After the Great Condo Fiasco of 2005, we have been a bit gun shy about decorating the new house. Although I may not necessarily LIKE the colors that most of the walls are painted, none of them are as horrific as the Houses of the Holy orange of our bedroom in said condo. Most rooms are tolerable, especially now since the main floor bathroom is (mostly) completed.

I’ve inherited (thanks, Dad) a genuine fear of hanging pictures because OHMYGOD IT MIGHT MAKE HOLES THAT I HAVE TO SPACKLE! If there is something beyond the fact that I now do not vomit when I see the 3!!! different prints of wallpaper clashing mightily, I am now not afraid of spackle (I did, afterall, spackle most of all 4 walls. Oh, the damage that the wallpaper inflicted upon those poor walls). Since we are entertaining, I decided to both frame and hang many of the pictures we have been waiting to hang (waiting for what, I’ll never be sure..a bus to come, a train to go, or waiting around for a yes or no, I’m pretty sure that I was waiting for someone else to do this for me, but no one volunteered, sadly enough.).

Unfortunately for anyone who happens to walk into my home, the walls in the hallway now look as though pictures of my family have been vomited all over the walls. It makes us appear to be completely narcissitic and self-absorbed, which may be the case (2 blogs!! Oh, SNAP!!) and all, but yeah, it’s overkill.

I need to remedy this situation post haste, but am unsure how to do so. I don’t have any sort of eye for decorating houses and typically rely on bright and bold paint colors to mask this. Painting is, though, for now out of the question completely, so what to do? I’m dying for my home to be well put together and flow nicely, but have no real way of making this a reality. I love funky stuff, but I have no idea where to get stuff like that (and no, sadly, I was lying about the Miller Lite signs in my living room. They’re actually in my bedroom. Classy, I know). My family is FULL of useful people, so of course I have an interior decorator that I can invite over, but she’s OCD and might explode unless my home is perfectly cleaned.

How do normal people do this sort of thing? Any ideas?



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