After a grueling morning of appointments then ultrasounds scheduled in completely separate cities we now know two things:

1) My cervix is closed

2) The Sausagebryo has a heart rate of 122. The US chick said it looked a little small, but it’s pixelated heart was merrily beating away.

Thank you to everyone who rooted for me throughout this. I couldn’t have done it without knowing The Internet was marching behind me. Seriously.

Now I need a nap.

50 thoughts on “And *Exhale*

  1. Thank God! I was holding my breath for you. So happy to hear everything is ok with the bryo! XOXOXO.

  2. PHEW!!!

    OMG, I was freaking out hard-core. Hope you got my message last night. I’ve been thinking of you. Nap nap nap to your heart’s content.

    Love you, honey.

  3. I’ve been *impatiently* waiting all day for an update and hoping with all I had that you would be posting something positive. I’m so glad that all is ok with the wee one. *hugs* and I’ll continue praying for you in the meantime!

  4. Yay! I had a paragraph about you in my post about imposter syndrome, but then I took it out cause I figured…well if something is actually wrong, then I will be a giant douche. But now I put it back in ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The first of many stunts geared toward wrecking your nerves, I’m sure – it’s what the wee ones do.

    Grow, little sausagebryo, grow.

  6. plop, plop, fizz, fizz….you know the rest:)

    here’s to a few more months of nothing special and a whopper of a screaming baby at the end of it all!

  7. Yay! I shall continue waving my chicken bones until you pop out Sausagebryo. And maybe, MAYBE, I just might make you your OWN lucky chicken bones for waving around like woah! See, then I would have a reason to get your address and send you random useless crap that you don’t need and probably wouldn’t want but would like getting in the mail cuzz it would be from ME and therefore awesome! (which you HAVE to say all sing song like. Awesome รขโ„ขยช! Yeah… Like that!)

    I’m just so happy that the Sausagebryo is doing well!

    (And for serious, I will probably make you those chicken bones in the next week or so. o_O)

  8. Oh, Becky. Thank the Gods! I have been obsessively checking your blog all day.

    We love the Sausagebryo up in here. Bean was a similarly dramatic embie and he sends his fondest 2-1/2 year old regards.

    Take a nap and eat some chocolate. You’ve earned it.

  9. YES! Good job, Universe. Thanks for listening!

    I am so glad to hear everything is alright! Now if Cervix and Sausagebryo can just work together and keep things going, we’ll have you a wee screaming pee-maker in no time!

    I will, as always, be sending good, strong-cervixed thoughts your way.

  10. What a relief! Way to go Sausagebryo!

    I’m so, so glad it was good news. I’d say “go and nap”, but you probably posted this about 8 hours ago or something. At any rate, I hope you did nap/plan on napping.

    I’m sleepy now, just talking about naps.

  11. All right! Hang tight in there, bryo!
    I am so relieved for you. I wanted a 3rd (4th, 5th) but was widowed. This is the first marriage for new hubby, no kids of his own, and he thinks my (our, now) are PLENTY, lol!
    I am praying for you that all goes well and we will get to see pics on here of that great baby.

  12. Before I opened your post, I was chanting in my head…”please be good news, please be good news…”

    I am thrilled to read that it is good news!!!!
    Thrilled I tell you.

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