Purchased at the pharmacy on Saturday night:

  • 1 box vinyl gloves (in a kicky purple!)
  • 1 bottle Maalox regular
  • 1 bottle Maalox extra-strength
  • 1 bottle body lotion
  • 1 bottle Imodium
  • 1 bottle Pedialyte
  • Tin of Bag Balm
  • 1 box Chewable Pepto-Bismol
  • Air Freshener Spray

The teenage cashier looked mortified as she rang up my purchases until I said, “oh we’re just having a party tonight. Celebrate the whole Jesus-Thing.”

Then she looked very, very frightened.


How was YOUR Easter, Pranksters?

45 thoughts on “Celebratin’ Easter The Right Way.

  1. The vinyl gloves reminds me of The Summer My Son Decided to Stop Pooping or Why I Didn’t Have a Fourth Child.

    I bet you don’t want to even think about chocolate.

  2. That’s like the time I went into a Walgreens and purchased.

    Roll of duck tape.

    20 feet of rope

    large black plastic bags

    and a chainsaw.

    I told her I had some loose ends to wrap up at home.

    Happy Monday!!!

  3. Here is hoping you and the kids got over the crud quickly. Those are chocolate bunnies no one wants to have…

  4. Sickies for Holidays is no fun!! I hope you all get better soon. And I love terrifying the teenage cashier’s it makes my day, night etc..

    If it makes you feel any better at all, the bob Ross Bunny Card hand my mother in law all in an uproar yesterday it was priceless, then I proceeded to show her the rest. it was one of the better Easter’s I’ve had watching her meltdown.

  5. Can you imagine being a friend of the cashier and listening to her tale after work? LOL

    Our Easter was GREAT because all of our lovelies were HOME!

  6. Best shopping list ever.

    Easter was pretty good. Only one child on antibiotics — double ear infection AND pink eye (because why have or when you can have AND?). May the germs leave our houses quickly!

    Though today I’ve got a plumber at the house who is whacking apart the old cement utility tub in our laundry area and replacing it with a new non-cement one that I hope won’t leak or overflow.

  7. Sounds about right. We weren’t barfin’ and poopin’ but there was more than enough hackin’ and snortin’. Why does everyone always have to be sick n Easter? Maybe this is the last of it. A last hoorah for winter.

  8. priceless. I think you should have added feminine products, a pair of scissors, SOS pads, maybe some cheetos and a gallon of milk just to round it out. Nice, random, thoughts. And ask for a price check on the tampons. Really make that teen work for her $7.25/hr. I see it as an incentive to stay in school.

  9. Why do people get all sensitive when the word “Jesus” is mentioned? Geesh. I celebrated Easter Sunday by putting up a post called “Smut and Filth.”

  10. And this post is a perfect example of why I check your blog on regular basis. Best part, I would have made the exact same comment…

  11. You know they have a vaccine for rotavirus now. It works great for the children, but they might want to also vaccinate the parents. I just spent 6 days getting over rotavirus myself.

  12. I ate lamb, the first non-seafood meat I’ve eaten in a year, on Easter. I needed that Maalox. But, it was so yummy

    Hope everyone’s feeling better now.

  13. Your Easter sounds fantastic! oy. And far better than my Passover, wherein my husband referred to my first ever homemade matzoh ball soup as “Stone Soup.” snort.

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