Tuesday’s are my weigh-in days for my online Weight Watchers thingy, and despite having now lost 10 pounds, every Monday night I sit in fear of the morning’s number. Like it will have magically gone back up 10 lbs IN SPITE of having diligently stuck to the diet. I also offer up some silent prayers as the scale blinks and thinks about how to ruin my life for the week.

Methinks I need a new hobby. Or at least, some Valium.


If I am going to continue in this whole “trying to post everyday” thing without actually talking about my lunch or my bathroom habits, I am going to need some help. This is where YOU come in: what do I write about? Don’t be shy, ask away (or at least give me some subject matter to write about. I can only talk about myself for so long before I start to get nauseous.). I assure you that I am the least modest person on the planet, so very little that you could either say or ask would be off limits.


Something I’ve wanted to throw out there for a long while is this: do you OR should you comment on every blog that you read? I try to do so, just so the author knows that those site hits on their Site Meter aren’t just from spambots or whatever. Plus, most people who have public blogs tend to enjoy having an audience, so I’m happy to oblige.



10 Responses to Here, A Little House Keeping

  • Tony says:

    people who blog (myself included) are essentially psychological flashers. In many cases, we bare oure souls in order to get a reaction. If we dont get that reaction, or get an unwanted reaction (i.e. laughing at the flashers tiny junk) we are likely to stop.

    I comment if I feel I have something to say and I know the person.

  • Karen says:

    I try to comment at least every thrid time I read or so….but that is only becuase sometimes I honestly have nothing to say. I am not too witty or too smart all the time.

    Posting everyday is difficult. But you can just talk about nothing and we will all read. It worked for Seinfeld – it will work for you.

  • Josh Hawkins says:

    I have no idea what you should write about. Best I can offer is that you should start believing your own BS, even more than you already do and go from there. Works for me. Also, start obsessing about incredibly minor stuff. Though stories about your son’s bratty friends I find fun. It’s like reliving my childhood.

    I would also like to note, I bet your husband’s first words were probably “network interface protocol failure”. Just my guess. I’ve never known what my own first word was. Never cared.

    And I rarely comment on others blogs. Usually the subject matter doesn’t encourage it. And I don’t worry about it on mine, because most of the time the person reading my blog is a whack job for just reading it, understanding it enough to comment is not a good sign. At all.

  • Calliope says:

    I comment all the damn time. Seriously- almost every post I read gets a comment. And if it doesn’t it just means that I am behind in reading. But I also recognize that I am a needy gal that lives a hermit life and has come to depend on the comments of strangers to validate my life…um.

  • Cara says:

    I comment if I have something to say.

  • Pauline says:

    I think you’re writing is great! You could pretty much write about anything and we’d keep reading.

    And I, too, only comment when I have something to say. I’m not so good with the witty banter and responses.

  • becky says:

    Josh, I am going to start leaving random comments on your site. “I like cheese” and “where are my socks” will only be the tip of the iceberg.

    Tony, I’m kind of with you on that. Sometimes, I worry that people don’t get what I’m saying, and sometimes (especially if I’ve been more serious) I don’t get anyone responding. I like people responding even if it’s negative.

    Karen, thank you. I will continue writing about my minutae and hope that no one gets too offended.

    Cali, I have my blogs that I comment daily on, like yours, no matter what. I have others that I do not. You’re totally asskicking on that one!

    Cara, I think most people are like you.

  • becky says:

    You don’t have to be witty at all, P-Funk! It don’t bother The Becky none!

  • jen says:

    Oh man, people who don’t comment are evil! I need the input. I recently was tagged and I suggested instead of 7 random things, how about 7 things that are so funny they make you shoot milk out your nose, wanna write about that?

  • becky says:

    Jen, I’m IN!

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