So the Internet has this thing called “Caturday,” which is sorta (I think) like a day that cat people gather together to celebrate cats; and worship them. There are probably like, Cat Saints and shit, but I don’t know. I assume it’s a Cult of Caturday, but not entirely sure. Either way, I have four cats and no one has EVER invited me to participate in Caturday Events, which makes me feel like I’m not as special a snowflake as my Mom once told me I was.

There’s also: Wordless Wednesday, which is, from what I can tell, a really easy way to be all, “I posted shit” when really you just googled pictures and slapped ’em up. (please don’t lob things at me).

You wanted the best? YOU GOT THE BEST.

Caturday + Wordless Wednesday:

Caturday and Wordless Wednesday

GOLLY GEE WILLAKERS! Look at those fucking CATS getting MARRIED! How’d the cats get into those wee costumes? DID THEY HAVE WEDDING SEX?


caturday and wordless Wednesday
HAHAHAHAHA! Those fucking meerkats are getting married, motherfucker! HILARIOUS. And it has “kat” in the name, which I assume means that these mereCATS are a part of Caturday! Plus, this is a photo I found on Google, so it’s Wordless Wednesday TOO!

Wordless Wednesday and Caturday

Oh noes! Who let the dogs out? Was that me?

OF COURSE IT WAS, SILLY! Who DOESN’T think that dog weddings are awesome? (answer: people who love Hitler).

Maybe NOW I’ll get invited into the super sekret Caturday Society?

15 thoughts on “International Cat Day + Wordless Wednesday + Caturday!

  1. Many years ago, my mom used to show American Tail in her Spanish classes – dubbed in Spanish, of course. Out of the blue, after reading this post, I now have “Pero, no AYE gatos en America!” in my head.

  2. Those meerkats look a little stiff. Taxidermy? lol! I rather like the two dogs in their wedding garb though… My mom used to call it a dog wedding when our female dog was in heat. Don’t ask me why…Maybe cause there was all of dogs trailing after her & all that missing was the rice?! LOL!!! Who knows..

  3. i had four cats. i only have three now because one is dead. (i guess technically i still have him… TECHNICALLY.) and i was never invited to this caturday cult worship thingamajig. and animal weddings are wrong. how do we know they want to be in a monogamous relationship? we’re forcing them into a lifestyle without understanding their beliefs and shit.

  4. You should see the crazy stuff on Facebook *hangs head in shame* we did a joke cat page for ours and the silly cats have over 3k friends. It’s all fun and games until people do the weddings or think the cats really type. as dumb as it is, the absurdity of it helps me deal with a bad day at work or the impending D day for me.

  5. Um, I think this might call for the crying I-just-love-cats-so-much video, followed by your crying I-just-love-hot-dogs-so-much rebuttal.

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