At least I think we do. I could have swallowed a mechanical…something…that makes a loud heartbeat type noise. Baby Sausage (Link or Patty? THIS IS THE QUESTION) was chirping away merrily in there, all 150+ beats per minute of it.

After I gave approximately 540 pints of blood–between the OB and the endocrinologist I totally am having a damn port put in–including some designated for an HIV test (always a laugh a minute test, FOR SURE), I was let go. Only to return in 16 weeks.

Or when my stash of freebie prenatal vitamins runs out. What, me cheap? NEVER. And you know Aunt Becky’s Motto: Free Is Always Better Than Paying.

Thank you for all who indulged my ridiculous fears without reminding me of what an idiot I can be. I have something corny to tell you. It’s so corny I almost can’t say it because I might humiliate myself (whereas talking about throwing a hotdog down MY hallway is nothing. Priorities, I tell you).

*deep breath*

Here goes: Okay, when my nurse initially put the doppler on, all we heard was my whooshing heartbeat. And I sat there while I tried not to hyperventilate and was comforted by my Internet friends. I seriously thought of you guys while I quietly panicked.

GOD. I’m so corny.

Anyway, I love you all bunches and heaps and not in a creepy stalkery way. I’ll be back tomorrow with a penis post. My poor husband is going to run off to Cabo now.

Love you all!



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