I’m hoping that this weekend I can steal some of Dave’s time for long enough to have him tweak my new layout, which is a chore and a half for him. But it’s so damn cool that I am nearly reaching orgasm just THINKING about it (what? I’m pregnant and unwieldy. Real sex is kinda out of the question right now).

In that vein, I’ve been trying like hell to update my pages over there on the right.

Please, my loyal readers and friends, visit the pages if you have nothing more exciting to do, and let me know what I need to add to make them super great. Have a question for my Frequently Thought Questions page that I should answer? Shoot me an email: becky (at) dwink (dot) net or leave me a comment.

I’m going to do my best to update my links, and if you were there before, you should still be there. If you’re a loyal reader and comment and stuff, leave me a comment and I’ll try and add you. I’m usually far better about keeping up, but I’ve not had the time or energy to do so lately.

And this will conclude my participation in NaBloWhatever. Too much pressure for my delicate ass.

15 thoughts on “Housekeeping Part Deux

  1. Seeing as I still use a basic blogger template, I think you’d be better off not using my advice.
    But yay for adding me! I haven’t updated links since probably April, but someday I shall add you too, as you most certainly kick ass.

  2. Does your new layout need batteries or is it self powered?


    I’m not pregnant , but virtual orgasm works for me too!

  3. Delicate ass… hahahaha. Ahem. Sorry.
    I never bother with new layouts. I just change the photo at the top once a year and call it good, haha. I’m far too lazy.

  4. I’m a sexy bitch?

    Who knew?!

    You’re officially going on my “Things I’m Thankful for this year.”

    Though I might refrain from an actual shout out at the Holiday table. I think my mom would choke if she knew I read someone as scandolous as you. She’s wound a little tight like that.


  5. OK, I’m going to click on the right and enter that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser contest. If I win the $3,000, I’ll send you a post card from somewhere warm.

  6. Not that I have ever been pregnant, but I thought that is when you had a super sex-drive and all this amazing sex.

    I guess I have been mislead.

  7. You so totally DO NOT SUCK. Sheesh, girl, my plate is half full and I bitch and whine… you’ve got like 2 full plates and a tray of drinks balanced on your pg belly and delicate ass cheeks and you’re still crazy hot and a great mama! To hell with Nblopmowhatever!

    I must say, bassackwards or not, I am so deeply honored to be a shexxy bitch! 😀

  8. You’re not gonna get rid of masturbation kitty are you?!? D:

    Hope your doctor’s appointment went well & that you’re feeling better soon.

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