So, what do you think of the new design? Honestly, do you heart it as much as I do?

68 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish Your Blog Was As Hot As Mine?

  1. This is the most fabulous blog design I have ever seen!

    the only problem is …I am not in your blogroll.

    doodle that in your agenda, Auntie!

  2. The stationery lover in me has serious blog envy. The sicko pervert misses the masturbation kitten-eating monsters. }:-)

    It’s awesome, seriously.

  3. Wait…where is the kitty being chased by the “touch yourself” monsters? come on I loved the “God kills a kitten every time you masturbate”…oh I miss it but I guess I will adjust.

  4. I love it….been stalking….oops…reading your blog for a while and have always enjoyed your writing. Really like the new format. Please keep up the good work!

  5. The only thing that grates on my last nerve is the huge waste of space in the margins. Clearly this “complaint” is not with your stylistic choice considering 90% of blog layouts have this issue. Wide margins mean posts are looooonnnnngggg and narrrrooowwwww and for some reasons it bugs me. It’s kinda like when someone says they’ve packed the car for a roadtrip. Then you take a look in the car and there’s all kindsa unused space and shit shoved in awkward directions. And then I rip the shit out and re-pack it. Yeah, unused margins are like a poorly packed trunk. G’head and try to make sense of that!

  6. WHOA.
    i came here from twitter and am happy you gave me warning… the new decor is gorgeous. and well…i am a little bit in love with the yellow post-its flapping up at the top.

    so so jealous.

  7. Wow, this makes me want to fiddle with my own blog design… and since I can get sucked into coding for hours and hours (why yes, I am that geeky…), that’s not good now that I’ve got exams coming up.

  8. I like it, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped threatening to kill kittens. The first time I came to your blog I didn’t read it because of that.

    I’ve never seen this theme, and i’ve seen hundreds………………….. and hundreds, looking for one. It’s really different and pretty. The title needs a little tweaking (at least in my screen resolution, 640 x 480) to line up with the brown box. Otherwise, very nice!

  9. Very classy, just like you. Speaking of classy, have you checked out my maxipad slippers yet?? Very hot, if I do say so myself, and so practical!

  10. HOLY CUTENESS! Obvs I’m behind in my blog reading and I jumped over here to do something totally unrelated to *ahem* checking you out and I just can’t stop ogling!

    *sigh* Totally completely utterly without a doubt jealous.

  11. OMG, not only do I love it, but it was one of the themes I have bookmarked for my upcoming never gunna happen cause I am too damn lazy upgrade!

    So tell me, can you change the colours?

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