I’m suffering from a major bout of The Crankies and every time I go to write a post, it sounds like I’m just being a whiny damn bitch. Mainly because that’s exactly what how I’m behaving. Rather than bore you with the things that are annoying me (the oatmeal took too long to cook, the cats are following me around, people who stand over me waiting for my machine at the gym make me want to bash their heads in) I am going to post some damn pictures.

Maybe I’ll get over myself this afternoon and put something real up later.

Here is my bomb-diggity wedding cake, which happened to be the only successful battle that I won over The Wedding That Ate My Life.

These are my Metal Heads, and some of my oldest friends. And interestingly, although this was obviously at my wedding, my husband is nowhere in sight. Maybe he was fixing his makeup.

While it looks like a) I’m pregnant and b) that we’re having a moment, what The Daver is doing right now is reminding me that I cannot leave my own wedding. Pretty much most of the wedding I spent begging The Daver to let me go. Oh, and I’m not pregnant, it’s the pouffy thing under my dress making me appear this way.

(see Benner in the background?)

I know you’re probably all “what the hell is up with this chick and the pictures of her wedding?” And I would be too. It’s not like this was the best day of my life or anything (it wasn’t. Seriously.) and I want to relive it over and over.

It’s a matter of being Cranky AND Lazy. The rest of our pictures are on the computer downstairs (my house has about 4,874 computers. Seriously.

Aunt Becky done graduated.

Isn’t my face sexxy? I wish that were my driver’s license photo. Then I’d be beating dudes off with a stick. Both the kids are in this photo, but one of them is quite invisible.

Alex says “Get me away from all of these 6 year olds. They scare me!”

37 thoughts on “Gratuitous Picture Post

  1. Way to rock the preconception of what a wedding cake should look like. It’s a celebration, right? So the cake should reflect it (as one who also bucked the white, frosted wedding cake).

    And I’m cranky today, too. But you need to get over it because you are too cute. I hate you (not really, it’s just the crank talking).

  2. That cake DOES freakin’ Rock…

    and you already know I think you are a hottie MILF so I don’t have to say it again right?

  3. That is the coolest wedding cake I have ever seen, and you look fantastic!!! Thanks for the pics, and I hope your day gets better by the minute!

  4. I have no idea what you’re complaining about – all the pictures of you are great. I do this thing in every picture ever taken of me where I try to squish my chin up into my neck thus creating a quadruple chin.

    And dang I wish I’d made a better cake decision for our wedding cake.

  5. That is the awesomest cake ever! I wish I knew you 13 years ago when I got married. And to join the masses, you are HOT! I echo Doc on the MILF thing.

  6. ok– don’t erase this comment. *snort*

    LOVE your wedding cake! Mine was the wedding day disaster.

    And why again were you wanting to leave your wedding?

  7. Dude–at least *I* enjoyed your wedding…and isn’t that what’s important?

    Seriously though, it was lovely, you were lovely, and Ben was the heart-breaker Chippendale dancer we always knew he could be.

    BTW: Dave and Alex are totally cute in that last picture.

  8. I totally think you should tell the DMV that you lost your license and should recreate THAT pose for your new one.

  9. Fanfreakin’ tastic cake, I want one!

    I love the pictures and hope that your day has gotten brighter since this morning.

  10. Love the cake. I can relate to wanting to leave the wedding — I totally wanted to shoo all the guests away at mine (Vegas would’ve been a MUCH better choice for all).

    Nice on the graduation photo. I blew those off, too; both of them. The first we went to the beach, and the second I just slept in that morning. Still got the paper, so I guess that’s all that matters.

  11. My husband and I got married on the enclosed porch of a motorcycle riding minister with only my daughter as a witness. It rocked. That cake is neat btw, reminds of the cake contests they have on Food Network all the time.
    P.S. – I wish they had a special trash day where we live. It would be very helpful with cleaning out the house of doom.


    You’re right… it’s awesome!

    One of these days I’ll get a bride brave enough to let me make a cake like that!

  13. I know exactly how you feel – I have a headache, I got 2 ding letters yesterday, no job in site and I am so blue I don’t even have the energy to have a good cry.

    I posted a picture of a bottle of beer.

  14. Hey Aunt Becky,

    The cake is totally you! Oh, I got one more thing to say.
    “Hey Becky your so fine, your so fine you blow my mine
    Hey Becky, Hey Becky…ooooopssss got carried away.

  15. LOVE the cake! My SIL is having a “mad hatter” cake just like that in two weeks for her wedding at Disney.

    Nice photos. You are so hot, my dear. *wink wink*

  16. That IS an awesome cake! Mine leaned kinda like that…only it WASN’T supposed to! Luckily, at that point I didn’t care. I love seeing people’s wedding pictures 🙂

  17. As another person who got married with a cake that was supposed to “look like a drunk person made it”, I salute you. Other than the fact that mine was Mardi Gras colors, it looked remarkably like yours… I’ll email you a photo, since I can’t post it in comments.

    PS – You’re brave, too. I would never let the Internet see what I look like! I would be too afraid of the comments… maybe that’s why I don’t have a blog. That, and the fact that I have nothing nice to say.

    Cheer up! You’re cute, your hubby’s cute, your kids are cute, your house is cute… now that I think about it, you kind of make me sick. 🙂

  18. Whoa, what is with the evil devil cat fixing a curse on that poor child?

    That is definitely the coolest cake EVER! And you are simply beautiful, Aunt Becky!

  19. Gorgeous wedding. I always thought I was the only bride who wanted to leave their own “celebration”! I’m loving the cake!

  20. Thanks for sharing the pics. And props on not feeling the need to go all the way downstairs to get different ones! If I had my way, I ‘d get one of those old motorized chairs that slides up and down the railing. But I’d pimp it out with a leopard print seat cover, a drink holder (oooh, maybe even a mini bar on the back) and a mini TV!

  21. I love the one of you with your metal heads. And actually, when all was said and done (and that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BRIDESMAID DRESS was discarded and the FOUR HUNDRED BILLION PINS HOLDING MY HAIR TOGETHER were in the trash), I, too, had a good time at your wedding.

    Just remember, though: what goes around comes around. Go get your boob job so that I can have my topless wedding. Yellow taffeta hoop skirt, no top, parisol in one hand, live llama in the other.

  22. Okay, I had to come back and write something else after checking out the photos again (and I see someone else noticed too), but dude … *what* is up with that cat? Is that real? If so, you look mighty calm with it sitting there making The Evil Eye at you. oooo.

  23. That is the most insanely bodacious wedding cake I have ever seen. I now realize that mine was truly boring. (Except when my husband dropped part of it down the front of the most expensive dress I will ever own. That was exciting.)

  24. Sexay. I might just touch myself in the naughtiest of places when next we IM. That could be, like 10 years from now or something, but I’ll remember to do it.

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