Amelia Grace Sherrick Harks
4:27pm, January 28, 2009
7lbs, 13oz.
21″ long

Baby and Dad are doing just fine.

Mom is still an asshole.

110 thoughts on “How Wonderful Life Is Now You’re In The World

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! Aunt Becky..I am tearing up!! A girl, an Amelia!! I cannot wait to see her beautiful face..And hopefully, mom is as drugged up as she can possibly be…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. Becky- you are the mother of three. Never, ever, EVER call yourself an asshole again.
    Joy and best to all of the family. And please, kiss that special little spot on the back of her neck and think for just one millisecond of Ms. Moon.

  3. I forgot…Grace goes with everything! (It’s our daughter’s middle name too).

    Congratulations, Mom, Dad, and big brothers! That’s a good size baby!

    I hope your feet are back to normal size in a week or so!

  4. {sniff, sniff} what a moment. So happy for your family. Now start shrinking those feet.

    Congratulations. Wishing you lots of sleep!

  5. Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait to hear the birth story….I’ve been lurking on here for quite some time, obviously without comment, but have been thinking about your family a lot. I hope you’re well. AND, I believe that giving birth, if not all the other trials and tribulations of the past few months, affords you carte blanche in the asshole department, so you go girl!

  6. I guess I should have guessed ZGirl’s stats as I would have had it…oh well.

    Congratulations on your little baby girl. I can’t wait to meet her!

  7. Well how about that, you got yourself a daughter!!! At least now if your feet don’t shrink back to their original delicate size, you’ve got someone to share them with:)

    I’m giddy for you Becky, absolutely giddy!

  8. Congratulations, Lady!!! And welcome to the world sweet little girl!! Here’s to continued sedation and lots of snuggling!!!


    Great stats! Amelia Grace beat my boy by two ounces. He was 7.11, 21″. Oh, crap, I lost the contest by two ounces ;(

    Seriously, I’m so happy for you all, and I can’t wait to see her! Enjoy the drugs, mama!!!! Make sure they add in some water pills!

  10. Amelia is a beautiful brand of girl; I’m glad you’ve got one of your own now! It’s been a long time coming, Becky, enjoy your little beauty.

  11. woo-woo
    ring the alarm, there’s a little aunt Becky in the arms.

    yay yay..

    I remember when a while ago. you thought this day would never come, and now here it is.
    life can be wonderful at times can’t it? sometimes it just a tough road to get there.

    Welcome to the world little Amelia.
    congratulations to the whole family for the arrival of the pink taco *WINK*

  12. Congratulations! The Universe will never be the same now that little Amelia Grace is in it. Enjoy her!
    (Longtime reader, first time poster)

  13. Welcome to your little Amelia. May she never pee on your favorite chair as mine did today.

    P.S.–I was off by 4 ounces and 2 minutes…so sue me.

  14. Congratulations! May she bring all the joys and tears in life that she has brought you in your dreams. She is a treasure and a joy. You a blessed. I pray that your poor feet recover now:) Tho they probably look way worse now:( Take it easy.

  15. I used to sing that to the boys.

    A wonderful way to welcome your little Amelia. So glad mom and daughter are doing fine. Congratulations and every best wish.

  16. Awwww, can’t wait to see pics. Congrats to all of you, and when those feet start de-swelling, I hope you’re near a toilet…I had a big time emergency in the middle of the night when mine did that!!! Hope it was a fabulous birth with mucho drugos.

  17. I am so excited for you! Congrats my friend to you and the Daver and the boys. Can’t wait to see her precious little face!

  18. Aw, oh, my, goodness, I need to kiss her squishy cheeks now please. Congrats girl, I am so so glad for you. So so glad. My heart swelled with pride when I read this, like somehow I had anything to do with it. HAR. Oh and apparently I was infected with baby-itis yesterday, I may have caught it from your blog-not sure, you may want to warn people. Please post pics of you guys soon.

  19. So glad she is here and doing well. I hope your feet are shrinking by the minute and that the drugs are doing wonders for you. Welcome to the world Amelia!!! 🙂

  20. SO happy she is finally here! Hope they are keeping you pleasantly drugged and that little Amelia is an amazing baby who will sleep 9 hours a night as soon as you get home….

  21. Congratulations! I’m so glad you’re (more or less) healthy and (more or less) happy, and I absolutely can’t wait to see the little darling!

  22. Congratulations! So happy for you that she is finally here and you are not pregnant anymore. 😉 Can’t wait to see pictures. Hope they can cure you of the assholeishness issue. 😉 Poor, poor Dave. Congrats to dad and big brothers too.

  23. I know you’re struggling a bit with the latest development, but I still want to say congratulations, and welcome Amelia.

    You’re all in my heart today.

  24. Oh YAY!!!!!!! I’m so happy to welcome you to this crazy, sometimes upside down world Amelia!
    Mom, snap out of it cause before you know it you’ll be able to knock back the vodka again. And all will be right in your world…

    Congrats Mommy, Daddy and Big Brothers!!!!

  25. Talk about full of the awesome! And you totally ripped off my daughter’s middle name.. but that just means that it turns out you have fabulous taste. Well done there!

  26. A) Congratulations!

    2) I love the part about ‘Mom’s still an asshole.’ That’s the main reason I follow your blog. The humor.

    PS Love the name. Also my daughter’s middle name, borrowed from her great great grandmother. I’m so glad it’s made a comeback. (And a little sad for some little girls who get ugly old-fashioned names. Come ON people… have you considered Amelia? Geez.)

  27. I haven’t stopped by for a while and so now….Congrats!!!!!

    ps I am still catching up on your posts but I m sure everything will be ok with your beautiful little girl.

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