…google “cheeseburger crotch not pregnant,” apparently this brings you to my doorstep. While I normally am thrilled to pieces to have new visitors and virtually meet new people, I’m not sure this would be the place you’d want to look for such a thing.

Color me stupid, but I have no idea what a cheeseburger crotch (pregnant or not) is (but this is a highly trafficked term here at Casa de la Sausage).

And I don’t want to.

(okay, maybe I do. But I’m kinda sicked out now.)

How did YOU get here?

(Confidential to the person who found me searching for “i m just living for my kids i have nothing to offer my husband,” that may be the most depressing search term I’ve ever heard.)

32 thoughts on “If You…

  1. I think the only safe depiction of a not pregnant cheeseburger crotch that I can imagine is an animated one.

    Actually… that’s still pretty creepy. Uck!

    I’m not sure how I got here. I think through some swirling vortex of blogroll linkiness somewhere or other.

    I get a number of people searching for “mantras to control my husband” at my place. Hmm. It may be time to come up with some…

  2. I found you blog surfing one night, you know, where you read one blog, then read their blogroll and then the next blogroll. And I am so glad that I found you – you say exactly what I am thinking!

  3. How do you find out what people used to search you?
    AND ewwwwwwww! NASTY (to quote my four year old)

    I did the rabbit hole blog link thing and found you. No fun search – sorry!

    Oh and what happened with the dime? I’d probably just use it cuz I’m not a saver and would forget.

  4. I found you through KC! I think she left a comment on my blog, then I started reading hers… and I checked out her blogroll at one point. I’m so glad I found you, though! I love to read local blogs… especially those from Chicago since I miss it so much 🙁

  5. I found you through Karen’s blog… (Not trying to give you a big headbut) I must admit you are a must read every day. I love the way you describe things and your view of teh world….

    (I have a bunch of odd things that people search to find my blog too)

  6. I found you from another’s blogroll,thank God!

    Ok, a question for you…..

    1. i love my job

    2. i love the people i work with

    3. i’m really unhappy with my raise

    4. first reaction is to get pissy and act a fool

    5. second reaction is to be all hurt (cuz EYE YAM)

    6. third reaction is to speak calmly to boss and explain why I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach

    7. what i will probably settle on is just being upset and quiet for a couple of days (here at work), and being really vocal at home.

    8. i swear I could just cry, and that is not typically me…..

    i guess it was not a question at all, just needed to take up some of my Aunty Becky’s space to vent….as always, thanks for the space.

  7. I found you through Doc & Mt Cat’s blog. I love your views and outlook on life. Looking forward to reading more.

  8. You know.. I can’t remember how I first got here. I think you left a comment on another blog that I read and I just clicked through that way and was hooked immediately!
    I’ve been found by some interesting search terms in the past, haha. My settings are now such that I cannot be googled.

  9. KT, I have a stat counter program that The Daver installed for me ages ago for me to check out what freaks search for AND find on my blog. It’s hysterical, really. I think blogspot has something similar, try googling “site meter” and I think you can put it on your blog. Not sure if it gives you search terms, but it probably does.

  10. I think I saw “Mommy Wants Vodka” on someone’s blogroll and thought, “Damn! I bet that’s a great blog!”

    So good to be right.

  11. um…roundabout. someone commented on my blog, and then six blogs later, linked through comments here i am. i swear. seriously, i’m the cheeseburge crotch gal.

  12. I got here by searching “cheeseburger crotch” on google. I’m prego and I was looking for a definition to give my sister when I mentioned it. Oh god, I have no shame left.

  13. because I saw your awesome wedding cake while catching up with “Cake Wrecks” blog.Then read some, and some more, and now working through them all.

    Because although I am three years or so late, I really relate to what you are saying.

  14. I came here from TheMompetition, which I found when someone posted one of the videos on Facebook.

    I read a few of your newest entries and decided they were so GD hilarious that I had to go back and read them all!

    By the way, the stress purging thing? I thought I was the only one!

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