34 thoughts on “I Am #2

  1. As someone who has spent weeks sweeping glitter off of a stage following a performance of “The Fantasticks”, I can unequivocally state that glitter is not only evil, but perhaps the source of all evil in the universe.

    Well, in some universe. An alternate one. Trust me.

    1. Could not agree more. (theater techies ftw!)

      It’s evil powers are only rivaled by Styrofoam. Because it looks so innocent. Until you start carving it, and realize you have unleashed an apocalypse of little white foam pellets that you will be finding in your hair for the next month.

    1. That’s what I was going to say, but you beat me to it. The bit about the liger, not the glitter. I love glitter in my eyeliner on holidays (cause you can’t justify it past 15 yrs old on a regular day)

  2. Glitter IS the force.
    And what are you talking about,”believed there was a liger” ? You mean theres no such thing ?
    And I used o be the 2%. Than I became the whole. Im aiming to be the skim by next year.

  3. One of my Hubbys greatest compliments to me (in Hubby-speak) was that He thought I WAS a jedi. Ya know, like Leia (or however) who doesn’t have it physically, but has the mental powers and capability. Wow, he thinks i’m AMAZING! (and psychic, which I am, a little)

  4. But there was a Liger. At the Salt Lake City Zoo. Years ago. They even have it stuffed and on display where the lions and tigers and panthers are.

    It was beautiful.

  5. I am totally the 2%. Except when I’m the skim. And sometimes I’m the almond which doesn’t seem to carry a % because it’s really just water that had almonds soaking in it until it became milky. Now I want cereal. BRB.

  6. I wonder if there is something graphologically significant about the use of “R” in the otherwise lower-case script….

    Actually I don’t, I just like big words.

    And Aunt Becky.

    And what on earth is Ramen?!? (I’m from England)

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