77 thoughts on “At Least I’m Not The One Ruining Easter. This Time.

  1. i really want to take one of those and email them to all of my besties. you definitely need to set up a page here with aunt motherfucking becky’s greeting cards for all occasions.

  2. Aunt Becky, I heart you! Those cards made me LOL hard this morning. At least people like us have humor over religious holidays.

    Have a safe Passover, Easter, or (print the appropriate holiday in the space provided) _________ holiday.


  3. Oh my absolute favorite bad girl, you’ve done it again! I was all set to be stressed and pissy ALL day and you’ve made me LAUGH OUT LOUD – literally. LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. Amazing how 2 words can make your day… Bob Ross. Though, I’m a little shocked to find out that’s his middle name! I’m sure I’m not nearly as shocked as he was when he found out… or his kindergarten teacher… or his pastor.

  5. Becky, you put Hallmark to shame! You could probably put them out of business and be a zillionaire selling these (and your other holidaty cards). Fuckin brilliant! You made my day!

  6. HAH! Can I also steal one for me mum? <that was is not what I call her, thought it would look funny, it doesnt, but I am keeping it there because then you will REALLY know what a dork I am.


    I would totally show it to my parents, but I doubt anything that isn’t the Bible would catch their attention.

    On the flip side, I might get grounded.


  8. Those are rich! Love Bob Motherfucking Ross! He’s always been my idol! Motherfucking ‘Happy Little Trees!’
    …Or in this case… ‘Happy Little Bunnies!’
    Too funny!

    1. Wow!! I HAVE been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But I’m preeetttyyy sure I’m NOT a robot!!

  9. I have to work today, so now every time someone says, “Happy Easter!” on the phone I’m remembering these and snickering.. Thanks, you rock!

  10. If you ever decide on goin’ to heaven you have some serious, heavy duty repentin’ to do. and if the Jews are right, you’re screwed. I figger I’m pretty much doomed just for laughing so hard.

  11. ooohhhh, thank you for providing me with something to stick upon facebook, to thumb my nose at all the people spamming up my feed with jesus this, jesus that, he is risen, zombie jesus day.

  12. Oh, was this joyous to read just as I’m writing up my “and if I’m pronounced dead, yet am walking around 2 days later, double-tap me, cause I’m out for brains” post.

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