I’m afraid I cannot deliver the second installment of this story as I have stupidly fallen down the stairs and twisted my ankle. It now looks like a potato and I’m debating going to the ER or not. The pain is mighty, and I will likely not get Vicodin (the only thing to make this whole debacle worth it).

But don’t worry, lovers, I have not forgotten you. I will be back.

32 thoughts on “Cliffhanger

  1. Go for the dr. that will give you the good drugs. I have a dr that is generous with his perscription pad and I shamelessly called and got vicodin for Aunt Flo yesterday. If you were close I would share.

  2. OH NO!!!

    OK, advice from some who has a screwed up ankle… GO ALREADY!!!!!

    I wrecked mine 20 years ago (long story involving a bicycle) and didn’t go to get it looked at. Months later when I finally got tired of limping like Quasimodo, the doc told me it should have been casted but that I was completely and utterly screwed having left it for 6 months. She was right… I still have problems with it!

  3. Dude, when I was on hospital bed rest they gave me Vicodin for a headache – a headache that was the beginning signs of Pre-E. So they can TOTALLY give you the goods. INSIST. Mama needs drugs.

  4. You fell down the stairs and instead of seeking immediate medical treatment you instead think of us? You are hard core!! No worries, we can wait. Take care of yourself!!

  5. Aww piss. I sprained my ankle BIG TIME (nerve damage) in ’94 — let me know what they tell you, and we’ll swap stories. Be strong.

  6. how are you?! AND I really wanted more on Uncle pervy…what an exciting life you have.

    whispering…(and how is the baby…?)

  7. Sorry about your foot, but I am seriously waiting for the rest of this story!! You had me literaly LOL at your last few posts.

    Stomping over from NCLM

  8. Mmmm. Sour cream and bacon bits.

    Sorry, your reference to a potato…

    Hope your ankle heals up quick. And we are still waiting to hear the end of your story…so I hope you didn’t bump your head too! Don’t forget to update us soon!

  9. I hope you’re OK and that you get some good drugs. Vicoden is fun but, unfortunately, it makes me vomit. And vomiting is not fun.

  10. Awe sweetie. Take care of yourself…and in the meantime I’ll be waiting *patiently* for the rest of your story!

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