I’m fairly certain that I was An Asshole for my first Halloween. I have no sufficient proof of this, but I was one of those annoyingly colicky babies (according to family lore) who spent most of her first year screaming. Similar, no doubt to Ben, who I dressed as a Bumblebee for his first Halloween. Whether it was because he realized just how stupid he looked or because he was just An Asshole, I’ll never be certain, but he screamed so loudly that I began to call him a Grumblebee.

In fact, he screamed while being a Tiger, The Cat In The Hat, and finally settled down when we bought him a respectable minature NASA suit. It may have been due to the exhorbatant cost of said suit (damn you Pottery Barn Kids, and your adorable, yet unaffordable wares!) or because he was dressed as something that finally made sense, but he seemed quite content in it. This suit lasted for 3 years, until this year when he suddenly realized that he had options, and in choosing to exercise his free will, asked to be Darth Vader, much to my dismay. I make no secret that I dislike Star Wars, but if he’d had to be ANYBODY from the movies, I would have hoped that he’d have chosen to be Boba Fett. But 6 does as 6 pleases, so Darth Vader he was. He was (insert applicable adjective here), but I have no proof of this, as he was moving too quickly for us to get a suitable picture. 6, it also appears, has it’s own agenda.

Despite playing Whack-A-Mole (bonus Children Edition!!) prior to heading out Trick-or-Treating, it went smashingly, and the kid got even more candy than he’d gotten last year.

In order to regain my hurt feelings of control (WHY couldn’t he have been Boba Fett? Boba Fett is AWESOME!), I decided to dress my youngest in what can only be described as “additional therapy fodder.”


The Halloweiner!

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(and no, those cuts are actually NOT from a bar fight, just a fight with his own fists of fury).

10 thoughts on “Halloweiner

  1. Actually….the kids showing good taste. Boba fett was, in fact, a dumb ass. I think the only reason he managed to CATCH solo, was because he happened to be the last bounty hunter to leave.

    See, the hotel in Vaders command ship is pretty posh. Much more so than the crampt little bunk area in his (going on 40 year old) ship, the Slave 01. No, in the Vadar Hilton, they have things like Showers and bathrobes and cable tv…Jabba’s palace only has *one* dancing girl, Vadar Hilton has girl on girl twielek porn on ppv 24/7.

    I can almost see the scene where a horde of storm troopers escort him to his ship, carefully making sure he didnt steel any towels or stationary when they found out he didnt have the cash to cover his extensive room service tab. While they probably edited it, his true reaction to spotting the falcon was probably ‘SHIT! THERE HE IS!!’….

  2. Tony, did we have The Sex in about 2000? Because my child is slowly turning into you :).

    Karen, that’s insane! I wish I’d gotten my dog (who already bears an uncanny resemblance to a hot dog) one of those. Although I suppose that no one could’ve seen it as he got banished to the basement.

  3. Today, that’s funny. Please invite me over in 16 to 25 years when you are showing that photo th his girlfriend or even better, his fiancee’, because it’s going to be roll on the floor hilarious then.

  4. I’d be more than happy to have a “Let’s Humilate Alex/Ben Day” when they bring home their first girlfriends. Ooooh, this is going to be SOOOO good.

  5. Thanks complicatedmama! That puts a smile on my face.

    Patty, glad I could cheer you up, however much it helped. Pumpkins are adorable, especially for the new ickle ones.

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