15 thoughts on “Did Someone Say Britney?

  1. Me Against the Music was a guilty pleasure for me when it came out. And then the Glee version became an even guiltier pleasure..you know, with the rest of Glee.

  2. Normally, I wouldn’t have clicked on this because well… It’s Spear Britney, Duh…

    But since Aunt Becky posted, I thought I’d ignore my (severe) reservations and click anyway, what the hell, right??

    Well, Internet People, I’m DEF glad I did.

    **High 5 AB**

  3. I agree, the second woman singing (dark long hair) and last guy were AMAZING! What a treat to hear the songs done VERY well! (Sorry Brit.)

  4. Brittany S Pearce is the best character on Glee. Agree with the other comments about the girls in vid 2 being amazing.

    Love your blog btw – got here through The Bloggess.

  5. So, in the first video: what is up with the rolling in the leaves??? LOL
    Second girl. Omg. Brilliant.
    Third girl. HA!!!!! Love it.
    Fourth: I’m laughing my ass off. AH! can’t breathe!
    The last one was great! His accent made my knees go weak 😛

  6. Loved the acostic version!!

    I am still watching this, but did you get the chance to do the one from Marty Casey (from when he was in the Rock Star: INXS on TV a couple years ago?) because I love his version of ‘Baby One More Time’ – very dark and yummy!

    Thanks AB, very awesome as usual!!

  7. Well, that was a fun ride. I wonder if Britney trolls the Interwebs for things like this when she has insomnia…. The second girl was amazing, the last band was also great, but I LOVE the kid dancing in the Apple store! I was dying. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks so much, AB! Had a really crappy 2 days, and saw this first thing when I sat down to do ‘work’ this morning — totally changed my mood for the better.

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