We spent the night in the ER only to learn that Alex has cellulitis. Poor guy.

47 thoughts on “Damn You Staph Aureus!

  1. Poor little guy! You’re right – he looks like he’s been in a brawl! Just tell everybody: “Yeah, well you should see the other guy!”. On second thought – don’t.

  2. Awww! Poor little dude! My nephew had that on (in?) the eye region of his face as well, about a year ago. Glad you caught it before it got any worse. Still adorable, though. 🙂

  3. Boo! Poor baby! I’m so sorry!!I had a friend with that on his leg and it was noooo fun. I’m guessing you are so far behind on sleep the world is a terrible place right now. Hugs to all of you.

  4. Tell the truth, you took your kid to the bar with you and when they tried to cut you off a brawl started.

    All kidding askide poor Alex looks like he’s totally miserable.

    Hope he’s feeling better soon.

  5. Hrm. I thought I commented from my phone. Guess it didn’t go through.

    My 2 month old just had a bout of staph on her arms. It was NASTY. Her milk allergy induced eczema somehow got infected with it and it oozed like you wouldn’t believe. She was on cephalexin and acyclovir for 10 days. That was fun!

    Hope he’s better soon!

  6. Poor little guy!

    At a quick glance, it looks like he’s knocking back a beer in that photo – which goes well with the shirtless, bed-head, messed-up eye look that he’s also sporting.

    I hope the antibiotics are good to you!

  7. Ok, quirky confession time: I used to get cellulitis like that, on my cheek, leading up into my eye, EVERY SPRING. Right around allergy time. My first was on my 30th birthday in ’99; my last was April or so in ’05. The GP kept telling me to go to an allergist; the allergist kept flailing hands and telling me to go to a GP. Finally, the GP suggested when allergies were bad and things were feeling funky in my nasal passages (we made some connection given they always happened around my passages next to my nose or under my eye) to swab my nose with neosporin on a q-tip for a few days.

    Seriously, there must be more of these outbreaks, but apparently we haven’t made the med journals yet. Mark it on the calendar, and next year, start swabbing.

    Hope he feels better fast — those hurt like a mofo.

  8. Dude….Kind of makes me look a little bad ass, don’t it? The way he’s looking at the camera…..Like he was just in a big ol’ toddler rumble….”You want a piece of this mom? huh? Come over with that medicine…Let’s see where I stick this bottle!”

  9. Having just gotten over our kick ASS staph fun I can say that it’s major suckage. I’m glad too that you didn’t wait like we did – you know, until it swells up and it’s obvious that it’s no longer a little pimple.

    You’re smarter than me! Hope Alex feels better soon.

  10. I guess I’ll join the chorus. Poor little dude! Hopefully they gave you so good antibiotics to knock that infection on its @ss.

  11. Mom on the vodka, little man on the beer….

    I’d be knocking back a beer too though after a fight that left me looking like that!

  12. Um, I know he’s like, your child and not mine, and everything? And we are not even in the same state, let alone room? But um, that eye looks so sad it kinda made my milk let down. OK, that was weird and stalker-y. I don’t want to feed him anymore. Really. Damn, that eye. Whoo.

  13. Whew, swine flu it ain’t. Hope he’s feelin spry and sassy in no time and back to his old tricks lickity split. And you, don’t over medicate yourself…too much.:O)

  14. Aw, poor little guy. I had a nasty case of cellulitis thanks to a nasty cat bite. Good luck getting him to take the antibiotics. I feel like I end up with more in the floor than in the kids when they get sick.

  15. whoa,
    thats what celliulitis can do? omfriggin god.
    how did that , and or how can that happen? from a cut?

    ow, ow,
    that could have not been a fun night.
    I hope Alex feels better and gets better soon, and I hope you recover soon too.

  16. Dang, that sucks. My kids both had mrsa, and we had to put antibiotic stuff inside our noses for a couple weeks so no one else would get it…even the dogs!

  17. Poor baby! Hope he feels better soon! And, as much as it pains me to say this, you’ll need to refrain from smooching those cheeks on my behalf, just for a little while. On the upside, you could teach him to do a killer Stallone impression. “Yo, Adrienne!”

  18. Oh, that poor little man! When I was studying abroad in Africa, I got a nasty, nasty staph infection all over my face–huge open sores that wept and grew and wept and grew. It was glorious. And best of all, people stared wherever I went. Finally, when a man on the bus turned and asked me, “What happened to your face?” I just snapped, “It’s leprosy!”

    Do you have any badass pictures of Ben? Because between Alex’s black eye and Amelia’s scar, you can set up a series of photos that make your kids look like they can take on anyone!

  19. Poor little sweetie.

    I heard ice cream makes everything better. For you, not really Alex, although it couldn’t hurt him either.

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