Let me ask you this, o! wise Internet:

Why are all of the really big blogs so very big? Stupid Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. Great writing + great timing (got in on the ground floor before everybody and their hairdresser/tire rotator had a blog). Honestly I’m not sure. They kinda intimidate me to be honest. I don’t even post on the big ones in the IF circles, let alone the BIGGER ones out there.

    I sorta shrug the whole thing off and wish them well. The internet’s a crazy place.

  2. No clue. But I Have some inklings: Some of the “big” blogs I read are consistently hilarious and engaging, and update regularly. They tend to avoid overly introspective or self-indulgent posts–which lead me to believe that I will never be a Big Blogger.

    That being said, I think some popular blogs are popular because people have a tendency to be sheeptastic–reading the blogs that are cool simply because they’re cool.

    But honestly in my limited reading sphere most of the big ‘uns are genuinely amazingly entertaining to me. (Dooce–and I hate to blaspheme–doesn’t fall into this category, so I don’t read her regularly.)

  3. I tend to ramble, so maybe someday I’ll have a ‘big girl blog.’ (as opposed to the ‘fat girl blog’ I have now. not the same at all.)
    Really, I have enough stress in my life withuot adding ‘blog envy’ to the list. Jeez, is this what men experience with the whole ‘size don’t matter’ thing?

  4. I’ve decided that the most popular blogs have lots of pictures. Pioneer Woman? Pictures up the wazoo. People like pictures. Jessica Claire? 1 million hits in just under one year.

    But there’s one exception: Dooce. Do you read her? She’s amazingly funny but very brief. I click on her posts so fast when they come up in my Google Reader because I know it will take like 30 seconds. She has no more than one picture with almost every post.

    Other blogs? I don’t know why they’re so popular.

    Personally? I like blogs that are funny. Pictures, meh. Unless it’s something I’m really interested in (vintage/antiques). Otherwise, I want to giggle when I read a blog.

  5. Some provide highly useful advice. See LifeHacker or ProBlogger.

    Some help people feel better about themselves and make sense of their lives. See Zen Habits.

    Some are highly entertaining. See Dooce.

    Some fake their numbers. (Won’t say who).

    There. These are my theories.

  6. I have often wondered about this myself. Some of the biggest blogs are really very, very poorly written. In fact, I think my daughter’s blog is the best written blog I know of. She’s an amazing writer with a lot to say, although she has about three readers.
    I don’t know. I think many blogs pander to the masses’ delight in snarkiness. And although many bloggers are trying very hard to be funny, I don’t find much of what they write to be truly humorous.
    Me? I like the sincerely asked question, the attempt to get to what life is all about. Humor, definitely. Sometimes tears are involved. Many questions can never be answered.
    Just like real life.

  7. I just posted about my personal opinion on blogs. Of course, I sort of sound like a blog snob but really, it’s all about me. I mostly want to be entertained, but I don’t think I read the truly big ones. I’m not sure. I like yours. Is this considered a big one? Hmmmm. I guess I haven’t got a clue.

  8. I have wondered about this too. I have been blogging for over 3 years and I never had “gain a following” as a goal. I think I am too depressing or rambly to ever be BIG. But I do like that the people that comment are familiar. And based on your comment counts I SO would put you in the cusp of big blog.

  9. I think sometimes people just aren’t honest about things.Plus some are just so funny you have to read.But,what do I know I am just a little pee on lol?

  10. I know, dude. Some of them are still good, and some of them USED to be good and still have their loyal followers, but I don’t get it either. I am lucky if I get 2-3 comments, and they’re getting hundreds! I don’t really care, though, because the ones who do comment on my posts are now sorta friends, and I refuse to put ads and stuff on my blog because that’s not what it’s about for me.

  11. No idea, cuz I don’t read any of the biggies. Well I do go to Pioneer woman when she is writing her love story or has a good recipe, but that is it.

    Hope you are doing well this week, take care,

  12. It’s not the size of the blog that matters…it’s the power in it. The power to move you, make you laugh, let you escape, make you think…

    You. Are. A . Big. Blog.


  13. Umm, I think yours is the biggest blog I frequent, lover. I’ve done Dooce, Pioneer Woman, et als, but sometimes I think when they get really big that they aren’t as interesting. I think they start to watch what they write a bit too much for my taste. You can see it if you go back in their archives.

    I likes it raw and real. I like photos if they’re good. I like videos if they’re funny. I like political blogs that start fights. I like mommy rants if they ring true. I like creative people who make me think. I like dark humor. I like sadness. I like honesty. I like you, Aunt Becky! You’re big enough for me. Hell, honey, didn’t you have over a hundred comments on fucking peanut butter wars?

  14. No clue-

    I’m assuming they promote it a whole bunch–
    I don’t read any big blogs regularly–

    I think I would be mortified if I ever had a “Big Blog.” Too much pressure. I can barely keep up with 2 posts a week!

  15. This seems to be a theme on a lot of blogs lately, including mine. I have no clue why some of them are as big as they are, I read the people I enjoy (like yourself) and if they do me the same favor, great. I’m not funny enough or smart enough to ever be big, and that’s okay. I’m just writing to write.

  16. big blogs keep it high level. they never talk about anything that actually matters. just pictures or funny things.

    life can’t be that damn funny all the time. if it is, i’m seriously in need of some meds because i must have the imbalance from hell.

    seriously, its popular because it lets people escape the trouble of their own lives. they like to read/watch either people with NO problems are people with BIGGER problems than theirs.

  17. I have had ONE fairly well remarked on post in several years of intermittent blogging, and it was not intended to be anything but a silly little story about my brothers (and circumcision) — since then I have experimented with putting catching “newsy” titles and subjects into my posts — nothing, nada, same old reliable readers (3) who make me feel like they are a friend

    If you want a gazillion replies to your post, try talking about circumcision — apparently it’s quite the hot topic and there are some people out there who are militant in their opinions and have nothing better to do than google it every day and go spout their opinion vehemently, loudly, and NON STOP — who knew that a few centimeters (well actually it’s something like 15 square inches if you buy this one guys explanation) of skin could be such a conversation starter

    otherwise, just be you, you are funny, smart, and real — which is much better than big!

  18. here’s what i think. is it a blog? or is it a website? biggies lose the blog flavor and become a website. maybe a damn good website.

    or, maybe…we suck and they don’t? not bloody likely.

  19. I think for some it’s great writing and/or great advice, but I think for some it’s just because they’ve been around forever. Or the author does nothing but blog and respond to comments all day.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

  20. I’m not sure. Some people were the originals in their particular bloggy field (like Deuce or A Little Pregnant) and the others act more like magazines than human beings, in my opinion.

  21. Interesting coming from someone I would call relatively big in her own right.

    However, to answer, I really don’t know. Buzz and word of mouth seem to be two big contributors. I mean there are a few dad bloggers who have been around a LOT less time than I have that enjoy a significantly greater following than I ever expect to. I have no idea what makes their blog more popular than mine.

  22. Having a lot of crazy stuff going on in your life and writing about it gets you readers! I had a lot of crazy stuff goin on a while ago and wrote about it, so more people read. Now I don’t have as much madness in my life, not as much to write about, so not as many people stop by.
    But every time I mention the words ‘my future-ex husband’ in a post the number of hits shoots up…
    Do people actually search on the words ‘my fuure-ex husband?’ I’ll have to try that and see if my blog comes up on google!

  23. Whoa! That was scarey! My old blog was #5 out of 21,000 possibilities! Specifically a post I wrote about him and his Lesbian lover!
    Google loves that kind of stuff!
    (Memo to self – install Adsense.)

  24. If you figure it out, let me know because I’d SO like to get paid via product placement. I don’t need to make doocemillions, but enough to blow my nose with a $50 bill and still have enough left for dinner out and a movie with Frank would be nice.

    For what it’s worth, I classify you as a big blogger. You’re funny and you appeal to a wide audience. Snark seems to fly out of your fingers and I kinda have to work at it. 🙂

  25. I have no fucking clue. The two biggies I read are yours (you can pay me later 😉 ) and Cecily over at Uppercase Woman. I like keeping up on the family shit with friends, but love the funnies on the peeps I’ve never met.

    I’ve been thinking about changin up my blog. I do way too much family shit, and don’t post certain things that I’d love to post about. But I have waaay too much family & close friends who read it and would just die. They don’t often get my brand of humor. But I just can’t see letting it go and starting all over again.

  26. I heard of popular blogs for a long time before it dawned on me that that was sort of the point. What I love about both of my blogs is that NO ONE in my actual life knows they’re there unless I let them in on it. I can go OFF, rage against the machine in whatever twisted fashion strikes me in that moment and No One is the wiser. No one calls the straightjacket people. No one reconsiders our relationship. Because no one really knows.

    YES, my other blog is that issues laden. But writing is how I vent and dump and sort things through.. and I love my friends too dearly to expose them to that sort of nonsense without the filter the distance and clarity my having already written about it gives me, and therefore them.

    THEN… I ended up with a random blogroll, I guess it’s called, and wanted to comment on some of them – take YOU for instance! 😀 – so I had to create a tamer, less user-surly blog so as not to ruin anyone’s day. And YOU are one of the maybe 2 who have commented or even noticed it, so that’s happy. I can be weird in the obscurity that is so comforting without doing any damage. 😉

  27. No clue. Maybe it’s the ads, maybe it’s the publicity generated lately by mainstream media. They all point to the biggies, not taking the time to dig deeper to find others. I read the ones that “speak” to me in some way, and most of the biggies don’t. One of your other readers mentioned them being like magazines, and it’s true. It’s like reading a column in a magazine or newspaper – I don’t get all that invested. There are very few blogs that I check on a daily basis. YOU being one of them. Can’t get through my day without my Aunt Becky fix. 🙂

  28. Big blogs? Yours is the biggest one I read. And I read it because it can make me laugh, it can make me cry, and even sometimes both at the same time! You have a gift for entertaining. A flair, let’s say. That’s why I read your blog. And why I tell people about it. By the way, my sister loved the “things I wish people had told me” one about pregnancy…she even told a few people about it. Hmmm, maybe THAT’s how it works?

  29. I compare the blog thing to the friend thing. Out of 100 people I meet, maybe 2 of them would be appropriate friends for me — maybe less. Those other 98 are the ones who read the “big” blogs, follow the beaten path, fail to be independent thinkers & don’t even know it.

    I tried reading a couple big ones and didn’t get it. Of course, they have to be so great that it gets me over the hump that they’re “popular” and therefore, in my opinion, appropriate for the middling masses. It’s like choosing between the humor of Desperate Housewives and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm or wacked out Flavor Flav.

    My humor is so much darker, my interests lie so much more in details and dysfunction, that I could never love something that was just about normal mommy/baby. ACK. I am a negative snob. I need to hear about the stretch marks, the hemorrhoids & the fact that sometimes you actually shit on the table during labor. Normal people find that to be TMI. They are the majority! I don’t want to be a member!

    You, my dear, are my biggie:)

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