Easter in the Sausage Factory.

Dude, these eggs are full of candy. There is nothing not awesome here.

Why have OR when you can have AND?

The only picture I was allowed to take of His Majesty.

The Benner, before he cataloged his eggs by color and shape.

Dave is showing off how pleased he is by the white chocolate cross that I bought him (with realistic wood grain!!). It was my nod to the crucifix debacle and his holiness (vs. my heathenism).

Also, we just had an hour long discussion about hook worms complete with medical reference guides and power point presentations which means that yes, this is definitely a holiday at my house and yes, you’re very, very glad to not be here now.

Happy Easter, Pranksters. Aunt Becky loves you waaaaaay more than she loves baked ham.



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