….may I introduce to you, my sweet Internet friends, my new daughter, Amelia Grace.

With her daddy…

With her youngest body guard…

And lastly, with her now neurotic and freaking the fuck out mother. Who could probably use some vodka right about now.

We’re home now and doing fantastically, save for the PANIC! that I seem to have coursing through my veins. What, me hormonal? Tomorrow, we’ll call the neurosurgeon (am not planning upon getting used to that phrase) and arrange an appointment to see when she’ll be having surgery to remove the hernia.

While he seemed unconcerned, this wasn’t HIS daughter’s head he was talking about, so you’ll have to excuse me now while I go drool over a bottle of Valium while stroking it lovingly. Thank you all so very much for your kind words and prayers. If anything has helped me, it is that.



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