Easter in the Sausage Factory.

Dude, these eggs are full of candy. There is nothing not awesome here.

Why have OR when you can have AND?

The only picture I was allowed to take of His Majesty.

The Benner, before he cataloged his eggs by color and shape.

Dave is showing off how pleased he is by the white chocolate cross that I bought him (with realistic wood grain!!). It was my nod to the crucifix debacle and his holiness (vs. my heathenism).

Also, we just had an hour long discussion about hook worms complete with medical reference guides and power point presentations which means that yes, this is definitely a holiday at my house and yes, you’re very, very glad to not be here now.

Happy Easter, Pranksters. Aunt Becky loves you waaaaaay more than she loves baked ham.

59 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Yo.

  1. The wood grain on the chocolate cross was a nice touch. If you wanted to give it the ‘ol Mommy Wants Vodka touch you could have put some strategically placed red food coloring on the cross. Happy Easter!

  2. What, no Peeps? Because, you know, Becky, NOTHING says “God loves you and wants you to be happy” more than marshmallow Peeps… and Cadbury Creme Eggs. 🙂

  3. And how much candy did Little Miss Vodka ingest today? My newly crowned 1-year-old princess discovered the candy inside the one egg she bothered to find and lo and behold, she LOVES chocolate!!!! Of course, both of my kids were utterly fascinated (read insanely obsessed) by whatever the EB brought for the OTHER one. Guess that it was a success then?

  4. I’m having my family over for Easter dinner tonight and was going to cook a ham. It would have been my first time… except when I went the the store, they had 72 different kinds. It was way too confusing.
    We’re having pork roast instead.

  5. Happy Easter! We’ve had dinner and candy, and have now progressed to our holiday tantrum. Good times…I don’t know whose tantrum is worse; the overstimulated, overtired, over sugared 3 year old or her father.

  6. Happy Easter! Haven’t read your blog in a while and your kids have gotten so big! What a gorgeous little girl you have. The choco cross looks barfalicious (white chocolate – just say no).

  7. Happy Easter to you too. I have found my true calling tonight! So totally stoked.

    I can make ANYBODY look like a total fat doofus in a photo. And I think this is my calling. Do you WANT to look like a cheeser? Ask Aunt M. She has the cheapass Coolpix camera that will do the job. If you are picking your nose? I am THERE (apparently).

  8. I love Mimi’s dress too! Also…you crack me up. I am like a kid on Christmas morning every time I see you’ve written a new post..I dive right in. I’m never disappointed. Speaking of hookworms…when I bought the dog’s heartworm/flea/tick/mange prevention medicine they gave me a free sample of deworming meds. Anyone need to deworm a medium sized dog? Happy Easter, Aunt Becky. You are definitely the coolest aunt EVER.

  9. “Happy Easter, Yo,” indeed! That girl child has eyes entirely too large and lovely for her… I need to have them! Maybe we could work out a trade?
    And if the Daver’s white chocolate cross comes complete with wood grain, I think it’s quite acceptable to forgo the mutilated body. blood and gore of Christ. I mean after all, you’re supposed to eat the thing, right?

  10. Happy Easter Aunt Becky! The children reek of cuteness. Also, I think I gave my sister the same exact cross you gave the Daver.

    Mine was a sarcastic nod to her sentiments concerning religion.

    I’m going to agree with the commentors and say that that dress? IS FABULOUS.

    1. Please, they make plastic dashboard Jesus’ – if you want a chocolate one I am sure you can get one! Any color you want.

  11. I couldn’t immediatly tell that the cross had the faux wood grain, I’m glad you clarified because that would have been a seriously shitty Easter gift sans wood grain scraped chocolate. Just saying.

  12. His majesty looks totally into his egg. Were they filled small wood grain crosses or just plain ole candy? Or, even worse, stickers. (Because seriously what mom wants clean up thousands of little stickers – stuck **everywhere** when instead they can handle their sausage all strung out on chocolate?)

  13. Wah! Since the baby isn’t yet walking (which at nearly 11 months is getting OLD), I can’t put her in frilly dresses because it impedes her crawling. I managed to put her in a shorter skirt and cute ruffly top, but man, I want so badly to put her in a frilly spring dress.

    It’s my fucking density!

  14. I saw that “wooden” cross when I was frantically scouring Target on Saturday night for stuff to fill treat bags to take to a brunch we were invited to on Easter Sunday (WTF does a little Jewish girl know about this stuff?!!! Next year I will compile said goody bags earlier).

    I so wanted to bye one of those faux-wood crosses. But I thought lightening might strike me down right there in Target. So I passed.

  15. Wow, I can’t believe how big Amelia is! And so gorgeous!

    Re the choccie cross, there’s a chocolate shop in Stamford, CT that not only makes chocolate crosses, they make chocolate jesus on the crosses. Yikes!

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