Dear Artichokes:

You think you’re so damn clever, don’t you, all using the word “heart” and “choke” in one fell swoop? Must be nice to have that sort of je ne se qua about you, while we mere mortals stand on the ground with boring names like, Becky, or Aunt Becky, or “fuck face.” Congrats, Artichokes, for outdoing those of us NOT named Max Power.

I have a problem with you, Artichokes, and I’m not willing to stand for it for very much longer – it’s time to wrangle the huddled masses and revolt against you, Artichokes, for being one sneaky-ass motherfucker. Sure, you Artichokes, you THISTLES, think it’s okay to be all look at me, I’m so damn pretty, I feel pretty, while the rest of us stand there, twiddling our thumbs, trying to hide our ridiculous hair, BUT IĀ  – we – WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER.

Oh, no.

By the power invested by the internet in me, I DENOUNCE YOU. I THUMB MY NOSE AT YOU ARTICHOKES. I don’t care HOW pretty you are, you can’t outrun Teh Internets! Especially MOMMY BLOGGERS with SO MUCH TIME ON OUR HANDS.

an open letter to artichokes

Sure, you may have fucking FRACTALS on your side (well played, you), but I have, well, *shuffles feet* I HAVE, uh *stares out the window* I HAVE ARMS. YOU DON’T HAVE ARMS ARTICHOKES. SO FUCKING THERE.

You think you’re so damn coy, don’t you, Artichokes, fucking making your way into my spinach dip, being all, HAI LOOKIT ME, I TASTE LIKE SATAN’S BUNG, while I’m all, YOU CAN’T BEAT ME, until you wind up in my mouth and I’m stuck wondering if I can create enough of a distraction to spit you out without spraying the rest of the table with my spittle. You think you’ve won, but you haven’t!

*raises fists*



Lookit me all RAISING my ARMS and shit! Doesn’t THAT make you feel bad, Artichokes? Because it SHOULD. It really SHOULD.

So what if you have a “heart?” That’s just a worthless organ anyway – I mean, the Grinch lived without one and he was JUST fine, pumping his blood HIMSELF rather than relying on a useless ass heart. So what if your heart is pretty and shit? I HAVE ARMS. SO THERE.


useless fucking vegetable.

You don’t impress me, Artichokes. I don’t look at you and get all inspired like, I WANNA BE A FRACTAL or something, at least, most of the time, although I have to admit, being a fractal is the epitome of awesome.


I see you just SNUCK in there, Artichokes, like you do to all the damn things I love in this world. How did you manage that? Huh? How did you manage to worm your way into my life like this? What did I do to deserve ARTICHOKES in ANYTHING I’d put into my mouth EVER?

You’re officially ON NOTICE, Artichokes. This? This means WAR.





*deep breath*

I need a nap. And a picket sign. And a couple of diet Cokes. Possibly a robot of some sort – I won’t be picky.

And then? You’re going DOWN Artichokes!


Love and Smootchies!


P.S. You can’t win, Artichokes. You’re a fucking THISTLE. SO THERE.

P.P.S. Wrote about my Goodwill Shopping Experience.


29 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Artichokes

  1. Can I get a picket sign and join you? Artichokes, I’m fairly certain, have been judging me for many years now, and I have had enough. Damn artichokes. With those little prickle things on the leaves. Also, I’m blaming artichokes for global warming. Those bastards!!?

      1. Yep, for three months no words will be spoken from John C. Mayer. Or so I hear. What have you heard from him lately? I think this is a bloggable thing. I can’t wait to hear your take on the situation.

  2. Check it out. I support you in all that you do, I promise. But artichokes are the one veggie besides cauliflower my non eating food 3 year old will put in her mouth without 5 timeouts and mommy crying. Do you know how many vitamins are in cauliflower? Like none. It’s white for pete’s sake.
    I’m sorry. But I love artichokes. I hope we can agree to disagree on this.

  3. Not only do you have arms, you have Thumbs.In order that you can make Shaking at The Sky Fists. šŸ™‚ spit coffee on this one, keep it up You Rock Aunty B.

  4. My name is Jennifer June and I…

    I love Artichokes.

    There. I said it. And I feel better already. Kinda.

    I want to picket with you but I’m hiding in my laundry room, between the dryer and the litter-box, eating an entire jar of artichokes.

    I want to pretend that eating them is my protest but I know I am just lying to myself.

    I feel alone.

    I’m scared of what I’ll do next.

    Please send help.

  5. I didn’t know about the fractals….but I do love a good artichoke. And by good artichoke, I mean any artichoke. They are my favorites. And since you don’t like them, I think we can strike up a nice deal where you send me all of yours. It is a win-win kind of deal.


  6. I once has a RPG character who was possessed by an evil plant that tried to take over his body. some variation of fig tree I think. Once his friends freed him, he went on to become a vegetarian… out of spite.

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