I’m full of The Cranky today, and I’m not really sure why specifically. It’s partially because I’ve reached the point in pregnancy (for me) when I turn from a reasonably cute pregnant lady to growing out of all of my clothes. It’s also because I can’t get around too easily with my gigantic boot, and it gets pretty frustrating.

Or maybe it’s just because I’m tired. It was a long weekend for Gimpy McCripple here.

So, help a sister out. What’s making YOU cranky today?

54 thoughts on “It Loves Company, After All.

  1. I’ve just returned from a really difficult week in Iowa going through my dad’s estate auction process. I’ve had two people today tell me that I look tired, and what is wrong with me am I sick? and the answer is NO! I’ve been crying and traveling and just dealing with so much pain from the loss of my dad that my face is swollen and I feel like I’ve lived a hundred years in the past few days. That is making me cranky and sad. Thanks, for letting me get that out.

  2. My goddamn cold… I cannot breath out of my nose, I cannt hear, my eyes are dry– my throat is scratchy and I am losing my voice.

    To much Fresh — freezing cold– air will do that to a person I geuss!!

  3. Oh Becky, you don’t know what kind of can of worms you just opened!
    I have been fighting w/my cell phone carrier for 2 weeks now because I can’t get the internet on my phone. I PAY FOR IT mind you, but can’t actually use it. So, today on my so-called lunch break, I went to their office to get to the bottom of this crap. I was told that they will ‘have to work on it’ for half an hour. So, 45 minutes later, I go back to pick it up. NOT DONE!!!! Was told another 2 hours. Meanwhile, for my ‘convenience’ they gave me a loaner phone, a relic from circa Miami Vice era.

    Did I mention that 3 of my coworkers are now on maternity leave? This is getting RIDICULOUS! This place doesn’t believe in temp help, and it is pissing me off!
    Thank you for the opportunity to vent Becky!

  4. Taking care of all of hubby’s shit. I swear if that man didn’t have me he would lay on the couch in his underwear and watch Iron Man over and over.

  5. Ahh, you already know what’s got me bitching today, since you already stopped by my house.

    Just thinking about being pregnant makes me cranky, so I really feel for ya! Buck up, Becky. Your hormones will switch you to the too-stupid-to-care self-protection phase soon enough! I think I hit that around seven months.

  6. I am so sick of hearing about this presidential election. Why does it have to be about black and white? I swear, people who think they know everything know absolutely nothing! I hate ignorance!

  7. I went to the Dr this morning, and was told I don’t have strep throat. Just boogers in my throat. Nothing they can do, here’s some antihistamine to dry it up. Grrr! Why do I even bother?

    And, having girls is the SHIT! You’re gonna love it!!

  8. wow, what a lot of grey skies around here. I am happy today because I am no longer chained to the porcelain goddess, no longer feverish and shaking with chills like I was all weekend. Yay!

  9. Well, I was going to say “I’m cranky because I just found out that my new-to-me car with less than 70k miles on it needs a new transmission to the tune of $6,000.”

    But then I read Jamie’s comment (#1) and now I just want to say, I’m so, so sorry.

  10. the lady in the office in front of me. Darling person, but always….so….god….danmed….fucking.,…..happy

    enough to make me vomit.

    STOP being so fucking nice….it’s not natural.

    thanks for letting me vent.

  11. My new dog digging a million holes in the neighbor’s yard and then our own.

    My three year old kicking and screaming and holding in all his poop.

    Um, nothing new here, same old shit. I suppose I’m always cranky.

  12. Daylight Savings Time. Its not till next week you say? Tell that to stack of servers in the next room. Ive been trying to all morning.

  13. It’s so whiny compared to you, I almost don’t want to bother. But you asked!

    — Is 4 the new 2? I’m considering a post on this even though I’m not a mom-blog per se. 4 = 2 tantrum x 2 velocity.
    — There’s a guy coming to template the new counter tomorrow a.m., 7:30 a.m., and they’re right now — 4:30 p.m., still assembling the island in my kitchen.
    –I still have to hem a little mermaid costume by Friday.
    — reading Jamie’s #1 post. Jamie, I’m really sorry. My mom has been telling me the same thing for the last 18 mos., and I always look at her like she’s on crack. Seriously, how ARE you supposed to look, anyway? Hang in.

  14. People who stand around and stare at me like I can pull whatever it is they’re looking for – the stuff I just got done telling them I didn’t have nor could I get – and expect me to pull said crap out of mid-air or from behind my ear or whatever more unsavory place I can think of. ‘Twas a long short day…

  15. It’s Monday, it’s cold and dreary and the weather probably won’t improve until about April. I’m tired, yet I have to go to my second job, which I don’t really enjoy, in less than 2 hours. There’s nothing in the house I want to eat for dinner. Also, American Express keeps sending me junk mail about subscribing to this or that magazine – Food and Wine – this is the only whining I’m capable of doing, I only got their card because the ‘first year’ there’s no fee (they don’t know there isn’t going to be a second year) and they gave me 50,000 free airline points.
    Well, at least I’m not a pregnant gimp, I must remember to be thankful for small things like that. If you and the Daver decide to have a 4th kid, perhaps you could hire a surrogate!

  16. Can you say Pandora’s box? Let’s see. I just returned from an appointment with the OB to get the old IUD pulled, and am now scheduled for my Very! First! Mammogram! HOORAY. Oh, and her way of complimenting my hours, hours, hours of sweat and tears at the gym? “Have you lost tons of weight? Are you sick or something? Is everything okay?”

    Fucking rotten day. Rotten, I say.

  17. My job and the fact that I can’t get the partner to look at what I need him to look at which means after sitting here all day doing almost nothing I will likely be stuck here late. Ugh.

  18. Quite unbelievably, nothing in the world is making me cranky today. And may I say that I wish all the days were like this?
    But Becky- I feel for you, honey. You’re hoeing a long, hard row right now.

  19. * My 4yo has decided he no longer wants to use the toilet. Peeing in his underwear is fine by him.

    * My dogs are breaking multiple holes in the backyard fence daily so they can cavort around the neighborhood and I can’t afford to get a new fence built right now. Plywood fixes will have to do for now.

  20. My crackhead neighbors. For two weeks they’ve been thumping non stop, and today they just got on my last freakin nerve and I got the hammer out and started hammering imaginary nails.

  21. Okay so this new boy in my daycare. All he has been doing is trying to manipulate me into doing what he wants when he wants. It isn’t working so he spends the day crying while I ignore his behavior. Yeah that got old real quick. Oh and he is 4 so he knows better.

    Other then that he is polite and sweet when he wants to be.

  22. My man! His family is coming down this weekend…I’m crippled and can’t do an effin’ thing for myself and his family is coming to stay in my MESSY house!

  23. My kidney infection.
    The upset tummy from my antibiotic.
    My tingly feet from my antibiotic.
    My Dr (who did take me off the antibiotic) who neglects to call me back when I need it.

  24. The appraisal guy made me cranky today!! I may have boobs, I AM certainly a woman, but DO NOT talk down to me when describing what the eff a title is. I am not an idiot you jackass!!

    Thanks for that – I feel better now….almost.

  25. Oh yay! It makes me happy to crank. Ah, the irony.

    I’m fucking freezing because my stupid ass kept my husband from turning on the heat last week, arguing that we could just wear more sweaters and now he has bought into the hype and won’t let me turn the heat on. I. am. so. fucking. cold.

  26. Many, many things, but mostly that my husband is fighting me about starting to try for another baby, and then the fact that my kids were so annoying today that now I don’t want another baby myself (but don’t tell him, OK?)

  27. The fact that my less than 2 year old car has RUST on it.

    My messy house.

    The dog that keeps farting 2 feet away from me.

    on the other hand…

    The boy took his first step today. YAY! (you know… because he’s ONLY 14 months)

  28. The crabbiness is neverending here…my kids and husband, making messes in my previously cleaned house, coming home from work and getting a call on the way home that Alex is still at school, 20 min. after it is over, because T forgot to pick him up, even though he had a text from me, and a message from the office at his school to remember. The fact that they think EVERYTHING is funny-especially me bitching them out about something…they are laughing the whole time because they can’t stop. I just wanna MAKE THEM CRY now, dammit. Overdue bills. etc.

  29. I’ve missed you! I need to get caught up but I think about you lots even when I’m not around. xoxo
    Everyone in my house is sick. That makes me cranky.

  30. Today, my daughter threw up her breakfast, so that doesn’t make me too happy. She made it to the bathroom after one small splat in the living room which managed to hit the couch, two pillows and the carpet. Now I will become a complusive handwasher in hopes that she doesn’t pass it to me.

  31. I have the largest non-migraine headache in the world. My eyes are about to pop and my brain is slowly leaking out of the edges of my eyes. Seriously, I’d rather just die.

  32. Bed rest… it’s been 4.5 weeks and let me tell you, I am FULL of the cranky. Add to the fact that I look like the goodyear blimp I’m so swollen (damn preeclampsia), my blood pressure is through the roof and I’ve been vomiting profusely for the past two days and yeah…I’m quite miserable.

    Hang in there girl, I feel your pain!

  33. Being awakened early after a late night by a ringing phone and the angry discourse between the caller and my husband which led to a vehement outburst when the call was finished and my getting up an hour or two before I would have liked to assuage his ire before he did something stupid like quit his job. Sigh.

    What has un-cranked me? I’m making chicken soup from scratch. It’s cheaper than therapy, anyway.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who hopes you feel better soon)

  34. Hmm…let’s see. Teething babies. My bastard form employers. The shitty severance package they offered me. My dirty house. My chipped toenail polish. My currently sober state. I really could go on and on.

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