(Niobe may be the only one who gets the title. Google it if you must. Or don’t. It’s cool.)

So Hey, Universe, what’s up?

I just had this simple request, okay? It’s not too hard, I promise.

But could you make sure it’s at least a month between funerals? I’m not so big on attending them and stuff, so, maybe you could just cool it on the deaths for a bit.

Respectfully (and please don’t strike me down. I’m a nice person, I swear.),

Your Aunt Becky

13 thoughts on “Beware The Nonae Of March?

  1. I feel you. My mother and I are trying to have February rescinded – we have more death anniversaries than birthdays in that month.

    For almost a decade, we lost at least one a year in February.

    If we can’t get it rescinded, we’re going to start hiding in Australia until the month is over. You’re welcome to join us.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  2. I spent today at a funeral. And have amended my final wishes accordingly on my blog.

    I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. Yeah, becky, I am hearing ya, we just had 2 with in 3 days of eachother.both family members. it sucks big time. I would love for it to be a whole other season not spring before we have anymore deaths.

  4. Last week, I asked someone what was up with the fact that everyone I know seems to be battling cancer or mourning the loss of a loved one. And she asked me how old I was. Not to be a downer, but the older we get, the more the picture begins to shift and this sort of loss becomes a part of life. It sucks.

  5. Lucky me, all the death and doom in my life has been sufficiently spread throughout the year so I can just be pissed all the time without having to beat up on one month in particular.
    My beloved great Uncle used to tell me when I would ask how he, being the youngest of 14 children many of whom died before they were 30, handled all that death. He told me, to quote him, “Darling, when you have that many children, you’re bound to lose some of them, that’s just the way life is.”
    He died last May, 2 days after my bday. I was the one who called the police, watched the coroner wrap his body up and take it out of his apartment. And I could hear him saying, “That’s just the way life is, Darling” as they wheeled him out of my sight.

  6. I hear ya. I just attended the wake of the Grandmother of one of my youth. It’s so hard to try and explain that to a child. My prayers are with you.

  7. De-lurking to say sorry – and I feel you. Had to attend my younger cousin’s funeral the same day as your friend’s – and just attended my great-grandmother’s yesterday. So far 2008 sucks. ‘Cept for my babe – she’s getting us through all this.

  8. Sorry for your losses……it sucks. I have been to funerals of 2 young children who died of cancer…and it is a huge bite:( Dena P.S. I googled the title as you said……..and up comes your blog:)

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