Aunt Becky: “I *so* don’t get this song.”

The Daver: “Wait, isn’t this ‘America’?”

Aunt Becky: “Yeah, I think so. Or maybe it’s ‘Chicago.’ The 70’s had a lot of bands named after cities. Either way, what the fuck do they mean-’25-06-24?’That makes no sense.”

The Daver: “What are you *talking* about? It’s ’25 or 6 to 4′!”

Aunt Becky: “….”

The Daver: “You know, like 3:35 or 3:26 AM?”

Aunt Becky: “…..”

Aunt Becky: “It is not! There is no way!”

The Daver: “What the hell did you think it meant?”

Aunt Becky: “I don’t know!..maybe a combination to a lock or something? No, I refuse to believe this song is about a time of day.”

The Daver: “And a locker combination makes more sense to you?”

Aunt Becky: “No! That’s why I *said* that I don’t get this song, dumbass!”

The Daver: “It’s about smoking dope, Becky.”

Aunt Becky: “I refuse to believe that in all my years being a pothead that I never could figure out that this is a drug song. I have a sixth *sense* about this crap! I mean “Lake Shore Drive? LSD? GET IT?”

The Daver: “Are you still bitter that you couldn’t do the “Dark Side of the Moon” “Wizard of Oz” thing?

Aunt Becky: I cannot discuss this with you. You wouldn’t understand. Goody-goody.

The Daver: “FINE.”



(three days later)


Aunt Becky: Is it really 25 or 6 to 4?

23 thoughts on “It’s Captain Obvious To The RESCUE!

  1. We have conversations like this in my house all the time, except I am The Daver and Mike is Aunt Becky.

    Creme de Menthe? You just blew my mind.

  2. Definitely about drugs. 😉
    Actually… I heard that the guy just woke up with a tune in his head and wanted to get it down before he forgot. And then you know how you get up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep? Well he figured he’d try to write the lyrics and was frustrated so instead of just writing a song he decided to write a song about the frustration of writing a song.
    At least, that’s what I heard. Don’t know how true that is. So don’t, you know, quote me or anything.

  3. I had to Wikipedia this a couple of months ago because it was driving me fucking insane “25 or 624?” What the hell kind of choice is that? 624 wins by 599. That’s just not a fair contest.

  4. Interesting. I have nothing witty to add cause well I was that goodytwoshoes. LOL Oh wait thats being confused with having a controlling mother. I wasn’t being good I was under house arrest.

  5. Well, it is quite obvious you never had to play the song on your clarinet in pep band. I don’t know who now is the bigger geek – you or me.

    Red wine, BTW.

    Also, regarding the tattoos: I would really like to get a half sleeve on my shoulder (like Gyllenhal’s character on Stranger Than Fiction). My husband threatened to cut off my arm if I did stating, “You are not allowed to tramp up.” Has he not read my blog?

  6. I had no clue it was about drugs. But it was one of my favorite pep band pieces. No clue what it was about, I never got it, even knowing the real title. But I like your misheard line. The group Bowling for Soup has a song, I swore for 6 months, of hearing it ALL the time that it was called “Girl on a Fat Guy’s Nuts”.

  7. LOL! This sounds like a conversation I would have with my hubby, except he’s always clueless about all drug references. The man has never. tried. drugs. Not once. I know, I’m married to a total freak of nature.

  8. what the frick?

    i have no idea what any of that means. this is a song? the daver made no sense. none. i don’t get it.

    creme de menthe? i think you might have been my high school boyfriend if that’s true.

  9. SHUT.UP!! I had no idea that stupid song was about drugs – OMG! I am so naive…
    I will not even think about humiliating myself by telling you what I thought it was about – NOPE

  10. According to VH-1, the song was written when the band was at a hotel room somewhere. They were having trouble getting the lyrics down. Someone wanted to know the time, but couldn’t quite see the clock. He asked if it was 25 or 26 minutes until 4 am. But, he asked it as ’25 or 6 to 4″

  11. Having had many similar discussions about this very song with my mom and sisters, this post has me cracking up.

    What about “Hotel California” by the Eagles? Was homeboy in a psych ward? Getting zooted up in a crackhouse? Or was he really caught up in some haunted hotel third dimension black hole from which there was no escape? We’ve had many debate over that song. Clearly, we have nothing else better to do around here than discuss the obscure lyrics of odd songs.

  12. How sad is it that I knew right away that you were talking about that supremely annoying Chicago song? But I never thought it was about drugs, Chicago seems like one of those bands that would “party” with a box of Zinfandel.

  13. OK, I know this post is more than a year old…but I’m reading through your life right now, and this is the first shocking thing I’ve read. I had no idea about that song. I always thought it was some kind of mad math riddle that I would never figure out.

    I know! That’s PRECISELY how I felt! Like, hm. REALLY?

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