At least I think we do. I could have swallowed a mechanical…something…that makes a loud heartbeat type noise. Baby Sausage (Link or Patty? THIS IS THE QUESTION) was chirping away merrily in there, all 150+ beats per minute of it.

After I gave approximately 540 pints of blood–between the OB and the endocrinologist I totally am having a damn port put in–including some designated for an HIV test (always a laugh a minute test, FOR SURE), I was let go. Only to return in 16 weeks.

Or when my stash of freebie prenatal vitamins runs out. What, me cheap? NEVER. And you know Aunt Becky’s Motto: Free Is Always Better Than Paying.

Thank you for all who indulged my ridiculous fears without reminding me of what an idiot I can be. I have something corny to tell you. It’s so corny I almost can’t say it because I might humiliate myself (whereas talking about throwing a hotdog down MY hallway is nothing. Priorities, I tell you).

*deep breath*

Here goes: Okay, when my nurse initially put the doppler on, all we heard was my whooshing heartbeat. And I sat there while I tried not to hyperventilate and was comforted by my Internet friends. I seriously thought of you guys while I quietly panicked.

GOD. I’m so corny.

Anyway, I love you all bunches and heaps and not in a creepy stalkery way. I’ll be back tomorrow with a penis post. My poor husband is going to run off to Cabo now.

Love you all!

44 thoughts on “Houston, We Have A Fetus

  1. This is great news. I am very happy for you both.
    Hope the moring( all day) sickness goes away soon.
    Best of wishes

  2. Whoooppeeeeee!! So relieved to hear everything is fine. So what was your mother like? I can’t imagine taking my perfect, perfectly dressed, perfectly behaved and perfectly achieving mother to my OB appt. I was hatched from a perfectly decorated egg, you know…

  3. Yay! I’ve been compusively checking for an update every few minutes. Thrilled your sausage of indeterminate sex is sloshing away in there.

  4. Do NOT apologize for being anxious about this appointment. You had every reason in the world to be. And I remember that moment when the doppler picks up that heartbeat. I burst into tears when I heard it with my kids and I had no specific worries at all about the pregnancy. Hell, pregnancy is fraught with every sort of worry and emotion. That’s what it’s all about.
    I’m so happy that is well.

  5. Thank GOD, great news! Luckily, I had to leave and go cater to Husband’s requests (stop by the office, bring phone charger, yadda) and when I got back, you’d posted an update…I thought about it the whole time!

  6. I really want it on the record that I called sausage patty a long time ago. Like, at least a week. You can name her “Heather.” And then she’ll grow up to become a crappy blogger, because everyone knows that all Heathers have blogs. Some more crappy than others, of course.

  7. Hurray! That is fantastic news! Way to gestate, Aunt Becky!

    Can’t wait to hear the Penis Story. I think most good stories have a penis in them somewhere.

  8. I love good news! Congrats to the entire Mr. Uncle Author Aunt Pregnant Becky Clan!

    May I gloat? *smugly chanting*

    I knew it. I knew all was well with Sausage.

    Anyway, I vote for Link. I love little girls, but I keep thinking “he” where Saus is concerned.

  9. Great news Becky. I have been wondering all evening how things went. I vote for a sausage Patty…you’re outnumbered and should even things out a bit.

  10. happy dance! yay for you!
    however. ahem. you really have a sort of sausage link/hotdog/penis fetish going, don’t you?

  11. Yay, a heartbeat! Is that not the best sound ever? I’m getting all weepy here thinking about you thinking about us. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I understand the fear that you were feeling. When I was pregnant with Boo they had a really hard time finding the heartbeat – at 14 weeks. I burst into tears, I was SO upset. Then they brought in the ultrasound machine and there she was waaaaaay at the back of my uterus, just hiding out. It was a terrifying experience though, even now that she’s been here for a year and a half it’s hard to think about those few moments!!

  12. I cannot express just how happy I am the you have a fetus-sausage!!! Seriously? In my whole intarwebs absence, I’ve thinking happy ass thoughts for you.

    Yay for intarweb friends!


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