The Daver, sits alone on the couch fiddling around with his work Blackberry ring tones, stops on Für Elise.

The Daver, “This is your ring tone, baby. When you call, this is what plays.”

Aunt Becky, mulling it over while listening to the pretty tune, several seconds pass.

“Really? Seriously?”

The Daver, “Yeah.”

Aunt Becky, “Hm. I would have thought the Darth Vader Death March song thingie would have been more appropriate.”

The Daver, “Heh. That one doesn’t come standard.”

42 thoughts on “I Should Win Bonus!!! Points!!! For Properly Identifying The Movie

  1. I recently discovered that my husband’s little photo-logo on his blackberry that pops up when i call from home is a skull & crossbones.

  2. How pathetic am I that I don’t know the Darth Vadar Death March song (please, don’t actually answer that)?

    Off to youtube to expand my horizons!

  3. Okay, back to say that I’m not AS pathetic as I thought ~ I did know the music once I heard it!

    And yeah, it would make a freaking awesome ringtone! Tell your tech-savvy hubby to get right on that!

  4. You should look up ‘Alpaca Star Wars’ on Youtube. Click the first video. Its like 30 seconds long. I didn’t make it, but for some odd reason I crack up every time I watch it.

  5. That should totally be the ring tone! I love it!

    Its too bad I haven’t figured out how to program my phone to have different ring tones for different people.

  6. You’d gain a bazillion coolgeek points for that ringtone. Way better than running your fridge on linux.

    My hubby has Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” as my ringtone. Which is all sorts of hysterical cuz we both work in the same large office area, and I call him just to screw with him.

  7. My house reeks of Star Wars dorkness. My 9 year old daughter can rival any grown Star Wars Geek. My son could write books with his Star Wars trivia knowledge and my 4 year old daughter is the new “Star Wars Kid”. I call it birth control, he calls it well-roundednes.

    My husband’s ring tone in general is some Sum 41 song and the only part that I can really understand says, “what the hell.” Once, I grabbed it on the way out the door on the way to church. Mine is usually on vibrate anyway so I didn’t stop to turn it down. He called me while in church to make sure I had his phone and he hadn’t lost it. I couldn’t get to it fast enough before it got to the “what the hell” part.

  8. Ok, so I looked up “alpace star wars”. My 4 year old was sitting here with me and dum-dum-de-dummed along with the music and my other two came running “STAR WAAARRRS!!”

    Save me.

  9. Oh my GOD. Last night, I was telling my sister that we should all put the Darth Vader Death March on our phones for when our mother calls. Realz.

    AND, I love gardening too.

    Aunt Becky … it’s like, we are living different yet similar versions of life.

  10. Ok, I have no idea how to save phone numbers into my phone let alone have different ringtones. I don’t know what a linux is, and am baffled at what the twitter stuff is when you have this symbol # and words following it.

    I have skipped both nerd and dork, and went straight to pathetic.

  11. I would love it if Mr. Platypus had something like the Darth Vader March as the ringtone for when I call him. I’m not really sure what his phone does when I call him, since he usually has it on vibrate and I’m usually not phoning him when I’m within earshot of his phone.

    However, my ringtone for when he calls my phone is what my best friend and I call the “Bow Chicka Wow Wow Ringtone”. It honestly sounds like music from one of those B-rated pornos (not that I actually know what those soundtracks are like. *ahem*)

  12. Oh my hell, it is all star wars, all the time around here. We watched episode 3 today. My 6 year old checked out the star wars score from the library so we could put in on his mp3. He spends the whole day marching around listening to the music and dancing. He is a super dork, and we encourage the whole thing. My SIL made a heck of a yoda cake yesterday (pics on my blog) for my nephew.

  13. HAHAHA JuJu doesn’t have a special ringtone for me. It totally hurts my feelings because he had a special ringtone on my phone until I set it on VIIIIIBRAAAAAATE so that I have an excuse to not hear it ring πŸ™‚

  14. I have a Kelly Clarkson ringtone for the current man in my life (not the idiot, I switch his from Creep by Radiohead to Gives You Hell by the All American Rejects depending on my mood)…but the only reason I have the ringtone at all is because he hates it. I enjoy torturing the men I love.

  15. I’m not into the ring tone thing, but I used to have certain phrases play when I got email from people. From someone who was pretty tiresome about her knowledge of French, it was “Sacre bleu!”

  16. I have a military marching ringtune set with a goofy little soldier head that pops up on the screen when Sgt calls. God knows what he has set for me!

    Our OPs manager at work has the DV March ringtone set for our company’s Director.

  17. Really? You can have different ringtones for different people? Mine just plays the Muppets theme for everyone (it reminds me of Disney World).

    And the Darth Vader Death march thingie is officially the Imperial March (as informed by my 6 yo).

  18. Ahahaha, that’s great! My ringtone for when my MIL calls is that march.

    If he has a cord to his computer, you can get free ringtones downloaded and transfered to your phone. πŸ˜€

  19. My husband has the death march and he used to use it at work when he was still a supervisor. He had his phone on his belt and would turn it on whenever he would go to check on his employees for something. I told him he wasn’t allowed to do that when he’s working from home. =)
    The best thing he ever did for me was to make an mp3 or the Nightmare Before Christmas song and made that my ring tone. Now though, I can use any song on my phone as a ringtone, so I have different songs for different people.

  20. I’m with Pete . . . my phone rings, and that’s it. Sometimes I even realize that it is MY cellphone that is ringing and I answer it.

    And I officially love you, because that is SO a conversation I would have with my husband.

  21. We are cell phone-less. Well, technically I own a cell phone, but it only has one ring and I never answer it–which is just as well, because no one ever calls it.

    I was amazed when my son, about 3 at the time, pointed out the “good guy music” and the “bad guy music” when he watched Star Wars. In fact, it was those movies and that music that has led to one of his most endearing habits: when he plays, he “makes movies,” and they always have soundtracks. Most of them sound pretty much like a cross between Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

  22. Well it could be Carrie Underwood’s song about vandalized her cheating boyfriend’s car…I happen to know a couple for whom that’s the wife’s ringtone for the husband…

  23. ROFLMAO…. hahahahahaha- that song, is what got me married. I hummed it while I was playing with hubby’s “light saber” one time. He was hooked.

    Geeks are so easy!! πŸ˜›

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