Me: You know, someday when I die, if I get reincarnated or whatever…

Daver: Yeah?

Me: I want to come back as The Village Idiot.

Daver: It’s good to have such high goals, Becky.

20 thoughts on “Further Proof That There Really IS Someone Out There For Everyone

  1. Seriously Mother Fuckin’ Hysterical.

    I’m laughing outloud at my desk.

    thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for the laugh!

    I loves my Aunt Becky and the Daver!

  2. My first choice is to come back as Invisible Man, but if this is not possible, I would want to come back as my wife so that I can experience her luck…LOL

  3. Heh…sweet. Ain’t love grand?

    I’d come back as one of my cats – sit about in puddles of sun all day, be petted on a regular basis, have piles of yearn and fabric to nest in…what a life!

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K, who really isn’t the crazy cat lady…yet…

  4. I thought you said reincarcerated. 1st the birth control, now prison. I thought we were best friends, what else don’t I know about you? I am a moron though.

  5. I’d come back as Paris Hilton. Being famous just because you’re rich and slutty – that’s hot!

    Plus I’d get to carry Chihuahas around with me everywhere I go and I don’t know what would be more fun than that.

  6. If it’s based off of what you’ve done in this life, I’m coming back as a toilet brush. Also, I’m pretty sure I was a cat in one of my former lives.

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