Now to those of you who are worried that I might be merely posting boring pictures of my garden, let me assure you that this is exactly what I am doing. But (always a butt with me), just like a shitty after school special, there is a moral. Although, not in a Jerry Springer Let’s Have A Moment way.

Also, can you vote for me? Please? Pretty please with a nutsack on top? It will help my fragile ego churn out less boringest posts. Vote here and here and here. I’ll make out with you.

The first link is to a brand new award that someone cooler than me nominated this blog for.

2009 BlogLuxe Awards

And I want to hump them for it. Thank you.

First, let me show you my rose bush:


Okay, so this is my climbing rose bush. I planted it last year in the midst of my miscarriages as I find gardening to be nearly as cathartic as beating people senseless with my fists of fury. Because gardening means less jail time!

Felonies or not, this rose bush is insanely awesome and healthy looking. It’s far bigger and better than it should be.


But wait…what’s that pipe say? I can…hardly…make…it out.



My rose is fracking radioactive!

So that’s the way it is in my family.

25 thoughts on “It’s Electrified!

  1. I voted. for you. I guess I’ll take the makeout session. Maybe. I mean, you’re nice and all, lovely really, but I prefer the aforementioned nutsack in my makeout partners. Though when I think of the image that word “NUTSACK” conjures, I can’t for the life of me think of why. I guess it just looks more appealing than the alternative.

    Anyway, can I phone a friend? I have 20 or 30 horny male friends dying to be my proxy on this.

  2. I’m the same with gardening. I really don’t particularly care about it so much (yet), but it sure helps when the mindfucks set in. Lovely roses!

  3. I don’t like gardening. I do like throwing some plants in holes in the ground and watching what they do. It’s like gardening, but without all that weeding and watering crap. And dividing. I really hate dividing. Would you like to come and “borrow” half of my plants next spring? They’re starting to get overgrown.

    So, that’s the secret to nice roses…Mine looks awful – something is always eating it. Maybe if I fertilized it with radon, though, it would bloom for more than 2 weeks and then have all its leaves fall off. I don’t really care, though. It must be absorbing the radon from the ground, as it keeps coming back every year.

  4. I have some aunts who grow some very very special and extremely strong smelling (the good smell) roses with which they make rose-jam. I really hope they don’t have radon in theirs!

  5. my thumbs are the opposite of green, so I am doubly jealous that your thumbs are not only green, but apparently radioactive as well. nice! I voted too.

  6. Of *course* I voted for you! Who else would I vote for?! You’re the only funny person I know (no offense, anyone else) and you’re totally the hottest mommy I know. (I’m sucking up right now but that doesn’t mean it’s not all true.)
    Radon rules.

  7. I’m suddenly loving my garden too and I was way anti-garden before so this is seriously weird!!
    Anywhoooo….heart you. going to vote!

  8. I have radon in my basement and a radon pump, too. I don’t trust the pump to get all of the radioactive gas out of there.
    Don’t let your kids play down there.

  9. I voted for you, wholeheartedly!

    I am the total opposite of a gardener. I love being surrounded by living things, but I just stand back and tell my husband he’s doing a great job. That’s my contribution to the garden!

  10. I’ll vote for you, but you can hold the nutsack. I’m allergic to those.

    Very pretty rose. I’m a big fan of garden photos, so post away. You won’t bore me!

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