In an epic battle of Alex vs. The Lazy, Alex is the true victor at long last!

He took his first steps today, and I’m insanely excited. He’s going to be a walking machine in no time.

35 thoughts on “Houston, We Have Liftoff!

  1. Way to go, Alex! Now teach him where the snacks and bevvies are kept and you’ve got your own personal waitstaff. Best thing is, he’s too young to ask for tips!

  2. Is that happiness I hear? Yes, I think it is!

    A life changing moment, for sure. For Becky! AHAHAHA!

    I am such a lazy mom. Toddlers freak me out. If you quickly wrap his little ankles together with a dishtowel he might just forget the experience.

    Or else just throw away all the wood in your house. Oh, the glass, too. Any collectibles. The tables. Take all the knobs off of the stove. Put your mattresses directly on the floor and get rid of the frames. Put locks on the tops of all your doors.

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.

  3. I love it when my city’s name is used for cool shit. Go Alex! If you bring him to Houston, I’ll take you guys to NASA! : )

  4. Woohoo! Way to go Alex…now go run down your Mommy before she gets away! Oh, wait, she can’t run right now so you are safe!

  5. WTG Alex. Um….don’t they it say it take 12 months to learn to walk and 12 seconds to lear to run. I think you are in for a load of chasing the little man around the house.

  6. Ahhh, I remember those days fondly. I was so excited for him to say his first word and to take his first steps. He never crawled, just started walking. Then I remember wanting him to shut up and sit the hell down!

    You go, Alex!! Mama can’t catch you.

  7. Yea! I was so relieved when Landon started walking because I just knew I wouldn’t have to carry him as much anymore. That didn’t exactly materialize for a while, but hey! It’s the first step.

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