Gather ’round Aunt Becky’s knee, Internet, because she’s gonna give you today’s word of the day.




Be glad that you’re not ACTUALLY related to me so I don’t whip THIS out in front of your friends or family:

Tacky AND Unrefined

Behold my old cell phone, which not only was delightfully bejeweled, but also weighed about 3.6 pounds.

Happy Wednesday.

90 thoughts on “Delightfully Tacky And Unrefined

  1. I think that my daughter had one of those, except Sleeping Beauty was on it, and on yea, the phone was plastice and made incredibly annoying noises! She used to call all the other Disney princesses on it.

  2. In the tradition of elementary school art projects, that sucker still needs to be painted with glue and dipped in glitter before it’s done.

  3. My cubicle-mate’s current phone looks like that. I call her Rainbow Brite. Well for the phone and the spandex leggings in irridescent colors she wears on the bus ride to work.

  4. If it had a different letter on it it could be my mother in laws’s. (As in, her current phone). Or my sister in law’s. Please feel sorry for me, at least this is your *old* phone 😉

  5. Oh my, that is SEX-AY!!!!!

    Excuse me while I laugh.

    And laugh some more.

    Okay. No, wait, I’m not done.

    Bwah ha hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahah

    Okay, I’m all right now. Thanks, Aunt Becky. I needed that today.

  6. I did that to my Palm Centro once. The jewels dug into my ears and they kept falling off… Then my phone went schizo and I had to get a new one. And the jewels wouldn’t stick on the new one. Sad.

    I need to use Swarovski crystals and super-glue them on next time. I’ll take the sore ears to have a sparkly phone.

    And you, my darling Aunt Becky, are totally delightfully tacky yet unrefined. I love your Hooters. And your poon.

  7. Just so you know – putting that kind of stuff on your cell phone will sometimes VOID the warranty. I’m not even joking. I only know this because my kid’s dad works for a cell phone company, and told me. Instead, you should put those jewels on your shoes. And wear them out in public.

  8. Oh the horror! Ya know several years ago a friend of mine got me a wee little green snow parka for my cell phone. It was so cute and I used it for a few months till I got tired of looking like a freakshow who had to undress her phone to answer it.

  9. Oh, visions of you in the grocery store with 3-inch Lee Press-Ons, open-mouthed gum chewing and talking really loudly to nobody on the other end, “Oh no he di’nt! GIRULL, HE JES AIN NO GOOD!!”

  10. Honey, if I could roll myself in glitter every morning and not have to worry about unusual growths coming out of my head, I’d do it! Glitta is my life! 😀 And, yet, I haven’t done that to my phone. Probably because I don’t use it enough to warrant display-ability concerns.

  11. Dang! I turned in my old cell phone when I got the new one, otherwise I would take a picture of it. I did the EXACT SAME THING to my phone, which I think is the EXACT SAME PHONE as yours, except with blue and silver crystals. So I guess it wasn’t the exact same thing but close. Anyway, I would leave the phone in the hot car and the adhesive would melt so I Gorilla Glued those little suckers to the phone. Tres Tacky.

  12. NICE!! I will admit to glueing swarovski crystal rhinestones on my car keys. There are about 10 of them. On the flat part. Where you put your thumb. My husband sighed, and rolled his eyes when he saw them. 4 years ago.

  13. Love the cell phone. I would do that to mine if I had the courage. Seriously lacking in bravado at the moment. I think I could manage one little sparkle and I would probably cover it up with my thumb when I took my phone out.

    Did you do the whole decoration thing yourself? And how? (Excuse the dumb questions).

    1. I did the bedazzling myself, after I ordered away for a kit. And my job doing it? SUCKED. I am not (OBVIOUSLY) crafty. The stupid stones fall off constantly, the glue was a bitch to work with, and yeah, bad idea. But man, I’d do it to my iPhone in a second if I could.

  14. I LOVE IT and OH my gosh!! I did the same thing to my old Nokia! Someone made the mistake of putting a bunch of packets of those sticky jewels in my stocking a few years ago… but i didn’t stop there! I also have sparkly flowers on every knob in my house (doors, dressers ect.) I love it, thats all that matters….

  15. Dude, I am totally going to invest in a Bedazzler if both these twinklets turn out to be girls. To save money, I’ll just bejewel the hell out of my son’s old clothes. I’m not seeing how this couldn’t work — and be AWESOME.

  16. that so TOTALLY matches those oh-so-sexy purple boots of mine that ye covet… 😛

    where do ya get that shit??? i’ve been wanting to do my phone since hubs and I got new ones- our old ones were the same phone- mine white, his black but the new ones are IDENTICAL- the only diff is that I use the 24hr clock and he uses 12 hr and I have a better ring tone… So I figured with some girly-bling, there’d be no more confusion!! Hook a girl up!!!

  17. I love that! I’d never own it personally but I love it. I’ve always wanted to be the sort of girl who does bright sparkly bling like that, only in purple instead of pink. But I can’t bling. I stare at it and stare at it, but it just so isn’t really me

  18. Ghetto Fabulous!! LOL!!! I think it screams see me, wanna be me. Came across your site and the name grabbed me. Luv it! You have gained 1 more stalker!


  19. I’d probably have that phone if it didn’t make it too damn appealing for my three year old to be able to keep her paws off it. I have basic black silicone so it won’t be so inviting but I covet a pink satin case with dangly charms.

  20. In our house, old cell phones = kiddie toys, so no jewel choking hazards. But I’d totally bling out my old phones if we didn’t have munchkins. Totally bitchin.

  21. Oh, Aunt Becky. This is…Wow. See if I did that, I’d get nothing but “Laverne” comments.

    Also, really? You’d besmirch your almighty iPhone with those? If you’re going to pretty it up you need to use Swarovskis for it! Go hard or go home!

    Also, Ed SHOULD get comment-of-the-thread award.

  22. Melissa. my first thought when I saw that phone was that Aunt Becky had mugged Amber Moore and stolen her phone.

    Way to own it, Aunt Becky

  23. Dude. I have always wanted to Bedazzle something! Please tell me you clipped that bad-boy on your fanny pack and walked around with the similarly encrusted ear piece. Bitchin’.

  24. I. Want. One. Seriously, if it wouldn’t distract me every five seconds while it was sitting on my desk at work, I would SO do that.

  25. That thing is crazy with the sexy…LOL!!! My daughter and I joked that when she has her ankle surgery and is back in the famous, ugly as fucking hell, boot, we’ll need to ask someone to bejewel it with Christmas colors and shit cuz surely that will 1) make it all purdy and shit and 2) make her feel better about being back in the damn boot over Christmas!!!

    Aunt Crazy

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