Ha! No, not me. Over at Toy With Me, I’m sharing the story of the break-up of Amy and her boyfriend (who many of you may know by her REAL name) which coincided with the break-DOWN of Amy. Were she not a complete lunatic, I’d probably have left sleeping dogs where they lay.

But, they’re also running a sweet ass in the mornin’ contest over there if you’re in the mood to share break-up horror stories. Because I’m sure you have some awesome ones (who doesn’t?).

Also, if you entered my Amazon.com giveaway multiple times, please make sure that every entry had a comment so that my tiny brain can randomly pick a winner (with some help from Random Number Generator).

I leave you with this:

My Hairscut

My brand new super-villain hair cut.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to trample the dreams of some children or kick some adorable puppies.

58 thoughts on “Breaking. Up.

  1. Nice! The new hair is awesome! (And evil. Very, very evil. But what fun is a new hairstyle if it can’t be evil?)

  2. LOVE the hair! I went with evil bitch red, myself…heading to the contest, I’ve had some stalker break up doozies in my day…

    You’re best but I’ve got Christmas toys to break!

  3. Why do all the supervillainesses have one streak in their hair?

    Why do supervillains frequently shave their heads?

    Things to ponder on a Tuesday afternoon…

  4. Love the blond highlight/streak thing! Very cool.

    I have a few streaks too – they are white and crinkly and frizz up in the humidity. Alas, I have blond hair so it looks like real highlights, but sadly, just old age or stressful life?

  5. Save the puppies…trample the dreams of kids instead. MUCH more rewarding in the long run. Especially if you’re a shrink. Which you’re not. But you could be.

    LOVE the hair!

  6. Oh! Can I be an evil arch-nemesis with you? I even have our names picked out:

    The Evil Empress and Badger Girl!

    What? Badgers are kind of evil.

  7. Totally digging the hair. I have yet to grow the balls to go that short because I sometimes get lazy and let it go curly, and that would mean my hair would look like an afro. I DID cut it recently so that the bangs my layers are that short. The rest of it is still bra length. For the men, that means it reaches the top of your bra strap..

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