Birthday hangovers, man, they’re a BITCH.

Since my brain is essentially mush (or mushier than normal!), I’m pointing you to this article which could use some opinions.

Will be back tomorrow with a less mushy brain.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Hangovers, Man

  1. Will check it out – hope you feel better. I feel like a Mac truck ran over my brain. My cat is snoring and its Sunday morning.

    If only we had one more day off..

  2. I had a hard time signing in on that page and had left you a long comment 🙁

    But I wanted to say that while Pinterest and Instagram can help you collect images, Evernote helps you organize *everything* – for all your decorating ideas, suggestions, tips, etc you can create notebooks, clip articles, blog posts, images, etc and bring them when out shopping – all in the convenience of little Evernote. My friend uses this when she redecorates.

    Also I like to look at staged houses for ideas and its like decorating porn for me… ooh la la. LOL just kidding

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