There is nothing not absolutely awe-inspiring about this. Especially since it MAGICALLY appeared in my iPhoto library. I think it’s a sign.

Is the best part that she’s named Cornfed? Or that he’s a white dude named Bill Cosby (WHO IS VERY CLEARLY NOT THE REAL BILL COSBY)?


It’s her response.

P.S. The current front-runner for most inappropriately named porno is “Hairy Pooter.”

P.P.S. Outdo me. I dare you.

37 thoughts on “Can’t Blog. Too Busy Thinking About Inappropriately Named Pornos

  1. My parents had a copy of On Golden Blonde and for the longest time I thought it was a tape of Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn having sex. Thanks for dredging up that horrible memory!

  2. There was a Porn & Milkshakes party while I was in college in which we watched bad porn and, well, drank milkshakes. The Queer Witch Project was on; I never saw Blair Witch Project, but I don’t think there were a cop and a biker in it…

    The Disney cartoon related names are horrible: Pete’s Draggin’, Poke-a-hot-ass, etc

  3. I think “Junk In the Trunk” has to be my all time favorite porno name. I wonder if cornfed up there would think it’s a car overhaulin’ show?

  4. Pornos that I will produce when i retire would be :
    1. Butts Up Doc
    2. The Mad Scatter

    My favorites that are already made would be “Iniana Jones and the Temple of Poon”, “Harry Twatter” and “Stretch Me Uncle Tim”

      1. Alli,
        Sad part about the two that i made up was that I came up with “Butts Up Doc” when i was in the 7th grade, true story! I know i need help, but it is what it is…lol

  5. “Poop Chutes and Ladders.” Only took me about 10 seconds to think of that one. I fear there may be something terribly wrong with me.

  6. when i was babysitting once… I found a vid with the label, “Three Men and a Lady” ..thinking it was the funny sequel to “Three Men and a Baby” .. I popped it in…. I got about 15 minutes in before I realized I was watching a whole different kind of sequel… the porn version… still have the horrible images in my brain.

  7. “Snow White and The Seven Sailors” is my personal favorite followed closely by ‘”Hairy and The Hendersons” and “The Three Muffkateers”

    1. OMG, Marta, that may be the most inappropriate one of all time. It’s not based off a Children’s movie title, but it’s a WAY more sensitive movie topic… good job!

  8. the true beauty of this is the picture is 80’s pop tragic Howard jones and I choose to believe that it is IN FACT him going around educating young cornfeds in the ways of The Sex and pretending that he is Bill Cosby.

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