…today, I will send you to Band Back Together, where we’ve compiled stories about the ten year anniversary of September 11, 2001. You’ll see perspectives from everyone from those who were physically there watching life lost to those who were giving birth to a new life. You’ll even find my story among them.

We’re all answering one simple question: “where were you?”

I hope you’ll join us.

We’re Banding Together for 9/11.

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  1. I was at work listening to Howard Stern, because I knew they were “there” and knew what was really happening. My kids were in school and i remember thinking “do I go get them?” I figured they were as safe there as they would be anywhere, so I left them. In the days that followed I didn’t want them to watch TV, so we just watched cartoons and “Leave it to Beaver.” I couldn’t take the news coverage anymore.

  2. As boring as this sounds I was bringing my two year old for his first pair of shoes and his first hair cut. The first tower fell while we were in the shoe store. It was horrible to watch and I hate that I was shopping and such while this tragedy was occuring.

  3. I haven’t posted to Band Together yet, but I did want to share the piece I worked on with my brother (I live in Alaska and he is in a prison cell in the lower-48 and we blog together). This post had a lot of meaning to us, as my husband and the majority of our friends are soldiers in the Army. We remember those who went to work that day, unsuspectingly, and the way our country was affected afterward.


  4. I was on an airplane with my now husband and our son. We were heading to Hawaii to get married when the plane was delayed on the runway. The flight attendent reported what was happening and we had to evacuate the plane and then the airport. It was surreal to say the least. What a horrible, horrible tradgedy.

  5. I was sleeping. I live on the West Coast and it was early in the morning. My husband woke me up to tell me that ‘terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre’. I said, “That was years ago. Why are you waking me to tell me?!” He said, “No. Again. They brought the both right down.” I believe I said, “Oh. Well, they’ll still be down when I wake up and I’m sure the news coverage will be on for days. Bugger off and let me sleep.” And I went back to sleep.

    I just couldn’t imagine the sheer horror of it in my sleep-addled brain. Also, I’m not American, so those towers didn’t have the same significance to me. It was no different to me than any other terrorist attack.

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