Well, thank ye kindly, Internet for your well-wishes on my new-found agents. I’m not sure I’ve yet processed what a big fucking deal this is (and I know it is), and maybe that’s a good thing. Because then I might get nervous.

Eventually, what I so desperately need you for, darling Internets is to help me rework parts of my slower essays so that they all pop out at you and get in your face and shit. After I finish tweaking my proposal a bit, I’ll be focusing on finishing and reworking parts of my essays. This is where you’ll come in.

When I identify what I need help with, I’ll paste it on over here and ask for your honest opinion. Pretty much, I want to know how to make it better. Because once this bitch is in print, there isn’t any going back and fixing it again.

I’m busily working on my proposal today, so I probably won’t get back here for a real post, but wanted to tell you ONCE AGAIN, how much I fucking love you. And because I say “fucking” you know I mean it.

Got any good gossip for me, Internet?

16 thoughts on “It Seems I Will Never Be Able To Say “I’m An Ac-TOR!”

  1. No gossip here either.

    I just spent my morning looking for the keys so I can go to the laundry mat, and I’m pretty sure the hub took them with him to work. so. …I have spent the rest of my time watching Tori and Dean home sweet hollywood reruns.

    weird thing is….I don’t even like the chick. ha.

  2. Nothing juicy over here. I had a snake on my front porch, but then I got on the phone and yammered and forgot to keep watching it. Who knows where it is not. Hopefully not on my doormat. I’ll hurl.

  3. Gossip? I read today that “Mini-Me” has a sex tape out. To me that is glorious gossip and I think I must be quite ill due to how badly I want to see it!

  4. Well, today I met Johnny Depp when I was at the mall. I asked to take a picture with him and he said, “Oh, honey, I don’t just want to take a picture with you…I want you to move to France with me and be my girlfriend.” I was so shocked, but of course I had to say no, because I can’t just up and move to France, even for Johnny Depp.


    That, my dear Aunt Becky, is ACTing!

    I’m really fucking happy for you!

  5. didnt post on the other entry ~ but i am VERY excited for you, as your birthday-best-friend-forever (BBFF?) and of course i will love to help out when the time comes!

    now get crankin’ on that proposal…!

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