I may have mentioned that I have a slight obsession with cake in the past, which is especially strange since I don’t really want to eat it, but just LOOK at it for many years to come (I have issues. Clearly). I specifically hunted down a local bakery that deals only with making cakes so that I knew I was getting the top of the (cool) line.

And I was not disappointed. In fact, I saw the cake and immediately wondered how I could preserve it so it could live with me forever and ever and ever. (Again with the issues). But I put on my big girl boots and eventually cut into it (maybe I shed a tear or three hundred when I did so. I’ll never tell).


(note the Diet Coke can. Classy AND addicted)

(That CAN’T be a hookah! How could she incorporate DRUGS into her son’s birthday party?!?)

(Fuck YEAH, that’s a hookah!)


Maybe you can see why my angel babies were attracted to my house for the party. They smelled the sugar.

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Marchin’ for Mimi!

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