66 thoughts on “Favorite Word Of The Day

  1. bananna hammock–haha

    how bout grape smuggler
    ass munch

    how bout the name we call my boss….
    sponge bob square nipples?–long story involving her w/ no bra and informing the office masses of her band-aid solution

  2. Penis..Cause I just think its funny and my hubs doesn’t like me to say it.

    Its really the way I say it I think. He says it makes him feel dirty in a bad way 😮

  3. Sons of bitches. It’s my grandmother’s favorite word. She uses it all of the time to describe people, ie, “Those sons of bitches at the market didn’t have any fresh bananas.” “Those sons of bitches in Washington need to pull their heads out of their asses!”

    She is so funny.

  4. I have a little thingy that’s made to hang my bananas on. My son calls it a banana hammock. I nearly piss myself everytime he says that.

  5. Not a “word”, can I interest you in my favorite phrases of the day?

    “What the crap?” and
    “Damn-ass son of a bitch”

    (Damn-ass being my all time favorite word)

  6. My current favorites are douchbag and dumbass, depending upon whom I’m talking about or to. They may or may not be preceded by the f-bomb.

  7. Oh now Ms. Aunt Becky you should of never in one thousand years asked Mr. Edward this one…..your in for it now…it’s not a word but a phrase of sorts:

    “Fuck my ass”

    I would say that all day and all night for just about any occasion not related to anything that has anything to do with my kids. I wish I could say this out loud everday to “eye candy men” I see on the street and those men that I’m into in my real life!

    Then of course theres the good ol “Oh Daddy” and the “Who’s the Man?….I’m the Man!”

  8. Oh my, there are so many, what to choose?

    I guess I would have to go with fuck-a-doodle-doo. I used that one for a long time. I also like to call people meanie buckets.

  9. Wow. I came here thinking you were just looking for random happy words, not necessarily the naughty ones! Ha!

    Asshat is my day to day – even my kids know an asshat when they see one, and distinguish between “good asshats” and “bad asshats” (presumably the ones with their roads paved to hell vs the ones purposefully being mean?) (I haven’t asked!)

    Assfuck is my go-to for when I’m actually annoyed.

    And my girlfriend telling people “Bite my left tit!!” or “Suck my cock!” *always* reduces me to a pile of giggles, thereby making it really difficult for her to look like a badass when she says it. Heehee! She tries to remember not to say these things when we have our combined 8 little monkeys in tow.

  10. Oh dear..hahhaha

    ok…..jack of ass is really a favorite. when something happeneds to me..(stubbed toe or something) I actually picked up from my husband..’well, fuck me in the ass..’ hahahaha

    you want your hubs to give ya a mouth to cootch action? tell him you want a cootch smootch!

    hahahaha Classic.

  11. My friend from Ireland would always say “Shower of Bastards!”

    My bf is Mexican – “Cabrone” is what I call him. In turn, he calls me “Cabrona”. It means “fucker” (that’s what he tells me anyway!)

  12. In these parts we call the banana hammock and under-the-butt-nut-hut. But my favorite word(s) these days is sperm gurgling cunt muscle. Twatwaffle runs a close second. I have issues. And lots of class.

  13. Some of the words that make me giggle like a 12 year old boy……
    Banana mammock
    Fart (especially when my 18-mo-old girl says it)
    Butt munch
    Wiener (my dad used this word when referring to hot dogs)

    I could go on and on.
    But I can’t because I’m laughing too hard.

  14. I have to say ‘kriegel’ is my favorite currently…after my 5th grade teacher. She would walk (waddle?) by our desks farting. So, ‘kriegel’ weng from being a name to a verb…akin to farting. So, if you’re ‘kriegeling’ you have some mad gas. Or you ‘kriegeled.’ You get the idea. So very juvenile, but I giggle every time my best friend says it.

  15. This is not *quite* what you’re looking for, but I’m really partial to “eff”…whatever. I try not to use the f word too much, but I think it’s so perfect in many instances. So my compromise is I can say (or think to myself) Eff this. So at book group last I turned to a passage that I’d marked with a post-it and written “What the eff? Who does this?” and the person sitting next to me saw the note and outed me for using e-f-f instead of the f word.

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