I bring to you something that will certainly keep you up all night long (but not in a creepy Lionel Ritchie way).

I should be back later with real werds, but for now, have these kitties to keep you company. Oh, and, is it creepy? Or am I just tired?

21 thoughts on “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Sleep Again…

  1. What are you talking about? That is perfectly normal, and NOT FREAKY AT ALL.
    Seriously, though. I was thinking “Where are their legs?!” And then, there they were. Holy cow. I should not have watched that.

  2. I’m about to go out for a 50 mile ride – now I’ve got that tune stuck in my head. Guess I know what cadence I’ll be pedalling! Tres creepy!

  3. W.T.F.? – that’s all I gots; nuffin else because that shit was kinda disturbing!! I still love you, though. Wow.

  4. Can’t. un. look!!!! Creepy X-eleventymillion! However, my fave part are the dancing buildings with the kitty ears! Now, that’s attention to detail!!

  5. You ARE tired, Mz Becky……but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t creepy! (in an amusing way) Catchy little tune…..makes me want to poke my eyes out.

  6. That really makes me wonder what kind of hallucinogens that person was taking when they came up with that video. REALLLLLYYYY freakin’ creepy!!

  7. it was like a car accident I couldn’t turn it off – or away. I had to watch the mutating kitties flow and melt around. Thank you very much for the nightmares!!!

  8. It was definitely creepy, but I actually kind of liked it. Although I did find myself wondering if I was high halfway through.

  9. um creepy cat video…..creepy, creepy, cat video.
    And yes, I would like some of whatever the guy who made that is on.
    Or maybe not.

    Cats sprouting cats is just too much to deal with sober.

  10. OMFG…That was seriously creepy. Especially because devil-spawn kitty is a twin to my kitty… Quite sure I will not be sleeping tonight. Although this could be quite entertaining if I was watching it while drunk 😉 (Note to self: Bring vodka to work!)

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