As bloggers, we have an open line to our readers which is part of the reason that the old media is having such a hard time keeping up with us. Bloggers have had to learn on our feet about what works and what doesn’t work. What brings readers in and what makes them stay. Likewise, we’ve had great ideas that have bombed and left us scratching our heads wondering what. the. fuck?

It’s the lack of editors, the lack of middlemen, the direct link to our friends that have made blogging and bloggers succeed where newspapers and magazines are failing. You’re not reading about the blood and guts behind the blank-eyed newspaper columnist’s life–not because she doesn’t have one, or because she doesn’t want to write about it–but because that’s not what they do over there.

But that is what we do.

Without filters in place, you get our blood, sweat and tears. It’s what binds us together as people and it’s why we connect with each other. Most of the time, I happen to think, it’s a good thing, and sometimes, it’s a very bad thing. No one wants to be attacked at the core of what we are. Personal attacks always hurt, no matter how much we say, “aw, it ain’t no thing.”

I don’t think there’s any shame in saying that it hurts when an Internet Mole Person (a.k.a. A Troll) calls you a bitch, or a fucking bitch or says this:

I donโ€™t know how I stumbled on your blog, but it seemed interesting in the early days. This post is crap, grow up, get a life like the rest of us did.

That’s a comment I got. I don’t get a lot of nasty comments, and for the record, the post was badly written, but, as I pointed out to this person, “Someone who spent 29 hours on my blog should hardly tell be telling me to get a life.”

IP addresses, I love you.

There are other dark sides of the Internet, which I was reminded of this morning, when I woke up to an inbox stuffed full of messages telling me that my Mother’s Day post from this year had been stolen by a notorious blog plagiarizer. She changed the date so it “aired” the day before, but I have a screenshot showing that it did not actually do so.

I am only linking to her so that you may see if your material has been jacked too. I hate to give her any more traffic than she deserves. She had another blog, which also stole that same post, a post that was particularly meaningful to me, but she locked it down. Both sites creepily have different children as her own.

The mind that goes on behind running a fake blog composed of other people’s work is very fucked up, indeed, and while I am furious because while I reported her to Google for violation of Terms of Service and went on a Twitter Rampage of Doom, there’s not much I can do.

The bright side of this is how awesome my Band of Merry Fucking Pranksters are. Just look!

I about passed out laughing. You guys are fucking amazing. Seriously. I love you all SO MUCH.

All of the comments on that blog are from people bitching her out for stealing their posts, so clearly, it’s not just me.

This, to me, is the best part about the blog world. There may not be much we can do about stuff like this; I mean, MAYBE Google will shut her down, but I doubt it, but we all rally around each other when things are bullshit. And this, Pranksters, is BULLSHIT.

What’s interesting is that the new group blog that I’m working so hard to create this week is a site based around the concept of rallying around each other. It’s clearly what we do best and it’s one of those things we all like to do. Hell, I prefer feeling useful to feeling like I’m just sitting around taking up space.

It’s SO close to being done and I’m itching to show it off like you cannot believe, because I think all of you will want to be a part of it. I’ve been gathering material from some places so it has some stuff in it already, but when it opens, you can use anything you’ve written or anything you will write in there.

So rather than focus on the plagiarizer and the negativity she’s spreading around today, I’m going to focus on the good things:

The new blog I’m working on. The hilariousness of Mushroom Printing. How fucking awesome my Pranksters are and how blessed I am to have you all. And how odd it is that I am Number 9 on this list.

And, of course, bacon.


Since I am working on a site, I have a quick question for you. That Google Friend Connect box on the sidebar:

That is a picture, not the box itself, yo.

Do you guys like these on a site? Should I put it on my new site? I added a poll!

Google Friend Connect Box, Yay or HELL No.

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161 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. People are dumb. They think they are smart but really they are just jealous that they can never compare to the Awesomness of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ And guess what! Your up to number 8! Heather Spohr is Number 3. you guys rock!

  2. I went to her blogs when you posted the link on twitter…. she is pathetic…stealing peoples words, lives, children’s pictures and stories! Its beyond stupid! Don’t Mess with Aunt Becky!

  3. I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

    Once I get past the anger towards someone who would do this, I just feel sad for them, because they are so pathetic that they will never know what it’s like to write a real post, from the heart, and what it feels like to have made a true connection with readers. They’ll never know what that genuine relationship means.

    Lame and sad.

    Again…so sorry you even had to be bothered with this.

  4. Hate, hate, HATE the Google Friend Connect box. It just oozes of high school cliques and middle school taunting. No! I don’t know why I feel that way but I do – so there!

    And thank goodness I don’t write well enough for someone to want to plagiarizer me ’cause I’d be calling on my “trained killer” mode (Why yes! I *was* in the Army) and taking down some slimy mommy blogger.

  5. Shut the Front Door! I remember reading that exact post on Mother’s Day on YOUR blog. As much as I don’t want to page through her crap (that isn’t her crap…will it be like shopping at a pawn shop?) I feel like I should.

  6. I am still SEETHING over the fact that she even copied “Pranksters” into “her” post. What a fucking unoriginal bitch. She deserves a fucking boot to the face. Hard.

    And did she not read your copyright at the bottom of the blog? “Stealing gives you herpes” I hope she and her new disease are very very happy together.

  7. Dont worry hon…… we got your back and anyone elses back who got stolen from by this asshag bitch lying THIEF!!
    YOU ROCK!! She sucks.

  8. Ha I’m totally in your fucking Google Friend connect box with my weird blue face! I think I need a new picture. So proud to be forever frozen in time in your blog. I think I’ll steal this post because of it.

  9. I have reblogged stuff before, but I have always noted that I did not write it and provided the link to the original post. I’ve never asked if the author minded, maybe I should??

  10. We got your back Aunt Becky! Your my favoritest Aunt (I can say that. I only have one, quite gay uncle). Chick is obviously a total low life. I figure she will shut that site down and move on to another by days end. Creepy, creepy.

    GFC box, I vote yes. I don’t often use a proper reader because I prefer to come to a blog physically and get the whole experience and not just the blah page a reader gives. Anyway, that to say, I have you in my Google dashboard and without GFC, you don’t pop up. Boo.

  11. Go get ’em girl. I am glad you have the balls to not only stick up for yourself but to call people out. โ€œSomeone who spent 29 hours on my blog should hardly tell be telling me to get a life.โ€ LMFAO I <3 you, keep on being awesome.

    1. I sent that in an email to the person in question, because this was before I had threaded comments, but seriously, it was like the second post on my blog. Uh. Okay. Glad you hate what I write. Move along, then.

  12. Well said Aunt Becky!! I cannot BA LEEEEVE this bitch!!!! And I love how on one of the blogs in the “about me” section it says, “I hate liars.” OMG. OMG.

    Let’s burn this bitch!!!

  13. As a professor, I deal with plagiarizing shit-fucks way too often. It’s the rape of the literary world. There’s nothing really more grave and dreadful to a writer to see your blood/sweat/tears, or even light-hearted ramblings, being taken from you and claimed by some lazy ass attention whore. (I’m desperately trying to tone down my language here for the comment section of another blogger, but it’s not working) Anyhow, you already see the evidence of what almost all bloggers think of these plagiarizing bags of mule shit. We hate these people, and I’m glad to know that other writers/bloggers/academics aren’t afraid to expose plagiarizers for the cock brains they truly are.

    Thank you for bringing this particular case to our attention. Your readers (of the material you actually write) appreciate it.

    1. EDIT: That last part sounds a bit wrong as I re-read it: “Your readers (of the material you actually write) appreciate it.”

      I’m meaning to say that we appreciate the hard work and writing of someone like you, who genuinely writes their own material.

    2. You can always tone UP the language here. We appreciate colorful language, me especially. I laughed my ass off at this comment because it’s fucking true. We don’t have much recourse except being Furious George about it, and I promise tomorrow, there will be a SHITSTORM in the blogworld about this.

      You don’t fuck with other bloggers, and she fucked with a ton of them. Her whole site is copied, apparently down to the header, about page, and all the content.

      1. OMG!!!
        Maybe she was just proving she could – didn’t some okey write a song YEARS back that was made up of one-liners (or words that had no apparent link)? Clearly I wasn’t paying attention.

        How sad, though… really. I, personally, want real people reading my blog, thanks, and real comments, and real thoughts, and don’t want to follow a … erm… prank (for lack of a better word, and I grovel in appology for having to hijack half your member-reference).

  14. I was waiting–anxiously–for a post about this. I honestly can’t believe people DO that! What is the point? I imagine that person is just sitting back laughing at all of us who are so pissed off. The only thing to do is have the site shut down so hopefully that will happe soon.

    The good news is, everyone now knows she’s a crock.


  15. Least she could’ve done was changed a few words here and there… or even a good ole “Aunt Becky put it best when she wrote this:” kind of thing. What a waste of air this one is.

  16. YOU ROCK SO HARD IT HURTS!!!! I’m not only inspired by you, but everyone that went to that site to call bullshit on that woman. As a blogger, I put my guts out there. And if someone stole my own personal story – as I know YOU blog so deeply about your personal stories and hardships – I would want to punch them in the face.

    You’ve made my day.

  17. I hated giving her traffic, but every single one of her posts was stolen. And backdated. And no comments.

    How weird. I don’t think it’s areal person. I think the pix of the kids is stolen, too.

    It’s just so weird…

  18. I am sorry that happened, and I was BUSY when I saw that tweet, but reading the comment section on the first post it looks like everything on the blog is taken from someone else’s. Even the bio.

    It’s probably a 400lb hairy naked guy. Copy paste repeat.

  19. I’m sorry. People who steal are one thing, but people who steal and know that they’re going to get caught but do it anyway? Seriously fucked up.

  20. You would think that most people would abide by the “if you don’t have anything nice to say” rule, but apparently not everyone has heard of this? I think this commenter needs a Shut Your Whore Mouth Tshirt directed her way.

    I like your blog. And don’t ever “grow up”. We need you here.

  21. But what’s so funny/sad/stupid/pick your favorite adjective is that not one of ‘her’ posts are original, and ‘she’ doesn’t bother to maintain a coherent name or storyline. In one she’s Grace, for heaven’s sake.

    Why anyone would go to so much trouble to create a Frankenblog is beyond me, but I know there are some messed-up people out there who enjoy creating drama for themselves and others. Or who just want to piss people off.

    I’m thinking the author is a sad manchild in his crappy room that smells vaguely of multiple sad ejaculations who hates women and decided that this is how he’ll get back at all of them. ALL.

  22. Yeah, totally. It’s so much easier to write a fake blog full of your own work. Much less surfing of the interwebs. Though, everything I write is true. But it seems like it’d be easier to write about a fake family than have to constantly edit other people’s posts to make it your own. Though… I must say, this chippie doesn’t do that very well. I mean, she left in “CROTCH PARASITES”. I mean who else even SAYS that buy you. So she’s not just a thieving thief, she’s also just plain dumb.


  23. You are all sorts of awesome, so it doesn’t surprise me that some creepy person wants to be just like you.

    But to try to frame the person they are stealing from for stealing?

    Holy Hedy …. (Single White Female??? …. )


  24. What a dumb ass she was for stealing content- especially from a blog as popular as yours.

    And HELL YES for Google Connect! It’s the best way for me to stay up to date with most blogs!

  25. Ok, I’m new to the blogging thing and this mortifies me. I know there’s a dark side, but this is pretty twisted and very creepy. Kudos to you for calling this out. As a community, self policing and promoting those who do blog with integrity is really all we have. I think. I Wonder what the motivation for this possibly was. (Shuddering)

  26. I find it appalling that she plagiarizes content… but even more so that she steals families to parade as her own. I can only assume that those children do not belong to the woman who “writes” the blogs. And I shudder to think of what it would feel like to find my face being stolen for someone’s blog. Grrr.

  27. I saw your tweets today, and several others and it seems that the three websites that were marked thieves today all have the same damn tag line. I have a hard enough time coming up with original stuff to write, I sure don’t need someone stealing mine and passing it off as theirs. Of course, nobody knows about me YET, so I’m sure it’s not much of an issue.

  28. Saw the post, and the others she stole. What a cuntbag, and I HATE that word. But fits for her. Or him. Whoever os behind the iron blog curtain over there. Tried to vote but my phone won’t let me. I like GFC because (when it’s working) it adds posts to my reader and I’m lazy.

  29. I skimmed over “her” blog. Now I feel dirty.

    You do know those people who leave nasty and hurtful comments do it only because they are jealous and/or feel threatened by you. Right? They are pathetic and their motives are transparent.

  30. Well, for what it’s worth, I went and looked at her other posts, and found a post from a blog I read that I know she must have stolen from somewhere else! That’s just unbelieveable. I just emailed the writer to let her know. Integrity is everything, isn’t it?

    Great post. Sorry you had to write it.

    1. She’s stolen posts from The Bloggess, Tanis @ Redneck Mommy and a number of other bloggers. Her whole blog is stolen material. She has three of them; all stolen material. One is now “invite only,” but these are open.

      Nice that we can’t do anything about it besides harass her and Google. Hope they do the right thing.

  31. Unbelievable. Words, they are failing me. I can’t think of a phrase angry enough, strong enough, disgusted enough…DISAPPOINTED enough, even, to convey what this person did. I can only assume there is some sort of mental illness at work, or some sort of con game she (do we even know it’s a she? Everything is suspect!) is trying to pull off for the benefit of people in her immediate circle. God knows why; it’s not like bloggers make millions.

    I want to say that it’s some sort of joke, or a social experiment, but there is far, far too much time and effort put into the site for that to be plausible. I don’t know. The outrage is wearing off, and now I’m just sad. Sad that someone would feel they are so untalented, so hopeless, so uninteresting, so insignificant, that they think they must patch together a life stolen from the shadows of others’ struggles and triumphs to call her own on the internet. Sad, furthermore, that even if the blog is shut down, she’ll probably just start another one.

    1. No fucking way. She told you she was INNOCENT? This person won’t respond. She locked one of her blogs, left one to rot, and this one stands. I’m sure she appreciates the traffic spike I gave her.


      What happened with your blog?

  32. I’m pretty sure that “Katie Pearson” is really some sad, ingrown 12 year old boy who’ll end up being a serial killer or something. Ugh. I stopped looking because it’s just bizarre, and sad, and….creepy. As Rage Against the Machine once said, “rally ’round the family with a pocket full of shells.” Which now sounds creepy, but I mean it lovingly. You get it.

  33. There is so much love from your Pranksters that the last time I saw so much humping was when hundreds of “Love Bugs” attacked my house. (While doing it, they look like two headed bugs, try explaining that to your kids) . Youโ€™ve also turned me on(?) to the talented A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING. I am addicted to her, as well.
    Positive News: Bacon Take-Down! In Chicago!

  34. I had my fun pointing out mizz plagiarist’s thieving lameness in her comments section, but I really wanted to address the troll comments YOU got. Seriously? This trout-faced bitch doesn’t like your blog, but she slogs her way through the posts just to tell YOU to grow up? What. The. Fuck? Waaaaaay too much time on her hands.

    Your blog helps me remember that being a mom is best done with humor, even when shit is heading south. Keep up the amazing work.

    1. I about died laughing when I got that comment. The post was called “Anal Clinic” and it was about getting a porno stolen. It was like the 2nd post I’d written and this person called it “naval grazing.”

      Isn’t blogging supposed to be naval grazing?

      1. And isn’t the phrase actually navel gazing? I don’t think you are grazing your navel…that would be a) tricky and b) kind of gross.

        I was wondering if this theif stole anyone’s posts calling him/her out for stealing content. Or are those posts not worth stealing? What a bitch.

  35. I saw the blog, too, after some twitter links yesterday and it just about made me sick that someone would be like this out there, absolutely sad, pathetic and ridiculous!

    You are WAY WAY cooler than she. If she even IS a she! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And hells yes to the GFC button for me, as it helps me follow quickly w/o having to dig around. But I’m cool w/ those who are anti. It’s your place, and your choice, no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Last night when all this was going down I did some snooping and looked at her code. It was then I knew the whole thing had been stolen. Even the name of the blog, the design, the header, and the about me. I am pretty sure the pictures as well. What I find amusing is all the time that was put into to cope and paste and make a few changed on the names in the posts, however, when looking at the link backs to supposed previous posts inside ones she copied went right to the person’s site she plagiarized.

  37. My worst fear is that someone will steal something I have written and get insanely rich from it. Not that my writing is so great or anything but people suck so bad sometimes don’t they?!?!?!?

    JEEZ-US! I am careful even if I just get inspiration from another blog for god’s sake! How do these people live with themselves???

  38. This seriously makes me want to vomit. First of—I can not imagine someone taking my words, my thoughts, my moments from me and pretending it is theirs. I mean what kind of human being are they? AND A MOTHER. Is that what she wants to teach her kids? (and I just commented that on her f’n blog and told her she is disgusting, and needs a swift kick in the ass). 2nd she has to be fucked up mentally. I might even venture to say she is NOT a mom or the ER nurse she claims to be, because obviously people that normally have those rolls also has a heart.

  39. i hated to give her the traffic, but she stole posts from A LOT of people. i love how a couple of the posts have updates about ‘best comment’ but there are no comments under the post….

    ….except for the posts that us pranksters and others who recognize the plagiarized work have left. i’m procrastinating and trying not to do actual work, so i read back quite a bit and left lots of comments about the stealing see you next tuesday.

  40. WTF!? Now that I’ve had a chance to go read her stuff, and all the comments from others whose blogs she’s jacked, I am so utterly confused. That is a very sick person, or just fucking weird.

  41. copying is the sincerest form of flattery- but a form only done by complete idiot losers.

    Hyperbole and a half had the same crap down to her. She has something like 10,000 followers that spammed the plagiarizer. That’s just funny. Except plaigarizers probably like the attention- negative or not.

  42. I saw the Twitter rampage and I totally agree with you; I’ve had this happen to me before and it is just a complete slap in the face.

    In other news by the end of the post I suddenly remembered I was going to try to come up with art for you and completely forgot.

    Do you still need art things? ><

  43. This happened to me last week when someone posted my Always letter as her own. Then once I called her on it, she changed her post to say it was written by “anonymous.” Oy.

  44. Just when I think something is wrong with me I am introduced to someone like blog stealer and I realize….I’m really not that crazy and I’m pretty much a decent person!!!!

  45. Unbelievable…I left a comment over there because it’s really just sad that she can’t use her own words. I mean, it’s not like she has a bunch of followers she has to keep entertained! Anyways, this post is awesome..I’m including it on my Saturday post as a favorite post of the week.

  46. I just honestly don’t get why people do this. What purpose does it serve? Are they so sick and twisted that it some how makes them feel good to steal content and have people bitch them out for it? There’s just something wrong with these people.

  47. What a douchebag moron. And yet she claims to hate “liars and hypocrites.” She must have some serious self-loathing going on. I think she needs intense therapy…and quite possibly a lobotomy. I bet she doesn’t even have children. At least, I hope not.

  48. Robot or not, I cannot wait for THIS post of yours to be stolen too & put up on the blog of shame with the link of accusation pointing directly at her/him/them.

    Of course it does not make any sense.

    I can’t help but wonder, how many small bloggers have been violated by this person for every top blogger who was alerted of the fraud?

    As another Prankster wrote above, it comforts me in my choice not to post pictures of my family.

    Way to give a beating, Aunt Becky!!!! (Oh and Twitter rocks!)

  49. Pranksters RULE! Damn. There’s a rash of plagiarism going around and now I realize that the thieves musta caught herpes from stealing your work! She done gone an messed wi’ the wronnnnngggg person this time, though.

    Hot damn. NOBODY messes with Aunty Becky. Or her Pranksters.

  50. In honor of *Katie Pearson*, aka
    The Internets has decided to offer an “EVERYTHING’S FREE DAY!!!” on September 12, 2010. HOORAY FREE!!! For that very special 24 hour period, whatever you find online is yours to keep and/or profit from. The Grand Lords of the Internets cannot say it any clearer: whatever you find, you become the sole owner!!!. For further details regarding staking a claim on stuff you find, go here: -OR- here:

  51. By the way, she probably thinks she gets away with it because she says “Posted by” rather than “by” or “written by”. Very weak. And bullshit. And I’d like to stab her in the eye.

  52. Holy. Crap.
    I just… I really can’t believe someone would plagiarize like that. I mean, it’s such blatant douchebaggery stealing that part of me wonders if the site is actually part of some study examining how bloggers respond to intellectual property theft or something. Is there ANY possibility that we’re going to learn the whole thing is some psychological experiment?
    Fuck. I feel gross just going to that site to look at it. So sorry you had to deal with such ugliness, Aunt Becky.
    Stuff like this makes me want to stop blogging. Seriously sick to my stomach.

    1. DP, that is exactly what came to mind the second I saw this.
      I can’t imagine having balls made of that much steel, especially considering the wild popularity of the victims.
      On a more positive note, my lack of good grammar, spelling and entertaining content makes me immune to this type of theft.
      No one wants my poorly penned drivel.

  53. On the bright side, both things sighted in your post work against each other… either your crap, in which the plagiarizer has no taste or you’re awesome enough that you’re shit gets stolen and thus the rude commenter hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

    I’m going for the latter, because I think you are the awesomest of the awesome-fries. Why fries? I don’t know, although on that note, they do sound delicious.

    Love you, Aunt Becky…write hard. ๐Ÿ˜€


  54. Dear Aunt Becky,

    You rock it big time. I’d spam you this, but I don’t want to make you cross and happy all at the same time. Sometimes that is just messy.


    karen (will read you ANYDAY!!!! Cuz it makes my EVERYDAY!!!!)

  55. Who does this? Seriously? I didn’t go to the the blog. Can’t bare to give her another hit. But really? She’s been doing this for a while and she leaves the the comments section not only UP, but with all the messages calling her out? I seriously don’t understand what one gets out of doing this.

    You know what? I don’t want to. If I ever start understanding someone please put me down!

    Hang tough Aunt Beckykins! Clearly, we love you!

  56. This just creeps me the fuck out. I try to pretend this doesn’t happen, but every once in awhile, you hear about it. I’ve never tagged my photos or anything, but that’s my worst nightmare… seeing my kids’ faces on someone else’s site. I’m going to go crawl under a rock again now and pretend this never happens.

  57. Are you fucking kidding me?! I had someone do that with one of my research papers one time. I worked for 13 hours just editing it, and it took me going all the way to the President of the university and showing him the multiple drafts saved in various locations on my laptop to get my A+ that I rightfully earned back! That dumb ass got kicked out of our $40,000 a year private university with withdrawl fails in all the classes that semester and lost her money. Too bad shit like that can’t occur on a blog!

  58. I saw that shit storm brewing last night, and ever since I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell they were hoping to accomplish. I mean, sure borrowing/plagiarism is one thing (one really sad, pathetic thing) but you can’t tell me that they ever expected to get away with it. They borrowed from some of the most popular mommy blogs out there. Seems to me that if you actually didn’t want to write your own posts, and wanted to get away with it, you would ‘borrow’ from lesser-known bloggers, you know ones that didn’t have gabillions of readers.
    So what the hell? Is it just a call for attention? The blog has only been around since Sept of last year, but I wonder when the content was added. It’s just really weird to me.

  59. First, before I talk about the disturbia that is this woman or more like obese man in a thong dripping cheese whiz on his laptop as he scours the internet for good material to plagiarize, I have to point out that the first part of your post is brilliant. It gets forgotten in the shock of what happened to you, but it’s such a great take on this machine that has become blog world. Coming from the world of newspaper journalism, a rapidly dying art, I completely agree with your take.

    And now, WTF!!! I find plagiarism like that not only abominable, but kind of scary. If you feel the need to make shit up, like a FAMILY and copy other people’s words, you are one disturbed human being. No matter how much light there is in blogging, there is this dark, creepy side too. After all, what better place to hide than behind a computer screen. What a douche. I’m glad your pranksters have your back. Was there any doubt?

  60. She’s an idiot.

    I don’t understand the Google Friend Connect box. I mean, I understand your question. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the connect thingy, so I ignore it. I didn’t vote since I don’t grasp the box.

  61. Aside from the obvious “Holy FUCK, how does she sleep at night, being such an ASSHOLE?” thing, there are two other things that REALLY bug me about her version of your post.

    1) At the beginning she changed “a third” to “2 thirds” – she’s claiming she’s been a mother for two thirds of her life and her oldest (supposedly) is 7… so that makes her what? About 9? Jesus.

    2) She changed “my babies” to “my pranksters” – I mean, come the fuck on. Does anyone else in the blogiverse call their ‘followers’ pranksters? And does ANYONE call their kids that? Gah.

    She took stupidity to a whole new level. The only thing on her whole site that made any sense was “Talk to me or about me, either way I’ve got your attention.” OBVIOUSLY. Dumbass.

  62. How do you steal pictures of SOMEONE ELSE’S KIDS???? What a perv. I can’t believe I gave her site another hit, but trainwreck mentality I guess. Also, I find it interesting that the commenter told you to “grow up like the rest of us.” Because clearly grown up behavior is defined as the ability to not hold one’s tongue and offer unsolicited advice. That isn’t called growing up, it’s called being my grandmother.

  63. Hi Becky, I’ve started reading your blog lately because you are so real and original and I feel like you could be sitting right across from me with my friends and fit right in and keep us in stitches. I feel badly that you receive such hateful comments, so I felt compelled to comment only to let you know that you brighten the day of someone who wouldn’t otherwise comment, because I don’t really have much impact to impart, I just enjoy your stuff. But I wanted you to know you have fans that don’t always comment, and you are really great, please ignore the haters and keep the good stuff coming!

  64. Hmmmmm… I looked at this POS blog and I can’t figure out why anyone would do that… I mean, is this some kind of homework assignment that you have to turn in a blog post? If this person/troll is just trying to get readers to the site, okay, mission accomplished. But what for? I thought there would be mad ads on the site or something so there would be a motive for generating the traffic. I dunno. *scratches head*. I think it may just be some sick fuck who gets jollies out of pissing people off. I don’t think there is any single mom of 3 boys. I’m sure it is someone’s family stolen of the ‘net too. Wow. Just pathetic really.

  65. First, I also HATE Google Connect box. Elitism is the word coming to mind although I can’t really explain why. I. Just. Don’t. Like. It.

    Anyway, this plagiarism case really stunned me, it’s surprising what you can get away with. Since in Estonia we have only about million people and maybe tenth of them only blog, it’s not really common around here to steal content. We have our own troubles in blogworld, oh yeah, like “yellow blogs” which make up stories about well-known bloggers and present them as truth (I, for example, am Estonian greatest prostitute, drug dealer and cat torturer in this said blog).

    I hope that reporting this blogger helps, but in Estonia, even going to court doesn’t always help. It depends on us, the readers – if we don’t read these kinds of blogs, then they don’t flourish. All this traffic is giving said blogger definitely miniorgasms.

    And the fact that she supposedly has seven (in one blog) and three (in other blog) different children is not only creepy but WAY DISTRUBING. What the hell is wrong with this woman? Is she a woman at all?

  66. You know… if you really love a post that someone else wrote that much, and it prefectly describes everything you feel, why not just link to it and say as much… or… copy and paste (as done) and give all credit to the Original Author, with a link to their post so your readers can enjoy more of the Original Authors wit/ thoughts/ emotive writings…

    PS – I feel the same way about my Bunny, and I’ve been a mother for ALL of HER LIFE!!! Take that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I just had a close situation with plagiarism myself. Few days ago I discovered that some young girl had took the first chapter of my just published book and put it in her blog and claimed it as her own. I wrote to admins of the page where this blog was (it is well-known social network in Estonia called and just now I got notice that this text is taken down.

    So sometimes reporting helps, but I don’t know if it helps with this big network called Google. But I hope it does.

    I also am waiting for formal invite addressed to all Pranksters to start a war. I would totally enlist.

  68. I thought those were someone else’s kids in her sidebar!

    Creepy, creepy. And she doesn’t even have ads, right? WTF is the point, other than being creepy?

  69. How does this “person” get away with stealing? Just the volume of “stolen” content is amazing. I wonder if the pictures are really “her” kids. Nothing else is real. If it were not so aggrivating, it would be pathetic. Shit on her!

  70. Aunt Becky,

    All I can say is that this woman is the lowest form of humanity. Outright stealing of another persons work is unforgivable. And she had better inform her partners about her raging case of herpes.

  71. Wha.. but why.. I don’t..eugh.

    I’m not sure if I would be more angry or more scared of her, for her… I don’t know.
    Maybe she is actually mentally ill or delusional or something sad like that?

  72. OMG!!! That person whoever he/she is must be so disturbed…the voices probably told her to do it..damn they need medication! Someone could turn this into a Lifetime

  73. Wow. They say that imitation is a form of flattery, but pretending to be A LOT of other people? I think that’s insanity. I can’t even imagine how it feels to have someone do this to you when you clearly value your writing so much (and so do we). Sorry. And I got yer back, too. Sign me up!

  74. I hope she gets herpes of the eye! That would ROCK!

    Did you tell her to shut her whore mouth? Because that would have been totally appropriate in this situation. If you ever meet up with her, you should break her whore fingers so she can’t type, oh excuse me, I mean she can’t copy and paste any more.

  75. I wrote about this incident in my blog and asked my readers, if anybody has had similar experiences. Turns out, this kind of shit is really common. One reader said that her post was stolen and when she asked the thief why she did it, she answered: “I never thought you will find out.” I guess that explains a lot: they never actually DO think people will find out.

  76. Yeah- the plagiarism rampage on twitter was awesome.
    And the pictures of the kids totally creeps me out.
    I’m a little in shock that anyone would actually DO THIS!
    You rock. People love you.

    PS- I hate the Google friend connect box. But I’m a weirdo.

  77. worried this is criminal. like how do we know this is a chick or a mom? maybe it’s just some fucking creeper stealing great stuff to draw other women in and get their email addresses, blogs, etc. it’s fucking scary is what it is.

  78. worried this is criminal. like how do we know this is a chick or a mom? maybe itโ€™s just some fucking creeper stealing great stuff to draw other women in and get their email addresses, blogs, etc. itโ€™s fucking scary is what it is.

  79. Aunt Becky, if you google the first sentence of your m’day post and put it in ” ” marks there are two more copies out there on the www
    not sure if you knew or not…

  80. Natalie (Mommy of a Monster) sent me here because this was one of her fav posts from the week. It is really awesome the bond bloggers have and how we stick together when crap like that happens. It still is infuriating, though!

  81. Google/Blogger has done the right thing and shut ‘er down–I can’t speak for her/his/its other blogs, but the one you linked to is no longer part of teh internets. It makes you wonder how many other fake blogs like this are out there stealing our souls…

  82. Here via Mommy of a Monster – I honestly can’t believe someone stole your work. Now I’m scared! But you’re right, for the most part, we are surrounded by good and wonderful people, many of whom I call friends. Great post and glad to have found you.

  83. Shit! I miss a butt-ton when the freaking internet goes down! I tried to go to the bitchs page… its no longer there.. Which Im thinking is way fucking overdue! Thankfully, Pranksters saw it, and let you know.. But seriously, WTF??? Trying to make yourself look good by stealing from THE AWESOME, is stupid. And herpes? I am hoping for something way more painful, that makes the girl (guy?) parts rot off…. cause… obviously!
    She (it) was on your blog only 29 hours? (lets not even think about how many I spend here!)What the hell gives her the right to say anything to you? She needs to crawl back under the rock she (it) came out from! —-I think I am done with my rant now… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aunt Becky, you rock!
    All Pranksters-you are awesome!

    ps. I LOVE Band Back Together… I can see lots of tears in my future there..

      1. Thank you! I was curious to see what she had put together, in all of her incredible stupidity…. Thinking smart, taking those screenshots… I dont think I would have been rational enough at that moment to think of it. I would have been so incredibly pissed off. But then, my blog isnt in danger! Its just random thoughts that i think to put down every so often. Not often enough.

  84. Oh, my! I am getting in on this late, but she stole my stuff, too. I will complain to Blogger, too. Who does this?

    But, it’s kinda cool to be in your company. I’ve heard your name round the ‘hood! :+)

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