Leaving this morning, this is what my phoenix tattoo looked like:


And this is what I came home with:


I’m a little orange in this shot, but I assure you I’m neither an Oompa Loompa OR a spray-tan addict. I just need better lighting.

Also: I’m going back to for color in July. Because THAT is how far out my tattoo artist books.

Also, Also: OUCH.

87 thoughts on “And Behold, A Phoenix (tattoo) Has Risen

  1. Jealous! I’m starting to look around locally for tattoo artists. It’s long overdue to get my tats repaired of the baby damage done to them.

    Very nice!

  2. Holy crap that’s AWESOME! When I saw the first picture I was thinking, “damn, that’s a lot of detail”…until I saw the whole thing. DAMN! That’s a lot of detail!


  3. Wow, Aunt Becky! Looks fantastic! It really makes the colour in the Phoenix stand out

    What do your germy little munchkins think of your ink?

  4. That’s awesome but ouch, I dont know if I could ever get something that big becuase I wouldn’t want to go back to have it filled in all mine have been done in one sitting

  5. Winning! I could never get anything like that unless I crash-diet and drop some serious tonnage (<- DOES look like an oompah loompah.) It would end up looking less "Phoenix-ish" and "Big Bird-esque."

  6. Gorgeous, Becky!!! You are soooooo much tougher than I am. I have a small shamrock on my ankle and I’m done. It fuckin’ hurt!!!

  7. Please tell me those are zebra stripe spandex pants you are wearing!! Long live the 80s (I have a pair too)!!!!!

  8. That looks beautiful! Still reading your blog daily (it is my daily dose of laughter in my otherwise mundane work days). Miss ya girl! Possible coffee or drink soon? Love!

  9. OMG – beautiful! I was afraid the new tattoo would ruin the beauty of the phoenix, but no… it is just breathtakingly awesome and so much better!

  10. Holy Cow Aunt Becky, it came out GREAT! It will look so good once the color goes in… I am planning out my next one (i have 4 right now) and since I couldn’t afford one right now, i settled for a nose piercing… Your Tat artist did a fantastic job!

  11. De-lurking long enough to say you, your original/enhanced ink, and blog kick some serious ass- HARDCORE. Mind you, I’m not in the habit of sycophantically comment-whoring. Just felt compelled to state my not-always-humble opinion before slinking back into lurk-mode, for what it’s worth.

  12. I’m quite impressed and jealous, all at once. Did your artist do the original phoenix, or was that someone else? Dana’s talked about how far in advance you need to book to work with her, which is crazy (my guy has a 2 month waiting period, which is near impossible).

    The sleeve that I talk about endlessly will include a phoenix. And a bunch of other shit, but definitely a phoenix.

  13. Holy smokes… I love the style! Have you decided on colours yet? Cant wait to see it in full glory eventually. I bet that lower back hurt like a fucker. Got my wrist done last week and if that would have been my 1st, I’m not sure I’d have a half-sleeve now. And: 3 hours… your artist is fast. Mine is a slowpoke but equally booked out. Though it’s worth waiting for them, eh?

    Hang in there for the itchy part. No scratching on door-frames… 😉

  14. Looking good! I’ve always wanted one but been too chicken to commit to anything that will be on my body forever.

    I can only imagine the ouch. Fear plays a healthy role in my tattoo indecision.

  15. This is AWESOME…it makes me feel the itch for ink. But, I have half-heartedly decided that 9 is enough because ink is excpensive. Well, that and my mother insists on lecturing me about having too many tattoos. Still, the itch creeps up!

  16. I so wish I’d seen this earlier. Someone earlier said that you were becoming a MILF. Sweetie, you passed that a long time ago. What a gorgeous tattoo, I love the addition.

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