Dear Pranksters,

I find it odd to admit to you that I have friends, especially friendships that have lasted for more than a couple of months, but alas, it is true. Two years ago, I met Mrs. Soup. I only know it’s been two years because we have daughters the same age. Avi Soup is Amelia’s age. They’re also twins.

I can only tell them apart because her kid has more teeth than mine.

Kathy is also my age (30)(okay, she’s like 28 or some shit, I don’t know, WHATEVER, but she’s not like 90).

This is Kathy:

Now you know she’s not like 90 or something because LOOKIT HER and the FAT BABY who is not mine but looks a hell of a lot like it.

Also in that picture is her husband, Ryan.

Ryan is 27.

Ryan had a stroke on November 30. I know. I KNOW.

In the middle of the night, she woke up and he was in the throes of a stroke. No prior warning, no other health issues, no nothing. Just…BAM.

Everyone’s worst fucking nightmare.

I saw it happen on Twitter and promptly freaked the shit out because HI, THAT’S MY FRIEND AND THAT’S HER HUSBAND AND I KNOW WHAT GOES ON WITH THEM BECAUSE I TALK ON IM TO HER CONSTANTLY. But, of course, it wasn’t about me.

Ryan, her husband, is okay. He’s out of the ICU (last I heard, which was a couple of days ago) and moved to a rehab facility to help with his recovery. Kathy is back at work part-time and has moved back in with her parents to make ends meet.

Her blog has more information on it.

Occasionally, instead of talking about my ass, I can use my blog to do things like ask for prayers. Because Kathy? Kathy is the kind of person who has prayed for me. Without asking, she’ll pray for me and it always makes me feel fucking better. Because that’s the kind of fucking friend Kathy is. Also: she doesn’t say the f-word much, which makes me laugh, because occasionally I can coax it out of her, which makes it better. And I love her for it.

It’s my turn.

Pranksters, can you pray for my friend Kathy and her husband and her Mimi-lookalike-daughter-Avi? I know that she’d love it if you did. Just send her some love and some prayers and some light. Please?

I’ll bribe you with a Mimi video or something if you do.

Okay, so this is Kathy and her blog and you should visit her and least send her some love. RT her blog, FB it, Stumble it, whatever it is you kids do these days. I don’t know of anyone who could use some prayers and love more than her. She’s a beautiful person and her soul is golden and if you tell her I said that I’ll punch you in the taco.

(one of my friends has an etsy shop and all of her proceeds are going to benefit Kathy and Ryan Campbell. That’s fucking* awesome)

Love you madly,

Aunt Motherfucking Becky

*I threw in all the f-bombs for you, Kathy. xo



40 Responses to Go Ask Aunt Becky

  • Holy shitballs.

    What else is there to say?

  • Nancy P says:

    Consider it done.

  • Marganda says:

    Aunt Becky,

    This is the firs time i read and visit your blog. My English is not good but I was really laughing while reading your article. I’ll definitely help you with this! I kind of feel for her.

    I wish to speak like you, like dropping so much F-bombs!

  • Gen says:

    Your friend and her family are in my prayers tonight.

  • Kyddryn says:

    You got it, sugar…candle’s burnin’…

    Shade and Sweeetwater,

  • I am all over the prayers and shit! Got it! Only love is real.

  • JenniferB says:

    I can vouch. Kathy is a beautiful soul. I don’t pray, I just don’t do religion. But I would pray for Mrs. Soup because she totally deserves all the love and light in the universe right now. So could someone who does pray send in an extra one for me, because it is so fucked up that her husband is recovering from a stroke, I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through. And somehow she remains a positive light shining through it all. She’s amazing. Whatever love you can throw her way, she will somehow multiply and brighten the world with it, so please do. Thanks.

  • JenniferB says:

    I can vouch. Kathy is a beautiful soul. I don’t pray, I just don’t do religion. But I would pray for Mrs. Soup because she totally deserves all the love and light in the universe right now. So could someone who does pray send in an extra one for me, because it is so fucked up that her husband is recovering from a stroke, I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through. And somehow she remains a positive light shining through it all. She’s amazing. Whatever love you can throw her way, she will somehow multiply and brighten the world with it, so please do. Thanks.

  • KC (The Resident Bitch) says:

    HOLY. EFF.

    Done and done. Definitely sending mucho good vibes and prayers her way, I cannot even imagine something like that happening! So glad he’s doing better.

  • Melissa says:

    I read, I didnt comment, I prayed for thankfulness. Touchy subject for me. My first Father died of a stroke at 37. I am so happy for her. As happy as I am Anissa.

  • Andra says:

    Sending every possible positive thought I can find in my head…
    People think strokes only happen to the elderly, but they can happen to anyone.. Scary…

    I would pray, but then… she would most likely explode or some such.. religion and I have a bad history….

  • David Kay says:

    Gonna pray for Ryan and Kathy even though you can’t kick me in the taco.

  • GingerB says:

    I’d just like to add in how sick I am of strokes. Fuck you, stroke, you fucking fuckwit. My mom has had two in the last 10 days, and my sweet wee daughter had one in her first few days of life. When I go to Jazzercise (which means when I am not too injured from falling on ice while carrying said daughter and refusing to let stroke damaged brain in beautiful baby’s head hit concrete and therefore wrenched myself around and broke my fucking ass) whnever we do any kind of punch or kick move I “creatively” visualize stroke and punch it in its ass face while I think “fuck you, stroke! I’ll make you my bitch!” That is pretty much the only advice I can give to Mrs. Soup as a fellow person who loves a stroke survivor. Visualizing kicking its ass face does give me some satisfaction. I actually know a woman who in her twenties had a stroke while getting chiropractic treatments, so I’ve not been seeking that type of help for my broken ass and twisted back, because I can’t take the chance of the stroke demon coming to visit any more of my family members.

    I’m sending my prayer equivalent and wholeheartedly say that rehab/PT and OT are really amazing gifts to humanity. This Christmas, hug a physical therapist!! They are instrumental in making my family’s quality of life swing up, up, up and they deserve much praise.

    I love to see Mrs. Soup’s comments here, and I’ll go give her some love on the blog.

  • Becca says:

    Ok Aunt Becky, I am sending blessings for her family and yours, I imagine this is terribly hard for you too. Even though you almost made me cry!!

  • Praying for your friend and her family right now!

  • Your friend and her family are in my thoughts and prayers this season. I hope everything works out. Now, I have to go share her blog all over!

  • *Prayers*

  • Kelley says:

    Just visited Kathy’s blog & so appreciate your letting us know about it. You rock, Aunt Becky, and so does she!

  • SharleneT says:

    This is too said for such a young couple. We never know what or how the heartaches are going to come, but, rest assured, they do… There are no words that make it easier, because we only know how our own pain feels — but, prayers will always help, the person in pain and the loved ones watching and waiting… I keep a prayer jar filled with the names of those who need my prayers and, in case you didn’t know this, there are two times a day Grenwich Time), 12:00,noon and 8:00 p.m. when the WORLD joins in healing thoughts for five minutes. Even those not specifically named are included. You can feel the energy when you participate. All religions join in and those who don’t follow any credo can simply send healing thoughts. Count me in.

    For a special holiday memory, check out my other blog. Click on the Rockin’ Chair Reflections picture and read about: Christmas Miracle – 27 Puppies and Teddies

  • Kat says:

    Well, that fucking sucks! Prayers going up for the Soup family!

  • Nakai says:

    I pray that he recovers fully and quickly! Gosh, I couldn’t even imagine….

  • Kathy says:

    You are so fucking awesome. I fucking love you so fucking much.

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  • Lesley says:

    Of course we will pray for Ryan and his family! My I offer some shocking and terrible insight?

    Young people have strokes every day. Doctors and scientists don’t understand all of the reasons why, but the risk factors seem to be very different than for older folks. Why do I say this? Because my little baby had a stroke right before he was born. I know, WTF? We did every possible test under the sun on my baby (and us) to make sure that we didn’t have any of the “known” markers for clotting/strokes. We didn’t, so we are in the “who the hell knows” category.

    Even though we don’t know WHY strokes in young people happen, everyone should know the signs of stroke so we can get our loved ones to the hospital super fast.

    Here is a link to a website that talks about F.A.S.T.

    From their site:
    F—FACE: Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?

    A—ARMS: Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

    S—SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or strange?

    T—TIME: If you observe any of these signs, call 9-1-1 immediately.

    Many prayers!!! And, I’m going to check out those blogs now!

  • Rebecca says:

    I’ll pray that the doctors do all the right things and the support he gets after he’s released from the hospital helps him to regain his strength to his fullest abilities and he is able to be a mentally and physically capable daddy to his beautiful daughter. Lots of prayers for the whole family.

  • Camille says:

    Bet yur ass…prayers in progress and I’m on my way over to her site. You’re a good woman Aunt Becks…just saying.

  • Shannon says:

    Thanks for that.

  • Athena says:

    Prayers, hard and fast. I know the reality of stroke at sucha young age. My sister is only 28 and has suffered a few mini versions since she was 19. Your heart is forever on edge waiting whether the ‘big’ one will hit.

  • Lady-like Pervert says:

    Holy shit… 27. I’m sending my prayers to Kathy and Ryan. How scary is that??

  • Opto-Mom says:

    My mom died of a stroke when she was only 46. That shit sucks ass, Aunt Becky! So of course I will say many fervent prayers that the father of sweet little chubby cheeks will progress rapidly through rehabilitation, and that Kathy will maintain her sanity through this whole thing. And also that she will learn to effectively use the word “fuck” as a therapeutic tool.

  • Opto-Mom says:

    Oh, I would also like to tell The Stroke to shut her whore mouth! Go away, strokes…you suck!

  • Tracie
    Twitter: fromtracie

    Oh my goodness. Last month my husband had a stroke scare. It was the scariest moment of my life. The first thing I did after the initial shock wore off was IM my friend online and she prayed for me.

    But. This is not about me or my story, it is about Kathy and Ryan…and I want you to know that I will definitely pray for them, because I remember when we thought my husband had a stroke how scared and devastated I was (and it didn’t even turn out to be a real stroke) and how much my friend from online touched my heart and gave me a small measure of peace with her prayers.

  • Amelia says:

    I must say, I don’t think I’ve cried so much at a post that contained so many eff bombs. You are such a wonderful woman.

  • kbreints says:

    I love this post. I knew that you would say it like no one else 😉

  • Peter says:

    Half the people in my little country church do not understand how I have so many friends with very odd names to go on the prayer list. It doesn’t matter, though, Ryan Soup made the prayer list. And He will know who all those rednecks are praying for. My neighbor is Mormon and there will soon be a Bishop’s Blessing on the way, too. If I knew a Rabbi I would cover that base, too.

    My stroke was at the end of August, ’05. The only people that know about it are my doctors and my family and friends. Ryan can come back from this and it looks as if he has two beautiful reasons to do so. I told him that very thing.

  • Mollie Rowe says:

    I can totally see why you’re friends. 😉

  • 'cuz I'm the mommy says:

    Prayers going up!

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