While I should have been working on meaningful things like meeting deadlines and washing floors, I’ve instead been infatuated with the idea of finding free pictures online and turning them into HILARIOUS greeting cards. Because that is what I do with my time: worthless things!

Also, my line of cards has a name. “Love, Aunt Becky.” Because OBVIOUSLY.

58 thoughts on “…Love, Your Aunt Becky

  1. Could you put the “Jesus, your ass has gotten fat” on a copy of The Last Supper? Or the picture (I don’t know if it actually exists or I’m creating it by combining things in my head) where Jesus is standing with his arms outstretched and there’s Apostles (or just regular people, whatever) at his feet? It’s almost Easter, and I think that holiday needs a bit of levity!

  2. Aunt Becky, could I please steal your awesome card ideas and send them to my family?? I’m not sure if they could handle actually visiting your site, or knowing that I do everyday.

  3. Doing housework is like bailing water with a leaky bucket and the deadlines can wait. These are a meaningful contribution to society. And full of The Awesome.

  4. You had to print these after Valentines Day? I love number 3. I may even send it now as an after Valentines Day pre it’s our anniversary on the 28th and sometimes you drive me up a f’ing wall card. Get these copyrighted. You could make millions. My idea, I’ll only need 10% of your profits :)-

  5. Bunnies with eggs, seriously folks? That is some fucked up shit. What kind of crack were “They” smoking when they came up with this? How does it have anything to do with Easter? Why do they have greeting cards for these holidays anyway? Birthdays, sure – but St. Patrick’s day? Is this a day I need to be “greeted”? Why does my sister-in-law think that she needs to send 3 separate cards (one to each kid and one to my husband and I) for each of these holidays? What is up with all the effing greeting cards? If I love someone I just tell them. I don’t spend 4 freakin dollars on a damn Hallmark. Now if they were more like Aunt Becky’s cards…. that’s another story. I might actually pay money to tell someone their ass is growing fat. 🙂

  6. Seriously, can you make these cards happen? I would totally buy them. I wish there would have been a birthday card in there somewhere that I could give to my husband on his big day next week…….

  7. This reminds me of a Valentine’s Day inspired tweet by one of my favorite tweeters, @aedison:
    Roses are red, and so is my blood. You haven’t been returning my calls, I MADE YOU A GIFT.

  8. I think you’re on to something. I’d like to send a few Get Well Soon cards to with my sincere best wishes that certain people will soon pull their heads out of their asses. I’m just afraid it would go right over their heads (hah!).

  9. I am totally stealing the Easter Bunny card for my sister. I once sent her a card with Jesus on the cross and a thought bubble that said, “TGIF” *. Been looking for another Easter card ever since. Thanks!

    * Even more fun given that she was living in a university residence run by nuns.

  10. As a point of inspiration, I once gave out cards with an Easter Bunny handing Christ on the Cross an egg saying “Have an egg, you’ll feel better.” i bought every card the store had and will in all likelihood go to hell, via express.

  11. Seriously, there are a ton of places you could market these. I’m still willing to be your business manager.

    This would be another step for Aunt Becky to take over the world! 😉

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