So it’s been a pretty rough week. Alex has donned his devil horns and has been literally plotting my eventual demise, not that I really blame him. But I just had the most hilarious exchange with someone who knows approximately 5 words:

(On the changing table)

Me: You have a full diaper. Let’s change it.

Alex (reaching downward): Penis.

Me: Yes, you have a penis.

Alex (poking penis painfully with index finger): Penis!

Me: Yup. That’s a penis all right.

Alex (gripping penis between thumb and index finger) Penis! Hahahahaha!

Me (sighs): That’s how I felt the first time I saw one.

38 thoughts on “Lifetime Member of The Pen15 Club

  1. HA HA!!! First of all, the PEN15 club is very exclusive. At work, we just “inducted” a new coworker into the club. He wore a badge around all day until someone clued him in on the joke. Second, I am so glad I have a girl.

  2. It’s always pretty funny, too, when they squeeze, pull or flick it. I’m referring to babies and toddlers.

    It’s not so funny when they are 35.

  3. From birth to death, they’re obsessed with that thing. He’ll be humping the floor any day now. Oh, hell, if I had one, I’d never leave it alone!!

  4. I don’t think that males ever get over the miracle of their own, personal penis. But at least they’re honest about it.
    Bless ’em.

  5. Hey, the penis is about the coolest thing we have on our bodies! A little wonder and awe is well justified. 🙂

    Seriously funny post!

  6. Back when the boy was about Alex’s age, I was telling our pediatrician about his (the boy’s, that is) obsession with playing with it and twisting/pinching at it, when he and E exchanged a knowing look and informed me, almost simultaneously, “yeah, well, he’ll be doing that for the rest of his life!”

  7. I was babysitting these kids, a boy (oldest), a girl (middle) and another boy (youngest). The youngest boy was about 3…he still had to have someone watch him go potty (lucky for me it was only pee). As he waited for the golden showers, he looked up at me and said, I have a little penis, my brother has a bigger penis, and my dad has a REALLY BIG PENIS. I think that sums up what they think about from age zero to death.

  8. OMG that’s funny!! Mine just grabs it, no words for it yet. It’s awkward enough for me to see him playing with it… I don’t know how I’ll feel when he knows the name for it!! 🙂

  9. My little guy has always been very gentle with his. Whenever he’s without his undies he cradles it in the palm of his hand like a dainty butterfly.

    I think he’s afraid it’s going to fall off!

  10. Gage STILL asks me why I don’t have a penis.
    “you lost it?”
    “you broke it?”
    “you put it in the ‘cycle bin?” (recycle bin)

    …and I still crack up every time!

  11. At least now I know what I have to look forward to if I have a boy this time around…thanks for the laugh Becky!

  12. That is too funny! Sad that I laugh still when I see a pen15! I mean seriously a garden hose on a man, really, c’mon now!

  13. LMAO How hilarious! Glad I found your blog. My son is 3 months old today, can’t wait until he discovers his dong. Guess he probably needs to find his hands first.


  14. Sounds like Alex and Phoenix would get along famously. Both love their penis’ and being a pain in the ass to their mothers.

  15. OMG that totally sounds like DREW. Except, he can’t say it. He certainly knows it is there though. My teenager is totally grossed out by it! I think it is hilarious.

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