herbs, there is nothing that tastes good on a diet, because they take away those tasty fat calories that add nothing but flavor. πŸ™

    Good luck on the ww…

      1. Well, I was thinking of sending my daughter to college…but Vestal Virgins? Angel Blood? Fuck it – she’ll have to get a scholarship.

  14. I feel your pain. I too have tried to quit the demon vanilla coffee creamer but with no luck. I think they put cocaine in it. πŸ™‚

  15. Dumbest thing I’ve done lately? Why, it was just this morning when I idiotically decided to check a text message from my bro-in-law. The subject was “just thought this might make you laugh.” So I thought, hmm? What would he think makes me laugh? I pushed play. It was an audio clip from Talladega Nights. You know, the part when the disrespectful redneck children tell their grandfather they are going to go “ape shit” on his ass? Well, that clip was at full volume when it started. My desk is about 8 feet from the Human Resources director. Nice. I could not mute that shit quick enough. Literally. The clip began loudly with “I WILL GO APE SHIT ON YOUR ASS!!!!” That’s the dumbest thing so far today. I am sure there will be at least one more before lunch.

  16. Trying to lose baby weight almost entirely through subtracting things from my coffee here, too. As a reward for going to work every day, I buy a big cup of bad deli coffee for $1.75 and put half-and-half in it. My ingenious diet plan is to buy the small cup of bad deli coffee for $1.25 and put regular milk in it instead. I figure I’ll lose the 10 pounds in no time (say, five years), and save for that European vacation (eyeballing it at 20 years) simultaneously.

  17. Dumbest thing? In bizarre fit of compassion, gave my extra lemon-poppy-seed muffin to the belligerent heroin-addicted street guy who used to sleep on my front step (known to my daughter as “The Sleepy Beer Man”). Now he’s going to come pee on my front window again.

  18. The dumbest thing I have done lately is feeding a stray cat that came around my house. He is male and has a stubbed tail. He was too cute for me to let him starve or exist on a diet of country bumpkin mice, so I feed him. There has been some female come around here and has subsequently had kittens and abandoned them. Now the male cat lays on my porch while these little kittens breastfeed off this boy cat. I KNOW there is no milk coming out of him, but the kittens instinct is to nurse and he is letting them. It’s patheitc and cute all at the same time.
    As for losing weight. I am packing 20 extra pounds right now, probably closer to 30 if are going to be honest and I don’t exercise. I have an exercise bike I had my husband buy for me and I sit on it and watch DVR’d episodes of Solved and don’t peddle it. I think maybe just sitting on it might cause me to burn more calories than sitting on the couch. I bought an exercise dvd and just sit on the couch watching it. I know watching activity has GOT TO burn calories.
    I mentioned buying the new exercise dvd sytem P90x to my husband and it is over $150.00 and he said no. You can go buy alot of regular movies and just sit on the couch and watch them. You don’t need to sit on the couch and watch P90x for $150 bucks.
    Always love your blog!

  19. Jesus, 35%?!?! That’s the same as vodka!

    I practically mainline sweet iced tea… except for those pesky calories. I have found that if I use half sugar and half Splenda, I get a satisfactory level of sweetness that doesn’t taste like assballs. Though it hasn’t done anything to reduce my superfluous flab, as far as I can tell. But I am blessed with a metabolism more suited to arctic survival than suburban life, AND I’m on a medication that causes rapid weight gain. *sigh*

  20. Gosh you so don’t make a girl want to have any crotch parasites b/c losing my fat ass afterwards is not going to be easy. I am a whopping 5’3″ and so I am sure my butt will grow to be the size of Texas when I am knocked up *groans*
    WW does rock although most days I’d rather drink all my points in cocktail version which I am sure can’t be a good thing.

    I am the queen of stupid crap I can’t narrow down one thing to even mention right now honestly. Rock on with your bad self Aunt Becky, rock on.

  21. There’s spies in your cat’s arse? I think your problems are bigger than alcohol poisining by almond extract Beck. It’s why we love you!

  22. Sorry…the post is FULL of awesome FULL. OF. IT.

    Nothing wrong here!

    And you cracked me up with the business about the spies. Cat’s butts always creep me out. And I know it’s a fur-free zone for sanitary reasons, but it’s like it’s on display! Spotlights on my ugliest feature! All eyes on ME.

    Sorry…I have had a lot of coffee this morning.

  23. Back in the good ‘ol days of blue laws when it was illegal to sell any form a alcohol on Sundays, the twon drunks would buy vanilla extract instead. The hobos in the 50s knew the secret, but it’s fallen out of disuse since people can buy beer on Sundays.

    (This is according to my mom who worked in a grocery store in the late 50s.)

  24. Hi Aunt Becky! I’m a long time reader but never commented before. Thank you so much for this laugh today (and the future tip too!). My mom brings me a huge bottle of vanilla straight from Mexico every time she comes to visit. I wonder how much alcohol is in that! Maybe if it wasn’t in Spanish I’d be able to tell..haha.

    I’m pretty dumb on a daily basis but my crowning idiot moment happened a few years ago. My husband and I were driving through the country looking for a new home when we came across one of those signs that tell you how far away the next town is. In my warped brain that didn’t read “Benton, 2miles” it read “Benton 2”. As in, the second, like a subdivision. So I turned to my husband and with a dead serious face said “I didn’t know there were 2 Benton’s?!”

    That was 4 years ago and I still hear about it at least every 2 weeks!

  25. Oh dear. That’s hilariously depressing.

    I was an absolute idiot, and in editing photos last night I realized that my awesomeness was over-thought. I was so proud of myself because I had created a Photoshop Action to save my images in the folder and it was all perfect and shiny. Well, only after I was done and COULDN’T FIND THE 120 PICTURES I HAD EDITED did I realize that I was an idiot and just saved them over themselves. Instead of as separate files. Thankfully the originals were still untouched.

    But Pride definitely goeth before the Fall.

  26. hahahaha! watch the vanilla extract too – unless you’re getting imitation, I think the real stuff has alcohol too. πŸ™‚

    Dumbest thing lately? I live in Phoenix – so I have a club for my car, you know, the dealy for the steering wheel to try to prevent theft? Now, we have 2 cars, each has a club, with a different key. One car, had 2 keys on 2 different key rings, one key ring had the club key, one did not.

    I drove merrily off to the store…put the club on, had a lovely time…until coming back out and realizing I had grabbed the wrong key chain – and had no club key. I basically locked myself out of my car. My house was 30 miles away.

    I have really good friends – 1 picked up my sorry ass and drove me all the way out to get the club key and all the way back.

  27. So THAT is why my almond royal icing cookies are so addicting. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Little kids gobble those things down like nobody’s business. Woooooooopsies.

  28. Splenda (and all the other fake sugars) is the devil’s anus…I knew it! I have to have my flavored creamers even though I too am trying to lose some after-3-kids-poundage.
    As for dumbest thing lately…to go along with the weight losing I started the Insanity* program. It’s killing me and I haven’t lost a single fucking pound yet!! But I am still going with it. Why?
    *but I didn’t pay for it, a firend who did burned all the dvds for me πŸ™‚

  29. Stupid act of the day…. Went to wake Mea to get her ready for the day, picked her 900 lb sleeping butt out of the bed (why do kids weigh soooo much more when they are sleeping?), turned slipped on the sheet that was on the floor, dropped the girl, and stepped on the dog. It was a great morning.

  30. This made me absolutely laugh my ass off. It also made me really tempted to put a bottle of almond extract by the coffeepot as a present for my the teachers at my school. Ha ha ha ha!

  31. WHy not try flavored coffee. My fav is Hazlenut. You can also do a blend of hazelnut, french vanilla and cinnemon. BY the way when my friend was caught drinking the vanilla extract (Actually the bottles kept turning up empty.), it was decided he was an alcoholic.

  32. Stupidest act of today… Had to have two things hemmed by a new tailor, so I let the tiny Asian lady pin me up, hand off my clothes to another chick, then ring me up for waaaay more money than I ever would have paid for hems. I didn’t want to feel like a cheap ass, but I am a cheap ass, so I told her it was too much and she started going on and on in her heavy accent. I couldn’t understand a word, which was surely her plan, so I started to explain slower and louder. Seriously, I am now that person who talks SLOWLY and LOUDLY to a poor immigrant, as if she will understand the language she barely speaks better when it is ringing in her ears. I ended up just leaving so now I’m out 50 bucks for 2 stupid hem,s and she’ll probably spit on my clothes.

  33. p.s. if you want to make your own extract you just toss a bunch of vanilla beans in a bottle of vodka. Fo’ realz. Even Paula Dean does it πŸ™‚

  34. That must be why cats always seem to point their bunger in your general direction. Thanks for the tip on the spy thing.

  35. Oooohoooohaaahaaaha! That’s awesome. OMG, what if that had happened to me as a teacher and I was sauced before 2nd period? Oh good God. Thank goodness I read this post. You may have just saved my job!

    Also, spies in your cat’s butthole? I believe that to be true of my cat as well. Nasty creatures.

    The stupidest thing I’ve done today was go to work. Should have stayed home. For sure. Miserable Friday. But now it’s the weekend, so, phew.

  36. I do wish you well on your diet. I just like food & beer too much to care lol. And I am old anyway so poo on diets, I am just chubby, not obese. I wish it were the 50’s again where the weight I am now is like MODEL weight!

    Stupidest thing I did lately was reply to all in an e-mail to a dumbass manager during a meltdown when he gave me a shitload of work that he had been sitting on that was overdue and he asked me to get it done right away. Went along the lines of “are you fucking KIDDING ME?” The partner that was on the thread of the e-mail responded. GULP. Fortunately he also agreed with me, though not my tone.

  37. The dumbest thing? Maybe letting my dog run off while I had no shoes on and had to chase her INTO the woods. Why didn’t I just let her go off and be free? I don’t know. I love animals or something.


  38. Just yesterday I was picking up something for work on my way in. I buttoned my blazer before I got out, then realized I had buttoned the seatbelt inside… I was super-tired but at least I got a laugh first thing in the morning!

    I think I’ve tried that before with vanilla, but still needed to add sweetener – I guess the almond is sweeter?

  39. I do so many dumb things it’s easy to just pick one or two or a dozen each and every day……..So because I’m special (we share the same first name). I’m going to share something that is smart……..

    My daughter will go off to kindergarten in July (year around school district)

    On the same day, my just turned 3 year old son will go to pre-school …….FOUR half days per week.

    Aaahhhhhh do you hear that….peace and quiet

  40. I was dumb by going outside to take pictures of the LOVELY spring snow…IN MY UNDERWEAR.
    It was cold, and someone drove by the front of my house at that precise moment.

    It would have been better if I’d laced my coffee with delicious flavored booze. Herrr.

  41. you know theres a Family Ties episode about Uncle Ned (played by Oscar Award Winning Tom hanks) the drunk finding Vanilla Extract because he couldnt find any beer…(it was one of those “Very Special Episodes”)

    Whenever I bake, I think of Uncle ned…

    just youtube Tom Hanks and Family Ties…it’s the 1st video…who knew the show was so educational!

  42. I’m not gonna tell you what dumb thing I did today, but I saw a photo on facebook captioned, “the boys filming for all PROSPERITY.” Tell me that shit’s not funny. So, it was my sister who did it. Now, do I mention her mistake, or pretend like I didn’t notice it?

  43. I accidentally put salt into a cookie recipe instead of sugar. I now remember to always taste the batter.

    I had no idea that there was alcohol in almond extract? Does vanilla extract have alcohol in it too?

  44. Oh, how about tell my boss how I really feel about how the upper eschelon in my prison is running my program into the ground. How’s that for stupid??

  45. If you can (and it is a damn difficult thing to do!) find alcohol-free pure vanilla extract. The Giant food store near us carries it. It is damn hard to find!!
    It is comparatively expensive but so freaking worth it!!

    The taste is so definitively vanilla that 1/8 tsp packs 500% more taste than 1 tbsp of the any of the stuff with the alcohol in it.

    If we can work it out I would be happy to become your dealer!

  46. Jebus, exactly how much almond ex do you put in your coffee? You do know it’s supposed to be a flavor ‘enhancer’ not the whole beverage rt?
    I have images of you and Lucy and her vitavetavegimin syrup playing in my head now.
    Do you pop out at parties?

  47. OMFG! That is hilarious! A once brilliant idea thwarted by the fact that its laden with alcohol. Damn. Too bad splenda REALLY does taste like ass! I can’t stand that crap! Its awful!

  48. Oh, you poor thing. I used to drink the vanilla on our pantry shelf when I was a kid, not knowing it was loaded with the alk-y-hol. Yes, I am in AA now. Why do you ask?

    I think I just outed myself on your blog. And there went the dumbest thing I did lately.

  49. First of all, the title cracks me up!

    Stupidest thing I did this week, hmmmm. that would be getting mad at the neighbor for mowing his lawn during nap time. Until I realized it wasn’t the neighbor, it was the fertilizer company in MY OWN YARD! How did I not realize someone was in my own yard, in the middle of the day?! Oh, probably because I only slept for like 3 hours that night before. When you said last post that raising kids is hard, you were not lying, lady! You were definitley truthing!!

  50. How bout we just stick with the dumbest thing I did today? I poured a nice cold glass of milk over the tea bag in my mug and boiling water into my cereal. Ta dah.

  51. Holy Fuck. I was sitting here laughing along about you getting drunk on almond extract. My little amelia is sitting next to me and says “what you laughing at” so…not wanting to try and explain the blogosphere to her I said “some lady wrote about getting drunk from almond extract” her response “did she get pregnant while she did that”

    She cursed you.

    Step away from the almond extract!

  52. god, that is so funny……i’m stocking up on extracts. The secret to losing weight after having a baby… to throw up 10-15 times a day, for the whole 9 fucking months…even on the delivery table. I’m small, 105 lbs., but gained 50lbs carrying my first little crotch parasite….even tho i vomitted EVERYTHING i ate and drank. The doc kept saying the baby was fine and growing (strong little parasite, taking all my nourishment) The day after giving birth, i was back to my reg. weight….( the baby was 8 1/2 lbs….fat little thing… I was anemic, (my hair was falling out), and weak….ahhhh, sweet memories! The dumbest thing i did was get pregnant again.

  53. I’m so putting that shit in my tea from now on.

    This wasn’t recent, but I once ate an entire bag of gum drops. They were good. Then my mother springs it on me “Oh, and they’re sugar-free, too!” W.T.F?? I got so fucking sick that night. It was in that moment that I swore off anything that ended in “ol” – sorbitol, malitol, all of the “ol”s are evil.

    I have colitis and have never been as sick as I was that night from the sorbitol-laced gum drops. I still bring up the gum drop incident to my mother “Oh, ya….and remember that time I nearly shit my liver out because you poisoned me with sugar substitute?”

    And my mother? She likes to bake cookies with Almond Extract. The neighbor won’t let her kids eat them because there’s alcohol in there. These are Italian cookies. I’ve been eating them since I popped into the world because, to us, these cookies are a MUST at every occasion – like cold cuts…..where I’m from, you could have an entire gourmet meal spread for an event, but you better have that fucking plate of ham and turkey and cheese or it’s just NOT a proper event and people will talk “Yeah, the food was good, but there were no cold cuts”. Same with these cookies. I had no idea people thought they were “adult” cookies because of the Extract. But, hey, more for the rest of us!!

    I’m a regular sugar, gal. I just don’t do subs. If I have to choose between a few extra calories and hours of power-washer shits, I choose the calories.

    1. Power Washer Shits!!! I am SO using that the next time someone scolds me for not drinking diet sodas at work. ( I have IBS, AND I try to only have one a day)

      This will be my phrase from now on lol.

  54. I’m a regular sugar chick too, mostly because when I kicked the diet pepsi habit, I LOST WEIGHT! crazy, I know.

    I later heard that the chemicals that make up aspartame are used to stimulate the cows to EAT MORE! yep. an appetite stimulant. Depressing.

    More recently I heard (on CBC, same place I met you, Aunt Becky, and I have a mom2mom crush on you and your writing now) that when your tongue tastes fake sugars, it tells the rest o’ yer body, “Treat alert, sugar high to come!” and the rest of the body, or parts thereof, get ready to party like an addict tying off a vein. When the hit never comes, the body gets super pissed, and demands, MORE MORE MORE, I WANT THAT SUGAR HIGH!

    Well. I just feed my kids a variety of sweeteners, including agave when i don’t want them super revved. Seems to be doing the trick there. Oh, and I’m not raising them on sugared cereals. Those are strictly for recesses at school so that the teachers can deal with the fallout. πŸ˜‰

    1. oh and all the ‘ols like sorbitol go badass on my digestive tract too … dumbest thing I did in my tweens was to consume an entire roll of sorbitol laced mints, while wearing a dici bra whilst bowling with the local girl guide troop. Not only was I a root a toot tooting like a boy scout, and painfully explosively so, I was also popping my sister’s awesome dici (front latch, not for the stacked girls) and swinging those babies with every ball I rolled.

      o happy day. g’night.

  55. Ah, I feel your pain. I, too, have had three kids. I put on 20 kilos (44 pounds) with my first baby, and the same again with kid number three. In between them both, I put on 30 kilos (66 pounds) with monster baby number two (he popped out weighing just shy of 10 pounds). Now, nearly 12 years after the arrival of kid number one, I’m about five kilos (11 pounds) off my ideal weight, and have gone back to exercise and WW to deal with it. WW and regular exercise really are the only things that have worked to flay the fat off me, in between babies; I hope to God it’s still going to work now.

    Good luck!

  56. I can’t read all the comments because I already aspirated some of my sausage & egg scramble while watching the trailer for The Other Guys & my sinuses can’t take anymore.

    I think you should go for the almond extract, just make your own. I make my own vanilla extract with rum & vanilla beans (insert in dark glass jar with screw top lid, swish when you remember to, use at will) so mine is 40% alcohol by volume. But it’s some nice rum, not crappy ethyl alcohol diluted by water. So if you pick a lower proof alcohol and make your own… though I’m not exactly sure what to do about the almonds. I assume the barbecue flavor from Blue Diamond would be a bad choice. Perhaps google could help you figure that part out? At least I’ve pointed you in the right direction, right?

  57. BTW, my vanilla from Trader Joe’s was the same 35% alcohol by volume (though prefer saying it’s 70 proof) as your almond. I don’t think anyone is getting less alcohol by using vanilla instead of almond. And it doesn’t bake off fast enough for that to be a saving grace.

  58. my wife is the best cook, but we never eat as well as when she is doing weight watchers. their cookbooks are da bomb. most authentic chinese food we’ve ever made at home is a WW recipe (happy to share if you’re interested).

    you always put a smile on my face, but this post absolutely cracked me up. bravo my lady, bravo.

  59. No Shit?! I actually got up from the computer and checked and I am shocked!!! And then I downed the entire bottle because my MIL is here and driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You poor dear – you are getting sauced in the morning!

  60. Bahahahaha.

    I happen to worship Splenda – had none at hand the other day and tried to make a cup of tea with real sugar for the first time in a couple months and it was the most awful piss-tasting crap. Amazing.

    Starbucks has sugarfree syrup???

    And the dumbest thing lately … my best friend of 15 years asked me if chicken was a bird.

  61. Seriously??? How long did it take you to find out? And once you found out, how tempted were you to pretend you hadn’t? Because a week more or less would not have mattered, right?

    1. It took me OVER A WEEK to realize it. I was all, “WHY THE FUCK AM I SO TIRED *hic* ALL THE TIME?” Then I was all, “I can tell no one.” And that lasted for 45 minutes. Until I told The Internet.

  62. i have found the answer to thyroid stupidity. it is called interval training. and it works. my metabolism is finally moving. after gaining weight eating 1200 cal per day (seriously) I finally feel good.

    Oh, and lots of fucking vitamins. fistfulls.

      1. Girl! I sort of stumbled into the interval training class at the YMCA. I wanted off the damn eliptical and I heard the awesomely bad disco going on. I was like oh I guess they call aerobics ‘conditioning’ now. And I was having a blast. She like faster faster, and i just thought she (instructor) was a sadist (typical) but then she like grab the weights and makes us do all sorts of weird spastic shit while lifting them.

        Then I noticed something about two days later. Noticably thinner. And exercising more intensly was easier. So then I lost more weight and had more energy.

        The vitamins are B & iron for my anemia, which contributed to tired and depressed ness.

        Whoo. Interval training!

        1. I love you. I spent ALL DAY waiting for your reply because I was all SHE HAS A MYSTICAL SECRET FOR ME!! Thank you! I do weight watchers but I need haaalllppp. I have to include exercise or I’ll be taking this 45 pounds (okay 60) for 60 years.

      2. Girl! I sort of stumbled into the interval training class at the YMCA. I wanted off the damn eliptical and I heard the awesomely bad disco going on. I was like oh I guess they call aerobics ‘conditioning’ now. And I was having a blast. She like faster faster, and i just thought she (instructor) was a sadist (typical) but then she like grab the weights and makes us do all sorts of weird spastic shit while lifting them.

        Then I noticed something about two days later. Noticably thinner. And exercising more intensly was easier. So then I lost more weight and had more energy.

        The vitamins are B & iron for my anemia, which contributed to tired and depressed ness.

        Whoo. Interval training!

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