For Father’s Day, instead of thanking all the men in my life which, GAG, we decided a blog carnival over at Band Back Together would be a better idear.

So all day today, you’ll see Father’s Day from some different perspectives: some good, some bad, some truly awful, but all real stories. Just like you like ’em.

If you’ve written about Father’s Day on your own blog, you can link up to The Master Blog Post here (that looks to me to say “Masturbater” but I think I’m exceptionally tired).

Please feel free to celebrate Father’s Day With The Band. I know I’ll be there.

Blog, Blog, GOOOSE!

5 thoughts on “Go Ask Aunt Becky – Blog, Blog, GOOOSE

  1. I like this idea. I really should have written that “Everything you ever wanted to know about killing and armadillo but were afraid to ask” ode to Father’s Day. But I watched old episodes of Jersey Shore instead. I am a bad person.

  2. Argh, I cannot figure out how to comment for Stacey. I am sorry deeply for her Father’s Day sorrow. It brings its own sorrow for me as well. I have prayers for peace for her tonight.

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