Earlier today, with my eldest in tow, my husband and I trooped off through the freezing rain (have I mentioned that I’m still not certain that we haven’t moved to a nicer climate? Because I TOTALLY DON’T KNOW WHY NOT) to get our 3D ultrasound. And I’ll admit it to you, dear Internet, I was nervous. I’m not really certain WHY I was nervous, but I was. I guess it’s probably in part because my OB’s office wouldn’t authorize this frivolous un-medically necessary and because I’ve been sick as a dog this week, waking every couple of hours only to go right back to sleep.

(insert joke about regression into newborn state being an obvious indicator of how my not-so-brilliant mind works)

Either way, I was full of The Nervous.

What if she was now a he, like that Lou Reed song? Would I put my son in a dress in order to make use of all the pretty ickle dresses I’ve been hoarding? Would he hate me if I did that? Would I even care?

Turns out, it was all for naught. My daughter, in all of her spread-eagled glory, showed us that definitively yes, we were having a girl. And not only a girl who is completely immodest, but a girl who looks just like her father and her middle brother.

Dave certainly cannot deny parentage of his children, that is for sure.


Yes, sir, that’s my baby. Chubby edible delicious cheekies and all.

And, as a completely off topic veer, I’d like to thank my good friend Emily from Wheels on The Bus for nominating me for a blog award.

Two of them, in fact. Neither of which I will actually win, because, I’m just not a winner and because the competition is brutal, but if you’re so inclined to vote for your Aunt Becky, click on the bubblely thing on my side-bar.

And if you do, I will totally kiss you. With tongue, even.

Thanks, Em. I’m so flattered, I could pee myself. Oh, wait, I just did.

65 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A…Garden Gnome!

  1. Awwwww those pictures ALMOST make me wanna have another..ALMOST…Your tongue is gonna be busy, everyone is voting for you just to make out with you ;o)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Babies. Babies, babies, babies.
    I love babies. Smiling babies. Crying babies. Solemn babies. Curious babies. Nursing babies. Babies still in the womb. Babies who look like that.
    Just think about it.
    You’re going to be holding your baby.
    I’m so excited for you.

  3. She’s adorable, and those cheeks are absolutely pinch-able. I love the 3D u/s. I still have Mr. Farty at 34 weeks in a frame on top of the entertainment center.
    Yay for ickle dresses! (and I will so enjoy hearing your accounts of school shopping and bra shopping for a pre-teen girl in about 10-11 years!)

  4. So totally awesome dude! She is a looker! I love her expression in the second shot, I wonder if she’s dreaming of those perty dresses and how all the mudpies will go with them!

  5. Oh I LOVE her already! I am one of those people who gets stupid around babies, I just adore them – even the homely ones! (Though yours appears to be quite cute and no, I’m not just saying that!) I have big plans to marry her off to my son you know. He’s a few years older so the maturity levels should be just about right. 😉

    Aren’t you so glad you had the ultrasound done? I’m still surprised that it wasn’t just routine for them to do that since I had them both times and my pregnancies weren’t really high risk or anything. Glad things look good!

  6. OH and. (I can never seem comment just once, can I?) My MIL was told several times that her son (my husband) would be a girl. So she had a bunch of girls clothes and one of them was a pink handmade dress. She kept it for 27 years (until he had a daughter) and then she passed it on to us for her. She never once put him in it and I was shocked! I SO would have dressed him up in it at least once just for a fun photo, haha. When I told her that she (and Kent too!) looked horrified. Maybe because he’s already quite in tune with his feminine side and they are thinking that might have pushed him right over the edge, haha.

  7. ohhh, Becky and Dave, she is beautiful!!!!!

    I bet you cannot wait to kiss those chubby cheeks and immerse yourself in all things Baby Amelia! Nuzzle her for me, okay? You know, when she finally comes out. Whatever, details.

    Someone around my neck of the woods needs to have another baby, soon.

  8. She’s a beauty! I’ve read that babies look like their father’s mostly at brith so the fathers won’t reject them. It’s also true in the gorilla/ape world.

    I’m going to vote for you write now, but you can keep the tongue kiss. I little neck massage might be nice though.

  9. Oh she is beautiful!!! She will come out looking very close to those pics to!! I was stunned with the Turtle was born because she really looked so much like the U/S pics!!!

    Congrats sweetie!!!


  10. Becky, this will have to be my last comment to your blog, since I must now end it all. I went on the site to vote for you, which I successfully did in the “Hot Mom” category. When I reached the “Best Humor” site, however, I accidentally clicked on the box ABOVE your box — WHICH WAS FOR DOOCE — I screamed as though I had been burned by an entire pan of hot bacon grease. Now I must go put my head under the wheel of our Dodge Charger and insist my husband squash it like a rotten pumpkin.

    The End.

  11. Aunt Becky, what a beautiful baby you have! As a scientist, even I am astounded by our technology and the wonders of 3D imaging. Congrats. 🙂

  12. She is beautiful. I admit, I get a little weepy looking at her.
    She made me want another. Then the 2.5 y.o. started making vroom vroom noises and proceeded to smash his matchbox cars into the leg of the coffee table & then the 5 y.o. started her high-pitched girlie scream about some craptastic toy on tv. ” IIIII WAAAANT THAAAT!!!!”
    the feeling passed.

  13. YOur daughter is a beauty! I love the 3-d us’s so much. It’s like taking a sneak peak at your child to be. You know what they are going to look like. You start thinking of the baby and there is no guessing…bonding can start pre-birth. Congratulations!

  14. Well, Becky, you sure make pretty babies. Very cool.

    My sister’s boyfriend’s mother wanted a girl. He was not a girl. She put him in dresses and had actual portraits made of him. In public. And? She gave him a very feminine name. He’s surprisingly well adjusted. LOL.

  15. Wow! Adorable!! And sure beats the hell outta those fuzzy, cryptic ultrasounds that you can only read if you have an advanced degree in something far beyond my own mental capacity…

  16. I LOOOOVE those cheeks!! What is it with all the chubby baby girl cheeks running wild in the bellies of other women and I don’t have some for myself??

    But if you meant what you said about the hot tongue action, I’ll forgive you. 🙂

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