Man, I feel like I *just* guest-posted. Like last week or something. This is, I need to tell you, maybe the 3rd time I’ve done a guest post for anyone. I think people are afraid (rightly so) of what sort of shit I’d spew onto their blog.

But my friend JJ at Reproductive Jeans, didn’t fear. I’m at her place today. Come and visit. I’m super-nervous. What if her Internet hates me?

Oh, and leave me a topic here to post about. I’m digging the suggestions.

23 thoughts on “It Puts The Guest Post On The Internet Or It Gets The Hose Again

  1. Oh man, I haven’t read JJ in a million years. I must go over and catch up on her goings on!
    Oh and maybe I’ll see what you have to say too.

  2. I like your guest posts. I’m getting to read other blogs to get addicted too! Takes away the time it would take to find them and leaves more time for reading. I suggest you post about living in the burbs of chicago. The city girl wants to know!

  3. I stopped by backwards, since I came from JJ’s over here. Have you seen the Legos “Silence of the Lambs” musical number? I’m sure you can find it if you Google it. My husband and I nearly wet ourselves laughing over it.

  4. You only choose the best places to do guest posts for! Lovely!

    And I would like to see a post about the awesomeness that is the platypus. The coolest animal there is!

  5. Funny how Mrs. Soup mentioned the platypus. Why is it that all the truly one of a kind species of animals come from Australia and New Zealand? Kangaroos, Tasmanian Devils, Koalas, Platip(usses)i?


  6. hmmm. I loved your guest post – fun read!
    As for topics.
    I think that a discussion of bra sizes and fits is in order.
    I second the platypus motion.
    drugs, what you’ve done, how it affected you. (illegal, legal, you choose)
    I always enjoy the parenting what you didn’t know discussions
    Married life and what you didn’t know
    And of course the gerbil story and other fetishes…

  7. I love the post title! I’ll head right over and check out the other post!

    Wait, do you know something I don’t know about platypuses and bras? Because I’m always up on learning something new about a slightly strange animal. And as I’m finishing the nursing of my third baby, the attempt to find a non-nursing bra that will lift these babies up to their rightful place (somewhere between my navel, where they want to be, and my neck, where I’d like them to be) is somewhat consuming.

    I don’t have any suggestions for topics. I find your stories about your mom fascinating, partly because I always find discussions about moms and daughters interesting and partly because I’m curious whether she’s ever been diagnosed with anything. (My mother-in-law was diagnosed as borderline personality, along with a few other things, and it’s such an interesting, nebulous diagnosis, I’m curious about other people’s experiences with it.) But I’ve only been reading for a few months, so most everything you write is new to me!

  8. So I commented on your guest post, and then realized that you someone convinced some of your readers to come read my blog! Still confused as to how you did it (I am mildly technologically challenged, so there’s probably something I’m missing) but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Going to celebrate with glasses of wine!

  9. Awwwww! I’m all warm and fuzzy after reading your guest post. I should get a cool drink and a new razor. But LOVELY post. And I dig her blog. And voted! As well!

    You’d think I could come up with a topic.. but it’s all I can do not to rip yours off as it is. 🙂 I got nothin’ today!

  10. Loved it! I’ve been following you ever since I read a comment of yours on Wishing4One’s blog about a year ago. I liked this guest post b/c it re-introduced me to you. You have my votes!

  11. it puts the guest post on the internets… omg.. I’m pissing myself laughing over here…. can’t wait to read the guest post!! – heading there now!! 😀

  12. OMG, I nearly died laughing when I read your title! Brilliant. Your guest post was fab, I loved the part when you had just started your blog and were looking for followers! I have just started my blog, after also following infertility and loss blogs for MONTHS! I will admit that I whore my blog on Facebook – the only problem with that is, although your stat counter goes up, I’m not so sure I want all those IRL friends reading about how I only shave my legs when I’m feeling like I need some good’ole loving from the Con-man (DH). I will instead comment furiously on other blogs instead – well played!! 🙂

  13. The Greenskeepers made a song based on that line from “Silence of the Lambs,” and the video syncs the lyrics and the video clips so well. Here’s the YouTube link:

    It cracks me and my husband up. It is easily one of *the* best songs sung by a band pretending to be a cross-dressing murderer out there, hands down.

  14. I am one of the infertiles that hasn’t left you. You are most famous in the infertile blogosphere still, I always see “Aunt Becky” in many posts on fertile-ly challenged blogs. So how much does it cost for you to be a guest?

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